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    All Georgia sports (Mainly our Falcons, and Braves), Music (Composing, Recording, Engineering, Production, Mixing/Mastering), NASCAR! Bodybuilding/cross-training, nutrition

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As an eight-year-old, optimistic sports freak. . . I dreamed to play for the Atlanta Falcons (aside from creating music as a hobby).

Unfortunately, I found myself recovering from more injuries than the most accident-prone stuntman in history.

Nowadays, as a 21-year-old "one-man-band," I strive to support (all) Georgia sports while attempting to uplift society through my life-time passion; Music. If it weren't for college currently placing a hold on my passion, I may just be able to feel free for once. . . Though education's "everything," right? Well, if we fail to attain any form of knowledge. . . We cannot understand how to live while trying to punch reality in the face, nor can we learn how to live (or punch) because we won't understand how to learn! I guess knowledge is kind of important to attain from college? d:

"Leave EVERYTHING on the field, or just quit. . . If you're not taking COMPLETE advantage of every opportunity to better yourself/others; nor are you striving to learn from (and help) those around you, then you might as well do nothing at all! Grasp each moment, and own it!" ~Rhino

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