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  1. Ive never used velcro or tape on any of my pedals and haven't had a issue.. I use all short chain cables so that may help.. But if you ever decide to sale the pedals, some people are extremely picky about that
  2. Its aggravating to post pics here.. But i have the following 2008 Gibson R8 les paul 2007 Gibson black SG standard 2010 Gibson ES 135 Several American Strats MIM Kenny Waybe Sheppard strat Gibson Double Cut 2 1990s les paul jrs Gibson Hunninhbird Several other random lespauls and strat type guitars made from little know companies including 5 firefly guitars i purchased off amazon.. I have a original Zendrive i use frequently About all first issue analogman pedals.. Kot ect I have original Tim and Timmy pedal 2 Dr Z amps
  3. Not sure if you're being serious or not, but at this point ill hear you out
  4. Heres the thing.. If it came naturally from animals it would be easily transmitted outdoors and more difficult to transmit indoors because of the natural mutation of the virus.. As it stands, the virus transmits easily indoors, and especially at room temperature.. Meaning it probably has had the majority of its natural mutations indoors.. Just like now, this new strand thats more transmissible has learned by mutations to transfer easier outdoors.. As time goes by, the virus will continue to learn how to transmit better outdoors since its no longer in lab conditions.. Wouldn't you believe if th
  5. Well, if its airborne how are so many people living in the same household as infected people not catching the virus.. But if you go to the gas station you are at risk?? Help me understand this please
  6. IMo if he has actually read the NFL rules book he is a upgrade.. So welcome home coach
  7. Ive really felt like the scientific community has let us down on supplying information about this novel virus.. Ive talked with several professors im close to and they seemed as perplexed as much as the average person when it comes to how this virus moves around.. One reason im asking, co worker of mines wife teated positive for covid 3 months ago, her quarantined with her for 2 weeks.. She was slightly sick, but nothing serious.. He assumed he was positive also, so they slept together, ate together, even shared the same cups while they were shut up in the house 2 weeks.. Oddly enough, h
  8. Whats so ridiculous is to hear Shannon Sharp talk like all teams blackball EB for no reason at all.. To hear him and skip talk about teams skipping over him today you would think he was the love child of Vince Lombardi and the Pope.. They are a prime reason why you never trust social media or YouTube stars.. Usually the truth is hidden by feel good lies
  9. Ill probably be sitting on that fence with ya until the 2 minute warning of the superbowl lol..
  10. At some point and time the win now philosophy is going to bite us when you dont really have a win now roster
  11. Its really sad, but trouble has seemed to follow EB for a long time in his personal life
  12. These are just a few, you can also search Google and find many more unfortunately https://www-cincyjungle-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cincyjungle.com/platform/amp/2019/1/6/18169793/bengals-coach-search-chiefs-eric-bieniemy-vance-joseph-broncos?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQHKAFQArABIA%3D%3D#aoh=16111853093567&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cincyjungle.com%2F2019%2F1%2F6%2F18169793%2Fbengals-coach-search-chiefs-eric-bieniemy-vance-joseph-broncos
  13. No, I saw it.. But I also saw several moon balls he threw too.. Im sure we both did.. Ive gave Ryan alot of compliments over the years.. Imo, hes one of the smartest qb's in the league right now.. Im just not delusional enough to say Ryan has or ever had a strong arm down field
  14. Its not silly, its a fact.. I dont believe what you're trying to say is silly.. I do see your point of view.. Its more like reality
  15. We both know some qb's have an amazing ability to get the ball down field even on the run.. Im not saying it makes or breaks a qb's career.. Ryan just dosnt have that ability
  16. Kinda, but qb's with really strong arms dont need a 4 step wind up to get the ball down field.. Ryan just dosnt have the arm strength to throw the balll down field instantly.. He definitely has to have a launching pad to get it done
  17. Its a brilliant strategy, pick all the qb's in the draft then teams that need qb's will have to trade with us for players we actually need.. I really love this strategy 🤗
  18. I wish we could actually address our punt returner issues.. Definitely hope whoever takes over our special teams coaching at least knows the NFL rules.
  19. Seems like Titans fans biggest criticism for Smith is he pulled Henry on 3rd and short downs. Sounds familiar to pulling Julio on 3rd downs.. Overall, I believe we got the best HC available considering EB's off field issues
  20. We've got to add 50LBS to julio and insure him his true position has always been RB.. Absolutely no need to draft a RB now.. Can you imagine getting 4 good years out of Julio the RB, plus he has good hands.. Would be amazing to see Ryan hit Julio with a check down and see #11 take it to the house.. We are set boyz!!
  21. Wow, how entitled does Dled sound lol.. Who really cares about Dleds opinion or why would anyone listen to such petty nonsense
  22. Since this thread is kinda about the superbowl, figured its ok to ask here.. Is Freeman still the RB for the Bills?? Haven't watched him play at all this season, last i heard he was a Bill.. Does he even dress on game day??
  23. I heard Putin had something to do with the hire
  24. Idk all the hate towards drafting a qb, what if we do pick Fields and hes an amazing HOF qb.. Its just as possible imo
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