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  1. Indeed, life may try to set us on fire while attempting to disconnect the arteries from our hearts, but it cannot torch our souls or beat us to death as long as we strive to persevere through adversity (: That's an inspirational viewpoint on your curse/blessing of having Crohns, Tug! Fighting, and beating adversity brings out our greatest potential in life.
  2. His potential is outrageous, so as long as he puts forth the effort to train efficiently he'll improve tremendously!
  3. It's still bugging me when I fail to see "Chipper Jones" among the line-up. . . We need to surpass all impossibilities and win it ALL for him this season. Indeed, it seems as if our "dream team" will do so! Last season serves as the worst bummer in history concerning "that call." Though the entire game wasn't based upon that one call, we definitely found ourselves in a great position to take over up until they ruled it Of course, everything seemingly happens for a reason; LOOK AT US NOW! Oh, not to mention that Paul Mah's absolutely destroying opposing teams, thus far (from my perspective
  4. Everyone knows that Georgia fails to receive the respect that we deserve, though it seems like every one whom depreciates our teams are beginning to realize the inevitable this year; It's comeback time for our city!
  5. Despite his lack of production with a bat in hand, Bj's definitely defended the field quite well! Despite the fact that he's currently cold at the plate; he, and his brother basically combined for back-2-backs to give us the win the other day. . . Can't ask for a better duo, much less two, high-caliber ball players who are brothers. Though I miss Prado, the move to get the two of them seems to be unfolding beyond expectations (: This is definitely Atlanta's year to rise, guys! World series (check), Superbowl (check), BCS (check). . . Last year's production from our teams (concerning sports)
  6. A true, devoted fan! As long as you enjoyed your experience, that's all that matters by the end of the day. 2013-14's OURS! Seemingly, we truly won that game on January 20th, 2013. . . But everything happens for a reason; Look at us NOW! It's Time to Rise (again), yet we shall stay atop of everyone this go-around!
  7. Why feel mad about your team attaining an opportunity to choose 1st in the 1st Round of the Draft d: Heck, to even dim the lights more for this thread: Who cares if we never win the "BIG" bowl? Our team = Forever an underrated + underestimated dream team in my opinion. . . Well, our TEAMS are dream teams (counting the Braves, Hawks, Dream (: etc)! We receive far LESS respect than what we deserve, and 2013's beginning to shine some light on this fact!
  8. Along with being a part of the heart, soul, and mind of Atlanta's franchise, right? Roddy's been through the thick and thin with us, just as Chipper fought through with the Braves. Of course, due to age differences his history with us isn't nearly as long, but I believe Roddy is incomparable alike Chipper! I mean c'mon, the guy's strengthened our ability to fight back, and now we can attack anything that steps in our path(s) like a bunch of mad bobcats (not to mention his wrestling devotion). . . Why even conceive such an idea for one of the organization's most explosive players in its fran
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