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  1. Seeing Trae young on the losing end on a lot of these highlights
  2. Not for a saints broadcaster....
  3. He’s more of a pass rushing DT
  4. The DT from Miami in the 4th instead of griffin. R.J. something
  5. I’m guessing you’ve never played fortnite. Some of the people on there and really good.
  6. 7. R.J. McINTOSH haven’t watched much tape but don’t know why no ones talking about him
  7. I’m starting to lean towards the CB from Clemson
  8. Sucks were not in it, and I don' like either team. (Still want patriots to lose) But favorite commercial. So far mine is tyrion lannister, and Morgan Freeman Doritos mountain dew.
  9. I play fortnite some I've been thinking about getting pubg but like yall said I heard there were a bunch of bugs
  10. What happend to the kid from Miami
  11. It was pretty good, one of the better horror movies I've seen lately, but imo it's starting to get over hyped
  12. So lame rosita and Sasha get a whole episode about them running off doing their own thing being "badasses" and next thing we see sasha is in Darrells old closet smh. Should of just sniped neegan,they waited all of a couple hours maybe. She deserves ***** sandwiches