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  1. Great post. It's too bad that threads like this go relatively unnoticed. If this would have been about how bad you think Trufant is playing, our fourth quarter defense, Vic's stats this year, or TDs hair products then it would be bumping in here. I appreciate the time and thought on this. I'm very interested to see how we cover Theilen and Diggs - with or without Tru and Poole.
  2. Don't you dare be excited about a new player. Real fans are skeptical. ...right?
  3. First team o line locked out the titans rush all day, with the exception of konz first snap. Jake has a ridiculous anchor and asamoah is enormous. Run blocking was up and down, but it's hard to know what we have or don't have without full speed tackling. I think we go into this season with pass blocking as a strength. I mentioned this on a couple other threads as well, but I think how good out o line looked today can tell us something about or d line, who has beaten the o line several times this camp.
  4. So many people on here are ridiculous. I was there for the whole practice. Ryan had a beautiful pocket the whole time Hawley was in. People calling him "trash" need to not talk about things they don't know. Pass-blocking looked fairly effortless to our first team boys today and I think it's a strength of our team going into the season. I think this may bode well for our pass rush, because we've all heard reports of our d line getting the better of our o line in practice and scrimmage but our boys locked out the titans rush.
  5. Carimi had help walking off but he was putting weight on both legs on his way out. Had looked good before the injury. Hope he's ok, would be valuable depth.
  6. It was even prettier in person. Julio and Roddy both looked great, though Roddy got a tough catch stripped before he could haul it in. Harry looked good. I was really impressed with Reedy, who burned a good DB and an average DB for a brace of touchdowns (the first was a perfect pass from Matt), and with Hester who looks like a real deal receiving threat. Fluid movements, great hands, no drops that I saw. Good day for passing offense.
  7. I was there. Konz did well after that first snap where he got beat. Ryan had a great pocket all practice with both centers. The run game was a mixed bag, and it's tough to know what we have without real tackling, but pass blocking looks like a real strength for our boys right now.
  8. I don't get this get rid of Quizz talk. I, for one, am stoked on the idea of a two back set that features both Freeman and Quizz - backs that can run it, catch it, and pass block. Talk about being 'multiple' and not tipping our hand to the defense. Great pick up.
  9. But TD took Southward with Dion still on the board so I told everyone that he should be fired...because...you know...value...
  10. And people were crying because we took Allen, Shembo, Spruill, and even Southward with him still on the board. It's the same every year. A lot of youtube know-it-alls. Good get in Smallwood though just now.
  11. Everyone was crying because we took Spruill, Shembo, Allen, and even Dezmen instead of basically all of the guys that are still left. REACH REACH It's the same every year. A lot of youtube know-it-alls.
  12. Bobby Mac snatches a tipped pass from Trufant. 30 yard return. SJax punches is it.
  13. Very pleased to read that last bit from Konz. I'm hoping Holmes sits some DEs on their a**es and silences the sh*t out of some critics this weekend.
  14. Hahahaha this thread title just made me very happy. FOOTBALL IS BACK!
  15. Wow I can't wait for the game so that we have something else to talk about. I've read every thread on this board for the past several years, though I rarely comment, and this week has been the first time I've skipped threads. I'm so tired of reading the same people b**** about the o-line and the same people argue that we don't have enough real game results to draw conclusions from. All of your arguments are tired (though I agree with most of the tired defenses of Holmes) - obviously no one is convincing anyone else of anything. PLEASE GOD LET THE GAME COME SOON SO WE CAN BURY THESE THREADS I
  16. Finally a post with a freaking brain behind it. I don't post often, but I read every thread every day (for several years), and I logged in just to give credit for this one. I can't wait for the next preseason game, not only so I can watch my beloved Falcons, but also so all of the chicken-little-bandwagon-numbskulls can have something new to talk about. Love the falconsblitz posts you drop on here 007. Also, anyone heard if Ewing is playing next week? I'm hyped to see him leading the way for the Beast.
  17. I just hope to see Trufant get some snaps against AJ!
  18. SYndicate0017 DLed was reporting on what he saw at the minicamp, not summarizing the ability Toilolo showed in his college film. I'm assuming that if he specifically brought up Toilolo having "some good hands" then he probably flashed some ability and made some catches during the camp.
  19. It's encouraging to hear about Toilolo having a good camp receiving the ball. Fingers crossed on having something with this guy.
  20. This is awesome. Stuff like this is part of why I love the Falcons so much. I can't even imagine being a slimeball Taints fan and putting up with all of their ********.
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