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  1. Troff has always been a Belichick boy.. Honestly look for Bill to bring him in as a consultant if nothing arises from his GM interests.. Im still kinda shocked Dallas took DQ as a DC.. But it seems JJ has no shame when it comes to hires. We'll see
  2. Really hope its Fields, imo.. He has the best chance at making it in the NFL
  3. Perhaps.. But do you not find it odd that everything we see now in our solar system, universe came into existence from a explosion the size of a pin head?? Can you imagine the mass that one molecule had to have had to create everything we see now and it be so tiny.. Its difficult to even comprehend imo
  4. Totally agree, just seems like all the artist and talent in Atlanta these days, Blank obviously found someone from the 90s to throw together something without alot of effort.. Almost like he asked them not to put more than a days thought into the process.. Could have definitely been done much better with any insight into todays culture
  5. Not sure if they are many astrophysics fans here.. But curious to see what others believe is on the other side of our universe.. Supposedly since the big bang, our universe has been expanding.. Day by day at a faster and more rapid pace.. Which in itself provides challenges for the big bag theory to begin with.. But, at the edges of our universe where space and time seems to begin.. What is on the other side initially.. I mean, what is there that space and time is replacing?? Id like to hear anyone's thoughts about this if you are fans of physics
  6. I was really hoping for white or silver helmets.. Just believe the red and black has been done and wore out its welcome imo. Should have at least hired someone with design experience to have created our uniforms
  7. Im sure it happened, probably on both sides.. We can definitely do better on future elections
  8. Hey, whats ur age and how are you doing?? Do you smoke? Hope you are getting better, just curious
  9. Its all a interesting read, and ty.. But I definitely feel like this virus spreads in ways we still don't understand or may never fully understand. Not to mention the difference in severity of the cases along with multiple symptoms that effect people so differently.. Ill continue looking into the science of this virus, alot ive seen seems to indicate different blood types seem to pass the virus to different people with common blood types easier than ones with different blood types.. In other words, someone with type A blood maybe transmits the same virus to someone that also has type A blood..
  10. Ive never heard him mention any of this, we've only talked about music and gear. Ty for letting me know, ill definitely look more into this
  11. Where are you finding this information? Ive not been able to find any scientific evidence to establish this?
  12. Ive never used velcro or tape on any of my pedals and haven't had a issue.. I use all short chain cables so that may help.. But if you ever decide to sale the pedals, some people are extremely picky about that
  13. Its aggravating to post pics here.. But i have the following 2008 Gibson R8 les paul 2007 Gibson black SG standard 2010 Gibson ES 135 Several American Strats MIM Kenny Waybe Sheppard strat Gibson Double Cut 2 1990s les paul jrs Gibson Hunninhbird Several other random lespauls and strat type guitars made from little know companies including 5 firefly guitars i purchased off amazon.. I have a original Zendrive i use frequently About all first issue analogman pedals.. Kot ect I have original Tim and Timmy pedal 2 Dr Z amps
  14. Not sure if you're being serious or not, but at this point ill hear you out
  15. Heres the thing.. If it came naturally from animals it would be easily transmitted outdoors and more difficult to transmit indoors because of the natural mutation of the virus.. As it stands, the virus transmits easily indoors, and especially at room temperature.. Meaning it probably has had the majority of its natural mutations indoors.. Just like now, this new strand thats more transmissible has learned by mutations to transfer easier outdoors.. As time goes by, the virus will continue to learn how to transmit better outdoors since its no longer in lab conditions.. Wouldn't you believe if th
  16. Well, if its airborne how are so many people living in the same household as infected people not catching the virus.. But if you go to the gas station you are at risk?? Help me understand this please
  17. IMo if he has actually read the NFL rules book he is a upgrade.. So welcome home coach
  18. Ive really felt like the scientific community has let us down on supplying information about this novel virus.. Ive talked with several professors im close to and they seemed as perplexed as much as the average person when it comes to how this virus moves around.. One reason im asking, co worker of mines wife teated positive for covid 3 months ago, her quarantined with her for 2 weeks.. She was slightly sick, but nothing serious.. He assumed he was positive also, so they slept together, ate together, even shared the same cups while they were shut up in the house 2 weeks.. Oddly enough, h
  19. Whats so ridiculous is to hear Shannon Sharp talk like all teams blackball EB for no reason at all.. To hear him and skip talk about teams skipping over him today you would think he was the love child of Vince Lombardi and the Pope.. They are a prime reason why you never trust social media or YouTube stars.. Usually the truth is hidden by feel good lies
  20. Ill probably be sitting on that fence with ya until the 2 minute warning of the superbowl lol..
  21. At some point and time the win now philosophy is going to bite us when you dont really have a win now roster
  22. Its really sad, but trouble has seemed to follow EB for a long time in his personal life
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