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  1. Im not blaming Ryan for looking after his self nor will i ever.. Like ive said many times, looking after yourself isnt going to get us wins or a Superbowl.. I dont care who our QB is.. If signing Johnny Manziel would guarantee us a Superbowl win.. Id be 100% on board.. I couldn't care less about a single player on this team.. I want a freaking superbowl win.. Im sorry if that makes me a bad person, but ****.. Its time we finally win a Lombardi
  2. Exactly, and Blank is slowly breaking up with Ryan.. You can see it happening already.. No more Falcon for life talk.. Its kinda like when a relationship is done and Blank is slowly distancing his self from Ryan.. TD kept that relationship tight, but Blank has finally noticed the writing on the wall.. And true enough, Blank knows itll be hard to break up with Ryan this year.. But Blank already is in another qb's dm's and will drop Ryan like a hot potato when the time is right..
  3. The relationship between JJ and Dak had been burned man.. Just recently after JJ signed Anheuser-Busch as the official beer of the Cowboys.. Dak turns around the same week and signs a deal with Coors beer.. You think that was just a coincidence?? I think not.. Alot of bad blood between those 2 and JJ dosnt lose a business deal ever.. Dak is done in Dallas
  4. If me making 25 a hour leads my company to go down the drain that whats the use?? Sure, I could be like i have everything I want and screw everyone else.. But that would pretty much make me look like a total jerk
  5. Wow, what?? Please show me where 31 gm's declared Ryan as a franchise qb.. Im not going to wait on that simply because its not true and you made that up in your own mind..
  6. Where have you seen JJ back tracking his stance since Daks injury?? Everything ive heard is JJ searching for a new QB next season.. Matter of fact, Stafford was highly on JJ's list to sign
  7. Hopefully the "Falcon for life" thing is over now with the TF hire.. It feels all warm and fuzzy to say that, but we need a GM that understands this is a business.. Im extremely happy with the TF hire right now and hope better business decisions will be made going forward
  8. I totally see why JJ did what he did.. And what you just said proves my point, JJ made a gamble and it was the right move considering the circumstances now with Dak. Could you imagine the situation Dallas would be in now guaranteeing 43 mil a year to Dak and no one even knows if he'll be able to play again
  9. I understand everything about this, they just shuffle money around.. What i was referring to is taking a team friendly deal to actually free up cap period, not just move it around.. And im not saying its right or wrong in anyway.. But unless he's dragging this team on his back to the playoffs every year, what's the use to invest that much money on maybe winning 4 or 5 games a season.. Its a bad investment
  10. Yeah, I agree its kinda Monday morning qb'ing because Ryan could have took us to a few superbowls.. Im just looking at the return to investment in hindsight.. Hopefully our new GM has better intuition on deals he makes going forward.. I understand its impossible to know what will actually happen, but it just looks like a bad deal so far
  11. No, you're acting like Ryan was forced to take whatever contract was put before him.. If thats the case, why would Ryan need a agent?
  12. What do you want proof of? You're acting like Ryan wanted less money and we made him take more.. You honestly believe Ryan had no input in his contact.
  13. Either ya'll are totally missing the point, or you understand it and choose to look the other way.. What have we gained to this point giving Ryan a huge contract?? It was a bad investment and you know it
  14. Obviously the demands Ryan and his agent had. I dont believe Ryan asked for 10 mil a year and we came back with a higher offer
  15. Its like this, if we said no to Ryans last contract demands and allowed Ryan to play elsewhere.. Took that money and built a defense while drafting a QB in the 3rd or 4th round.. What have we really lost at this point.. Paying Ryan all that money has produced almost nothing for this team any other QB could have done.. Have you checked our record since Ryans last contract?.? Id say the return on that investment had been horrible
  16. Very few times teams with shiny over paid hood ornaments ever make it to the playoffs, much less win superbowls.. But the Falcons wouldn't resemble anything like that im sure
  17. Wheres the lie?? Please show me at any time Ryan has made efforts for a team friendly deal to lower his cap hit to bring in more talent?? Ill be waiting "mr roll eyes"
  18. Its more likely he would choose to sign elsewhere imo.. And can't blame him for making a decision to benefit him.. Wish Mack the best
  19. Im almost positive the 49ers will have a new qb before the season begins.. Not sure who it'll be, but they will bring in someone
  20. It could if Ryan agrees to it.. But the contract has already been made with Ryan.. And Ryan has not ever showed any interest in doing a team friendly deal so i seriously doubt itll ever happen until Ryan knows hes about to be replaced.. Right now, Ryan has all the leverage and he couldn't care less if his deal hurts the rest of the team.. Hes looking out for himself
  21. Id rather rate the offensive line coaching staff.. They totally got a F.. Because I don't believe these guys mostly drafted as 1st rounders dont know how to block.. We'll see what they really have this season
  22. Idk why fans think it'll be so bad to draft Fields at 4..if Ryan goes down with a season ending injury then alot of fans will swear we are unprepared to substitute for Ryan.. Im totally fine going with Ryan another season, what im not fine with is the history this franchise has with no insight on the future.
  23. I just wish we could know what happened to Ollison.. Imo, its Dleds fault we dont really get updates on players.. We are cursed to have the worst sports writer in history.. I hope Dled will be replaced at some time.. Guy never seems to put any effort into storys.. For all the access he gets to the team, the amount of work is pitiful
  24. Idk, i just believe he'll be looking for a longer term deal. I could be wrong, but I feel like he has the leverage on his future
  25. I do, and thats why I said i doubt he'll take a one year deal.. That would be the worst thing in his interest imo
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