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  1. We really need to get a superbowl win this year and follow up with a good post season showing the next. I was in my local hibbett this weekend, no falcons stuff at all.. But they had Ravens, Patriots, and Broncos jerseys and hats.. And I live in Ga wtf? We need a bowl win to get the recognition we deserve.
  2. Falcons probably want to see what they have now with a D line..if it looks week in the next few weeks., Seymour will get signed if no one picks him up.a lot of unknows right now coming into training camps.
  3. **** no., I remember hearing all the "cheeseburger" chants last year when he would fall down at the line of scrimmage. Lol
  4. TD has a plan., I'm onboard. .but if we do get Seymour I hope its the last old guy we go after for the next few years.
  5. I can't believe Renfree is only making 11,000.00 for signing with the Falcons
  6. 2 things that worry me about Trufant. His small physical size against some of the bigger receivers. And can he stay healthy at 190lbs..i know Asante is basically the same size.. If he can hold his own against the 220 lb WR's then no reason he can't excell
  7. I see Maponga #99 filling the pass rusher role. He's quick and strong, just needs time with guys like Osi and Spoon.
  8. If teams find a way to stop the option, which they will.. Seattle will be a memory.
  9. Trufant will not be at Ota's I don't believe
  10. Could Jackson have a probowl year this season? I think so.. Jackson looks to be in as good of shape as ever in his career.. Plus with him losing some mass for speed, he should be able to put up long yarded runs.
  11. If I remember correctly it was Trey Wingo that brought Davis looking for a starting role and Falcons using Renfree for a backup to Ryan. But so far I can't find the audio.. I know to you it means it didn't happen, nothing I can do to change that. But to get back on topic, I don't think Davis will beat Renfree out once he's back healthy.
  12. NFL network actually talked about when we drafted Renfree .. Came out and said Davis was interested in finding a starting role somewhere in the NFL.. Happy?
  13. I don't think Davis will be around much longer as backup QB, heard he's wanting a starting job anywhere.
  14. Think he's still dealing with infection in his arm. We'll also see how Welker leaving effects the Pats if any at all.
  15. If Ryan continues to work on deep passing accuracy.. Then yes.
  16. Wish current season tix holders could get a discount on PLC in 17. Still sweating prices then.
  17. A little OT, but has anyone bought from falconsclub. Com? I know the are not licensed but is the quality good?
  18. I'm in Douglas, season tix holder.. We usually drive up to the games a day before, get to the dome early, tail gate then game time! Hit me up if your going to any games this year!
  19. You make it to any home games? I'm just up the road from ya
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