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  1. 7. R.J. McINTOSH haven’t watched much tape but don’t know why no ones talking about him
  2. I’m starting to lean towards the CB from Clemson
  3. Sucks were not in it, and I don' like either team. (Still want patriots to lose) But favorite commercial. So far mine is tyrion lannister, and Morgan Freeman Doritos mountain dew.
  4. I play fortnite some I've been thinking about getting pubg but like yall said I heard there were a bunch of bugs
  5. What happend to the kid from Miami
  6. It was pretty good, one of the better horror movies I've seen lately, but imo it's starting to get over hyped
  7. Still Ryan Tannehill
  8. And his name was ryan tannehill
  9. Won't buy with brady on the front
  10. I was at that game, took my brother for his 18th bday. Best sporting event I've ever been to by far
  11. Poole is a beast, crazy ge didn't even get drafted. We are deep at CB
  12. TD looking like an old a$$ Johnny bravo
  13. TD- do you think they can tell how tough I am when I stand like this?