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  1. Its called insight, it exists.. Probably not so much with millennials so much because they are glued to media devices.. But for the rest of the world, some things are obvious.. For the record, I don't do social media
  2. No, I have no way to know if this is true or not. Ive never met a real democratic yet unless its a online character
  3. Either you didn't read what i wrote or you didn't read what you wrote.. Either way, I don't believe you read anything
  4. I dont see a trade partner thatll want a 4th pic and is willing to give us enough to lose the 4th pic.. It has to make sense for both teams and i just do not see it
  5. Just am, ive looked at every scenario.. Cant make it make sense.. So yes, im going on record trading down isnt going to happen.. Will be happy to admit im wrong if it does, but so far they numbers just don't line up for us to trade down
  6. Brady understands each game and does what he needs to do to win.. People just don't understand his football IQ.. Thats fine, but Brady does much more than just throw passes.. Brady is the real coach of the Bucs
  7. Exactly, everyone over at the house tonight is saying this is Bradys last superbowl.. I dont see it that way, guy still knows how to win at the highest level.. We've not seen the last of Brady.. Cant wait to hear Sharpe explain this one tomorrow
  8. Everyone bet against Brady no doubt.. My step son is a huge Goat fan so its nice to see him happy tonight.. I hope we have the same opportunity soon, but congrats to Brady and the Bucs.. Job well done
  9. You think maybe Bradys presence had something to do with that.. Maybe just a little 🤔
  10. I am, but im still good with what Brady accomplished this year for a team that sucked as bad as us last year
  11. Yeah, I'm sure Winston would have took Tampa to the superbowl 🤣 lmfao
  12. Yep, and everyone knows Brady took over coaching for the Bucs and took them to the superbowl.. Congrats goat
  13. Congrats Brady and Bucs.. Just shows you what can be done with the right QB
  14. I will absolutely assure everyone here now, we're not going to trade down.. So let's please put that to bed.. That being said, I hope we grab Fields.. And if hes available im almost certain we will.. So for the sake of wasting time about trading down, lets move on from that and hope Fields is available.. And if so, we can begin to plan around having him as our pick
  15. My guess is they will take a look too long before they cut bait with him or stash him for emergency backup.. Dont believe he's a 1
  16. It definitely seems like a creator knew what needed to be done and put it all into place.. If the moon was just a mile further from earth.. We wouldn't exist.. Much less the temp and location of the sun.. Yeah, I believe a power greater than we can understand is at work
  17. Idk, ive seen good college players suck in the NFL.. And bad college players thrive in the NFL.. We'll see, im honestly going off his physical ability.. He has that, we'll see how he develops
  18. Yeah, I could be wrong.. We'll see, I just like Fields
  19. Troff has always been a Belichick boy.. Honestly look for Bill to bring him in as a consultant if nothing arises from his GM interests.. Im still kinda shocked Dallas took DQ as a DC.. But it seems JJ has no shame when it comes to hires. We'll see
  20. Really hope its Fields, imo.. He has the best chance at making it in the NFL
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