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  1. Imo, he should have fired them all and brought in guys he sees fit.. And he may still do that, but having a office full of all gm's thats been booted from other teams thats all buddies isn't a good thing imo.. Bring in some fresh talent and let them go to work.. Too many old guys just banking a paycheck as far as im concerned
  2. Its the Falcons way, hire everyone thats been fired.. Then allow them to scout your players
  3. Not really, I was asking something completely different. Was asking if Julio was a titan along with Brown and Henry.. Would he prefer to be oc of that team and see what kind of run they could have made.. Or being the head coach of the Falcons was more appealing. Its not what you have in mind exactly
  4. Definitely enjoyed reading that lol, happy little trees is something I could see myself calling it.. Few qb's make it look easy, and maybe its a gift.. Ive heard it say many times a fade pass is all about the touch of the pass when it's thrown.. Not saying Ryan cant make it happen, just seems like oc'ers of the past seemed to dial it up and surely they knew it wasn't Ryans strength
  5. You're right on this, i agree with what you're saying.. If the pass can be caught thats on the receivers.. And hopefully Smith getting back to the basics can correct some of that.. Im sure its frustrating for Ryan when he hits a receiver in the hands and its basically dropped.. Agree, thats not on Ryan
  6. You're right on that, definitely agree with this
  7. You probably watch Falcon film as much as i do.. You gonna pretend Ryan can actually throw a fade?? Ryans struggled throwing a fade in simple screens.. You have to know Ryan actually throwing a fade in the end zone is as rare as a white peacock.. C'mon man, ive really tried to be more opened mined to Ryan since Smith took over.. But you've also got to be at least realistic when it comes to true criticism
  8. Of all the great things Ryan can do and be remembered for, i honestly believe he'll never be able to actually throw a lob pass in the end zone.. And ill never understand, if he knows this is a weakness why wouldn't he at least try to perfect it?? His lob passes usually fall about 10 yards short or completely go out the back of the end zone.. Qb coach also has some blame on this, but figure it out Ryan d@mn
  9. Maybe his last shot to actually hang with the team or maybe they saw something that they believe will benefit the team down the road.. Either way, hes got to continue to improve
  10. For some reason DK likes routes that are straight and narrow.. Im guessing he expects receivers beat everyone with speed, but they are very predictable and easily defended
  11. You know you cant mention that name around here any more.. Its like mentioning Lord Valdomero..
  12. Its not all like that man, think of it as we're all tight sitting around grilling and just bs'ing about it.. Nothing so serious to get upset about
  13. We need him to be Harry Douglas imo.. I believe he'll used as a slot receiver more than anything
  14. Im definitely not sold on the Titans new OC.. But I cant help be be curious if Arthur could have found a way to get Jones more td's.. Id say likely not because Henry is used so much in the red zone, so its very possible that Julio is just going to be a hood ornament between the 20s as much as he was here.. And no doubt, Jones could move the ball between the 20s as good as the best receivers ever.. But for whatever reason hes never been able to score like Moss, Owens, or Rice
  15. What do you think his offense would look like with Henry, Brown and Julio?? You believe he could have went deeper in the playoffs?
  16. I dont believe they are either, especially on defense.. Im not trying to compare the 2 jobs as if he has any regrets.. Im saying if Smith was never considered for the Falcons hc job vs coaching the Falcons what would give him the most excitement.. Definitely not saying he has any remorse and wanted to go back
  17. Bare with me, because this is Falcons related and im definitely interested in everyones opinion.. I know this is just hypothetical, but see no harm in hearing everyones reason why/why not they would prefer one over the other So if you are Author Smith, would you rather be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons right now.. Or would you rather still be the OC of the Titans and have Henry, Julio and Brown as your weapons.. Please explain why if you're AS you'd prefer one over the other
  18. Mods are obviously on vacation until after the 4th lol
  19. She needs a covid test immediately, obviously shes lost her sense of smell
  20. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
  21. People are sleeping on this guy im afraid.. Keep your eye on him with me.. Believe guy can really do something if we use him on edge and blitzes
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