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  1. I actually really like Terry so far.. Guy seems well balanced and knows his role as a GM..
  2. Ive always felt like someone was holding a gun to his head making him ask questions he really dosnt want to on a subject he has no clue about lol
  3. Idk, it seems like McKay is just another name for Blank.. Im probably wrong, but its how I see it
  4. I totally agree, it seems that the cap dosnt really exists.. Id rather win anyway than be in the black
  5. I absolutely love the Falcons as a team, not in the current form.. But as a team in general.. Im just trying to understand what Blank see's the future as this team is.. It seems to always be a win now circumstance for Blank even when the barn is burning to the ground.. As a fan, im fine with AB coming out and saying its going to take a few years for us to regroup and rebuild.. But all these virtual patches he keeps trying to put on several huge leaks is getting old.. Jmo.. But I promise you, I probably have more Falcons memorabilia than the majority of fans ever will.. My dedication to this te
  6. I think its brilliant, now i actually want to see it happen.. Imagine Julio with 50lbs of muscle coming into TC as a RB.. Im fired up just because its a. 00001% possibility lol
  7. If Julio can put on 50lbs, he could actually become a DHenry.. Imagine the possibilities 🤔
  8. Sounds to me like Rich is going to be the GM and everyone else is just a hire
  9. Obviously, its a must for every new AB head coach hire to come out and say the Falcons will be flying all over the field.. Smitty said it, Quinn said it and now A Smith has said it.. Smh
  10. Lmao, yeah Dled just asked the HC if hes going to evaluate the team.. WTH u think DumbLed
  11. Rich is AB, if you've ever watched wizard of Oz you'd understand whose really behind that voice.. Just a unnecessary step.. And I don't agree with a GM having to get approval from a owner to build a team.. Whats the use of the GM then?? Just another fall guy if things don't go right
  12. I agree 1000%..just hearing what AB said made me want to throw up
  13. You may not see it, but the Falcons filter is real and if AB dosnt sign off on a player.. We wont have him.. His hands are much more into the team than i think you see.. AB rather build a boy scout troupe than a crushing nfl team.. AB is just too soft for football imo
  14. Rich is just basically AB's voice without the responsibility.. Looks like the Falcons filter is to strong to brake.. Obviously its stronger than gravity itself.. AB needs to learn to take a back seat and allow the hires to take the keys and drive alone, i hate backseat drives
  15. Smh, c'mon Blank.. What does making our head coach and GM go through Rich really say about direction of the team.. Falcons just continue doing much of the same with different names.. Blank is getting to the Jerry Jones level.. ****
  16. I understand all this, and hopefully you know that.. But if he said these are the players we need, cap limits aside.. The saints can win with these players.. Sure, its up to the GM to write the contracts.. But i have to believe he knew what was happening cap wise.. That aside, im just happy he does seem to have an amazing ability to find talent.. So far, the Saints being 100 mil over the cap hasn't really had a detrimental effect on the team getting it done. I really like the hire, im just not sure how much he can do if AB forces him to stay within the cap.. Each organization runs differ
  17. And just imagine, we hired one of the main executives that helped put them in that position as our GM.. Hows that gonna work out for us??
  18. You know when your team is horrible, most of the time the only fans that are left seem to be the die hard delusional ones.. Not saying thats a horrible thing, but I cant imagine anyone still believing Ryan will ever be considered for the NFL HOF unless he has the best 2 years of his career ahead of him
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