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  1. It’s funny, but that’s what he actually said
  2. He mentioned possibly trading down in the first
  3. Not disagreeing with you but curious to what you meant by brown not being a LG.
  4. Tapatio is my favorite
  5. This is probably the best coaching staff I’ve seen us have
  6. Lol hopefully he’s gotten better
  7. Riley’s a Beast
  8. I’d be cool to look at more drafts like this, maybe see which team “sits on the throne” for that year
  9. Glad we took Neal
  10. Is that a weed and feed or just fertilizer? I use a generic fertilizer that I get from a small farm store but it’s a 19-19-19 and it works pretty well but I need to find something to take care of the weeds. I’m in North GA
  11. And what would be our consolation prize
  12. Bought a ps4 to play days gone. Huge disappointment played it once since I got it. Feels like the game is only 3/4 of the way done