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  1. Free should have got that knee fixed last season.. I'm a little angry with you Free
  2. I don't care if they sit Indian style, I just want players that want to win and have the talent to
  3. Good ol Boys that are slick and fast.. That's why we crumble when we play smash mouth teams.. Falcons filter still in place and always will be
  4. Reid could start this Sunday, but that's none of my business
  5. Didn't say they are trash, trash players refers to they get nothing done.. Just wanted different guys that imo could have made real contributions
  6. Wasn't Calvin Pryor a decent SS once upon a time? Wonder why we passed on him?
  7. Players atlanta tried out today @HBalzer721: ATL: LBs Bruce Carter, Corey Nelson; Ss Eddie Pleasant, Calvin Pryor, Keith Tandy. Just FYI, colts tried out Sean Harlow today
  8. Idk if the Eagles had to take them away, from what I watched they were never in the game plan.
  9. Lol, we've signed nothing but trash players today
  10. Make sure you have a generator, fuel, and plenty of water.. But if you have family inland I'd go that route. Be safe
  11. Thanks bro, this October will make 20 years for me.. I'll miss u guys till I get back
  12. Thanks man, just hope everyone stays safe.. Gonna be a nasty storm
  13. What about the travel on the Panthers to and from atlanta? Just curious
  14. Any thoughts on hurricane Florence possibly affecting any games this weekend? I work for a power company as a lineman and they have us on stand by to head to south Carolina by Saturday.. Looks like the storm will make landfall Thursday night as a cat 4-5 storm.. Anticipating major destruction in the Carolinas with heavy rainfall and winds all along the east coast thru the weekend.. Just curious is the impact of the storm may/may not affect the game Sunday.. Anyone in the path please prepare and be safe
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