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  1. I'm pulling for KC to win the super bowl, I went to high school with Hill so they will be my playoff team this year
  2. We havnt had many seasons of just 4 wins.. And it's very likely we end the season with 4 maybe 5 at most.. So realistically this is about as bad of a season we've had
  3. Crazy that Jalen expressed the importance of winning and now the Jags want to trade him? I don't blame him for wanting to leave a team that's OK with losing.
  4. Quinns OK, just believe he needs a few more support pieces on staff.. Wr coach needs to go and Armstrong needs to go
  5. Yep, hard to watch the Browns celebrate and break franchise records against us.. The most Falcon kinda game we could have played
  6. To hear it from the other side
  7. Stan was pretty much reitred, I'd say losing to the Browns
  8. This is either a redemption game for us, or it's a this is who/what we are as a team this year game.. We'll either come out of it with renewed hope or start a rebuild for next year
  9. Shaub will likely retire soon, a decent back up qb also is on the list
  10. I had no idea they were acquaintances, but I also believe Knapp is mentoring Sark but have no proof
  11. Gotta love our bipolar fan base, I'm actually a fan of Sark atm.. Beat down by the Browns wasn't on Sark at all
  12. Gotcha, thought u ment this week
  13. What do you mean by short week?
  14. You've got to be referring to him filling the water bottles.. He's not even close to having what it takes to play in this league.. Idk why Quinn is holding on to him, but I can gaurentee you when we do cut him no team will sign him and he's gonna be washing dishes at Rudy Tuesdays
  15. Why can't Quinn see we need a big back that can punch it in the ez.. Idk, maybe we'll never have a big power back under Quinn, but I know we need one.. Quinn, it's time you reevaluate your style of football