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  1. I honestly don't believe Stafford has much left imo, Rams got totally hosed in this.. WOW
  2. Im not saying hes right or wrong, but if he was told by the owner he would be in on the process and then was cut out, he still has a legitimate complaint imo.. He came out and said he has no trust in the administration of the team at all
  3. Where u get it? If they have a hoodie in this style they can take my money now
  4. I dont even believe it was the issue with the GM that turned Watson against the team, imo it was the headcoach issues that destroyed that relationship and the lack of trust Watson has for the administration now after the supposedly promised to keep him in on all decisions made and Watson said his self his phone never rang
  5. Every one of the qb's you listed are very good qb's.. Im not sure if you're being sarcastic or serious with this post.. But if you are being serious you cant know much about football.. And im aware of Haskins off the field issues, but he can and will perform as a starting qb once he gets his life together
  6. If he's not traded, i will almost bet you anything he will not play for the Texans.. I may be wrong, but have you heard some of the things Watson has said about the team lately?
  7. Absolutely not true, and imo Fields is the most athletic QB in the draft.. Natural athletic talent goes a long way in the NFL paired with the right coaches, Fields will be a franchise qb for years to come
  8. Maybe we use Yates as a coach/backup.. Cant be worse than what we've had the last few years.. Schaub literally had to retire so we'd stop making him offers lol
  9. But i cant believe Watt see the Falcons as a contender.. We had one of the worst records in the NFL last season.. You'd have to be a delusional homie to try and convince Watt we are actually a contender for anything imo
  10. Yeah, and Watson isn't staying in Texas.. I will definitely guarantee that, Watson is gone
  11. 5 years ago, id definitely be all in on Watt.. Not so much now, really hope our scouting dept does thier homework and can find a diamond in the draft.. I dont have anyone on radar, but I also wasnt fond of Shaq Barretts college career and hes definitely impressed me..
  12. So we can pay Watt to retire here and never intend on producing on field?? Hard pass
  13. Obviously, they are bringing in a RB coach for a QB coach because we are drafting Fields.. And we need a good coach for a mobile QB.. Because if they are bringing in a RB coach for Ryan... We are in big trouble lmao
  14. EB seems to have a ton of off field issues constantly.. Im sure hes a decent coach, but no team can over look the baggage he seems to drag around
  15. Maybe hes a better coach then he ever was a QB.. Idk
  16. If we draft a rb or s at 4, ill start the fire our gm thread immediately.. Thats a promise 🤗
  17. Probably not, but ive looked at every other scenario and just dont see us going for any other player.. I feel almost certain we'll take Fields at 4 if hes still available
  18. I dont see another player or position at #4 thats worth taking other than qb.. And we have a new GM that needs to prepare a team for his future and his job.. Ryan at his age isnt on his agenda imo
  19. The Falcons will absolutely draft a qb at #4.. Only way we will not if 3 qb's go before we draft.. Im sorry for all the fans that expect something else, but im 100% sure our new GM is planning for the future
  20. Went to high school with Tyreek. . So for the second straight year someone i went to high school with is playing in the superbowl 🤗
  21. I have really high hopes for Ryan this season.. I hope that Ryan can sit down with the new OC soon and begin working on some planning for this years as soon as all the pieces fall into place. Who knows what training camp will even look like this year so the sooner the better imo
  22. It wouldn't matter how many times you read it, some times you just don't have it u know
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