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    FalCanada reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Falcons sign kicker Walsh   
    Lol no you don’t. You don’t know jack. You’re just in love with the kicker that used to be here. You have no idea why he’s not here for sure. But I guarantee you, the reason(s) are definitely different than the ridiculous one that you’re suggesting
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    FalCanada got a reaction from MilleniumFalcon in Giorgio Tavecchio’s struggles give Falcons more worry than they want about their kicker   
    I have no idea why but i really want hin to do well... Probably just the cool name. 
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    FalCanada reacted to NWFALCON in Call Matt bryant ASAP   
    Bosher boomed like 3 or 4 for 50+ tonight. My stream sucked so I’ll rewatch the game later. 
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