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  1. This franchise will have to completely rebuild this team after we get out of our cap space tant before we can even sniff a Superbowl.. Thats why i didn't understand the contracts for our HC and GM.. If everything goes right maybe 5 years from now we can be competitive again, but we've got to fix our cap situation first.. Honestly dont care if we sign udfa's for our entire oline the next few years.. Ryan will have to make the best of it.. But continually pisssing our cap away signing has beens just to win 4 games a year is absolutely stupid.. Start the rebuild now, at least we can have some hope down the road.. No HC or GM can fix this cluster frig we have now

  2. 10 hours ago, dirtybirds233 said:

    Ryan had the 16th highest cap hit of any QB in 2020. Why don't we ask the 15 QBs ahead of him why they didn't do more team friendly deals?

    Yes his cap hit jump significantly in 2021 (2nd highest hit of all QBs) but there is almost a 0% chance he isn't restructured or extended. 

    And thats because we've continued to push his money down the line.. Now look at the position we're in.. You believe we're going to get more out of Ryan the next 2 years just because hes paid more.. Absolutely not, our team is going to suffer even more because we cant sign decent talent 

  3. 22 hours ago, Williamb said:

    So basically you're making an argument for a defensive rebuild, which has nothing to do with ryan. We all agree.

    It has alot to do with Ryan when hes paid more than any defensive player and cant put enough points on the board to win a game.. See, ya'll act like Ryan gets a pass when our cap poor defense can't make stops.. But you never look at the fact our overpaid offense cant get in the endzone.. Imo, our field goal kicker should be paid more because hes the only that can actually score.. Besides Ridley.. Imo, Ridley is our mvp

  4. 5 hours ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    And you have yet to answer any questions to provide any facts, so... :shrug:



    The questions have been answered man, you just chose not to hear the answers. But its not worth it to hash it out, you'll always defend Ryan and ill probably always critique Ryan.. So its really not worth either of us wasting time on this 

  5. 1 minute ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    I’m still waiting for the “demand” question to be answered please. 

    It has been over and over man and you just stick one finger in your butt and the other in your mouth and switch them every time the facts are laid in front of you.. I suppose you still dont believe in the 28-3 superbowl loss we suffered under Ryans leadership either.. Smh

  6. 35 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    You answered more questions AND presented MORE FACTS in one post than all of these “it’s Matt’s fault’ers” have yet! 

    Get ready for the change of what they were trying to say shortly! 

    This team has blown more 20 point leads than any other NFL in history while Ryan has been qb.. I can go on with the horrible stats and gut wrenching losses this team has suffered while Ryan has lead this team. Under Ryans leadership this team has broken alot of records for all the wrong reasons.. Thats what should be addressed 

  7. 1 hour ago, FalconofShadows said:

    Sounds like there's just some hate. 

    Absolutely not, i have no reason to hate Ryan.. I just want to see the Falcons win.. I dont see that happening with Ryan.. Why is it so difficult for so many people here to understand I want to see the Falcons win.. I dont care at all about who is a Falcon for life.. That dosnt make me feel warm and fuzzy.. Id rather see the team dominate 

  8. Id rather draft a young RB.. Look at Bell and Fournette.. Ive come to the conclusion a RB over 25 just cant get the job done consistently in this league any longer.. Sure, some exceptions.. But ultimately draft a RB, work him for 4 years and part ways.. Unless we can find another Turner im against it

  9. Imo, lets see what a new coaching staff can do with all the first round oline talent we already have before we pull the trigger on another first round onlineman.. Id rather give it a year and see if these guys can actually block in a working system than blowing a pick just to grab another first round lineman.. If these guys cant block this season.. Im down for blowing the line up and rebuilding..but my gut tells me they will look alot better under a competent coaching staff 

  10. 16 hours ago, FalconofShadows said:

    Well it's more to the point that Brees basically just restructured his contract which he doesn't actually have to agree to. Ryan has had the same things done to his contract including last year. The big thing is the Saints doing this a huge part of his salary into a signing bonus which in actuality he will be "getting then returning" once he officially retires. So unlike your post that incinuate that Brees is helping his team and Ryan isn't Brees hasnt done a thing this is just more playing with the cap that the saints have done for years.

    Never did i say or even mention Brees name nor that i care if he helps his team.. I have zero concerns with the saints organization.. I just referred to Ryan, and if Ryans contract keeps this team from signing players needed to win.. I have zero sympathy for Ryan never being able to make the playoffs again.. Let Ryan enjoy his lucrative salary, maybe he has earned it in some eyes.. But dont cry when we're a 5 win a year team and try to tell me why you believe Ryan is a HOF qb when he cant even seem to sniff the playoffs.. All while being surrounded with HOF receivers most of his career and several probowl running backs.. I just cant buy into fluff

  11. 2 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

    Which is exactly what Drew Brees and Tom Brady have done in the past...take the negotiated deal and restructure down the line.  It gives both sides flexibility.  If Matt Ryan was undeserving of his contract then they wouldn’t have negotiated the terms as they did.

    Ok, by using that philosophy you assume the Falcons organization has never made a bad deal during TD's tenure here.. See, it dosnt work out that way

  12. 1 minute ago, KRUNKuno said:


    Jones was asked Monday if the Cowboys would move on from Prescott, who is playing under a $31.4 million franchise tag this season after failing to reach a long-term extension with the team this summer.

    "Absolutely not. He's our future," Jones said Monday, according to Jon Machota of The Athletic. "If anyone can overcome anything, it's Dak. Feel very good that he can come back stronger and better than ever."


    and this from McCarthy...


    As for the contract talks affecting the coach's ability to work with Prescott in the offseason, McCarthy said, "I can't answer the contract question. From what I see and where I am, I am very confident we are going to get that worked out. My conversation with Dak is always very positive and always with the focus on what the future holds and what we are going to do on offense, the team and his leadership."




    Hmm, lets see how that works out.. Maybe it will, but I definitely have my reservations 

  13. 5 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


    Didn't know about the beer endorsement deal.


    Many Cowboys player want him back and support Dak. I don't think this is an easy situation at all for Jerry.


    Jerry could really piss off his locker room if he plays this thing wrong. Especially if his next starting QB is awful.


    Dak is a pretty good QB that keeps getting better and still young.

    I actually believe i posted the beer companies in reverse.. But I dont drink so I don't keep up with what beer is what.. But non the less.. It was a direct slap to JJ from Dak

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