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  1. How could we afford to pay him.. A guy like that isn't likely to take a one year deal. Imo, our cap space is a huge issue and the reason why I believe we'll just take a qb at 4
  2. But what do you actually see us getting for our #4 pick? If anything id take a trade for a good cb but i dont believe we'll be able to afford it.
  3. Obviously, you don't understand.. If anyone else says the things you have to other posters.. They will be banned.. I promise you, so don't pretend you have no idea what im talking about. Just consider yourself lucky, you can talk down to anyone that post here with a different view than yours and you're safe, but I promise you.. Alot more people here disagree with you than you know, but they realize what will happen if they tried to act like you do.. Just be happy you can actually speak your mind here and have no worries.. It's not a reality for alot of other fans.
  4. Its nothing to brag about, its really sad this is a fan forum for the Falcons but a few guys here get free rein to bully anyone that has another point of view for the team opposite of what yall may have. Alot of fans really love this team and hasn't been happy with the record we've had for several years.. I understand you may be a super fan of Ryan, but not everyone is.. So please just understand alot of fans understand the Falcons organization will carry on if Ryan isnt here.. Its not right imo what several of you get away with because ive had many new guys that come here and ask whats up wit
  5. Please keep your comments on either football or at least the topic.. You seem to come on every thread and berate anyone that dosnt agree with you.. Obviously you get a pass from the mods, but if you read the original post its about possible trades we can do to actually help the team..ty
  6. Yeah, and its probably the best case for the team. But we have to figure out how to get veteran help on defense without making senseless longterm contracts thatll hinder our rebuild.. We need a few one year deals that can add substance to our secondary imo
  7. I wouldn't want the Foles deal either, idk what his price tag for 2021 would be, but other than a last choice backup (and he could be a decent backup) i wouldnt want to consider him being our starter under any circumstances
  8. Just a article posted today that laid out a few ideas kicking the tires.. I would absolutely toss out doing #3.. But could be some interest in 1 & 2..but Ryan would have to agree to restructure his contract to guarantee money before id consider even those. But just saying, if we are headed for a rebuild anyway (which is coming either way) , get what picks we can while we can to give us a head start.. Trade No. 1 For Heckman’s first trade deal, the Bears would acquire Matt Ryan and a 2021 fourth-round pick and in return, the Falcons would get Chicago’s 2021 first and sixth
  9. Chiefs pretty much took that game off, they just wanted to get it done and stay healthy as possible.. Not much the Bucs can take away from that.. Itll be full send come Sunday
  10. Alot will be determined about Ryan this season.. If he has any resemblance of the 16 season ill gladly shutup about him and eat it.. But I already know if he has any basement year the majority here will say its a new OC ect.. But the majority of fans will know the truth, thats what matters really.. But fingers crossed Ryan sets the league on fire
  11. He definitely has the right offensive minded coach to get the most out of him. If Stafford stays healthy he definitely can put up some numbers for the Rams
  12. Im not sure what you mean in Ryan going to a franchise that can win now?? Ryan hasnt shown he can win with some of the best offensive weapons in the NFL.. So what is it you mean by win now? I honestly don't know of any team once you plug Ryan into the mix can win anything now.? Please explain in more detail
  13. Ryan isn't very good, but alot of fans here have made a career out of defending Ryan so actually admitting Ryan is bad will have to mean they come to terms the majority of thier lives was living a lie..
  14. The delusional fanboy stuff is out of control.. Get a grip man, Ryan would be a much better qb if he didn't stay so rattled every time he took a snap.. Its going to take a lot for Ryan to trust a oline again.. None of his doing, but im sure he has nightmares of pass rushers in his face often.. Have a little compassion for the mans sanity, how would you feel if you had to run for your life every time you took a snap.. Ffs
  15. Im sure you bag groceries at Kroger and you feel like thats a hard days work.. Keep doing you man
  16. Man, we just come from 2 different worlds.. Please stay in your safe place, youll be alot more comfortable there
  17. Wow, some over sensitive men hanging out today.. Wth, I want to get the man some help with his anxiety issues and people start crying.. Go outside and get some vitamin D, i swear itll do ya some good.. Maybe try wrestling a bobcat or something, you guys wouldn't last one day n the environment i live in.. Smh
  18. Im not a doctor, but I honestly believe Ryan should be on anxiety meds.. Maybe he has ptsd from nightmares with his oline.. But the guy never looks relaxed in the pocket.. If somehow he can get chilled out he may be able to perform at his best, but every time he takes a snap and he has the deer in headlights look on his face i worry about whats coming next.. Just a thought, im here for you Ryan if you need to talk.. Mods please deliver to Falcons medical staff.. Ryan needs our help
  19. If i were you, id actually look at his stats.. You may be surprised
  20. Falcons always seem to be a day late and dollar short.. For some reason we can never be ahead of the curve on anything
  21. 2011,12 and 13 was definitely rough years for Stafford.. Hes done better with the turnovers lately but that potential is always there because hes not afraid and has the ability to throw it 75 yards with no problem
  22. I believe 4 years ago he absolutely was.. But right now, head to head imo its not such a huge improvement.. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but ill definitely say Stafford is without a doubt the toughest qb in the league so that does account for something
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