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  1. Driver, mainly been looking at 2006 and up F150s or older chevys
  2. In the 15k-20k price range preferably
  3. Still kind of what I’m trying to figure out. It would have to be at-least a half cab. I wouldn’t buy a turbo V6 like an eco boost. But a traditional V6 or V8 is more of what I’m looking towards
  4. The pickup wouldn’t be a daily driver btw
  5. Recently married hopefully starting a family soon. The wife and I bought a 2019 4Runner 4x4 SR5 with heated driver and passenger seats and a sun roof. ( she drives it, my commute is about 100 miles one way right now ) but she loves it. We bought it October of last year and I think we got a decent deal on it. Only had to use the 4wd once so far but it’s been great so far. Looking to buy a used 4X4 pickup in the near future so suggestion would be appreciated.
  6. I see the DE, FA rumors but we are so thin at LB. Maybe we look at some vets there. Theres not much behind jones and Oluokun
  7. It’s funny, but that’s what he actually said
  8. He mentioned possibly trading down in the first
  9. Not disagreeing with you but curious to what you meant by brown not being a LG.
  10. Bought a ps4 to play days gone. Huge disappointment played it once since I got it. Feels like the game is only 3/4 of the way done
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