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  1. I'm confident we take the NFC South. Ask me again in January.
  2. Well I'm not a "9/11 truther" or a Holocaust denier. Not everyone who questions the popular opinion is crazy. Im not sure how/where you got that stocks were used as a reason to bomb the trade center...
  3. Give me a break man, no one is denying the Holocaust. Stop trying to put people with real questions about an event with conspiracy theorists. Do you seriously think that these facts are irrelevant? The put/call ratio for UA was 25 times above normal days before 9/11. As someone interested in investing at the time, that stood out to me the most. It was so high that the FBI was pushed to do an investigation. Im not saying that I think it was an inside job or that it was only terrorists. Like I said, no one knows but those involved. So its kinda silly going back and forth as though any of us know what really happened.
  4. No one but those involved know for sure. Funny no one has a reply about the stocks... Money doesn't lie.
  5. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but its just too many things leading up to and after 9/11 that are just off. In the end it doesn't matter. People will choose to forget this like they forgot all the lies that got the US in Vietnam. Its the way of the world.
  6. On Sept. 6-7, when there was no significant news or stock price movement involving United, the Chicago exchange handled 4,744 put options for UAL stock, compared with just 396 call options -- essentially bets that the price will rise. On Sept. 10, an uneventful day for American, the volume was 748 calls and 4,516 puts, based on a check of option trading records. Over three days before terrorists flattened the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, there was more than 25 times the previous daily average trading in a Morgan Stanley "put" option that makes money when shares fall below $45. Trading in similar AMR and UAL put options, which make money when their stocks fall below $30 apiece, surged to as much as 285 times the average trading up to that time. (Article was cut and pasted because I didn't have time to write the whole thing out) All you have to do is follow the money.... There is no way you cant look at the evidence and say that many wealthy people didn't know 9/11 was going to happen.
  7. Funny thing is Saints actually think they're gonna beat us on game one... http://temptfilms.com/whitney-fanplastic-b1/
  8. To quote Cam Newton, I only hate the SeaHawks one day a year. Really started following them after the win over the saints. Good soild team. Wilson deserves some credit with what they accomplished last year.
  9. My wife and I were just talking about that movie last week. She said she had a crush on the dentist and didn't believe me when I told her it was Steve Martin lol. +1 to me for destroying my wife's childhood crush. Say ahhhh Ahhhhh! Say ahhhh Aaaaahhhh! Now spit!!
  10. After watching all the episodes of The Real Rob Report, D-Block looks ghetto as ****. They should cancel D-Block until they can make a show at least half as entertaining.
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