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  1. Do you recall when this was. I like the idea, and good on the coaches for recognizing that kazee needs to be on the field
  2. Hey. Can I get your periscope account? Hear your streaming it.  I unfortunately live a 5 hour flight away and a country north. 

    1. HighFlyingFalcon


      How do I find you on Periscope?

  3. Great article. I wonder who on our team has a 9 competitive or toughness
  4. Same issue... Flew in from Canada and went to taco mac and e a g l e s Eagles all night.... They're at my hotel too.... We have to get chant or cheer back at tailgating
  5. Flying down on Saturday from Canada. Super excited to spend a day at the bar with real live Falcons fans. Going to the game Monday off course
  6. Flying in from Western Canada for my first Falcons home game. They're 1-0 in games I attend. Crushed the Seahawks during the Hasselbeck Era.
  7. The 0-16 joke if I remember was daddywarbucks or something like that, but does anybody remember the year?
  8. Girlfriend bought me tickets, flying in from Vancouver Canada the Saturday leaving on the Thursday. Never been so excited in my life. Can't wait to go to sports bars on Sunday and cheer against the Saints. Tailgating with Falcons fans. **** I'm fired up.
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