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  1. I saw them talking about that on nfl channel, but I figured it'll be just more touch backs.. Idk
  2. The way the kick off and return rules are now, I don't believe he's going to be much of a factor. Probably won't hear his name
  3. Cheeseburger was better than Freeman will ever be
  4. Yeah, poor Julio now he's the victim
  5. His agent is the same one that screwed scottie pippen over on a front loaded 8 year deal.. So yeah, his reputation isn't that great
  6. True, but I'd like to see him want to get back to normal with everything. I think people are just in disbelief that things have gone like they have so far. Julio's halo is a little crooked atm
  7. Well, he's now took it down.. I believe that's a good call on his part. But I dont believe the tention is settled with the Falcons now
  8. Imo, Julio is now making his self look like a idiot.. A rap song isn't going to help him, and dissin his fans will make him look worse in the end
  9. Rap song, I want it all.. Can't post the lyrics lol basically says F everybody and what they think about him
  10. Guess Julio's setting the record straight with his ig story
  11. I'm with the Falcons office on this one, smart move. Now it's time for Julio to go play football and stop protesting the contract he signed
  12. He needs some milk
  13. If Sark can dial up plays like the eagles did last year but retool the offense and keep it fresh year after year we should be in the top 3..if he comes out and still trying to figure out Kyle's offense from 2 years ago.. We're in trouble
  14. Probably, just know Ryan said in his interview it would be in Florida.. But looks like it's in Huntington Beach cali per MHall
  15. The team went out to California for a intervention to save Julio from TO