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  1. Man, you've been saying that for years.. Idk, maybe sooner or later youll get it right.. But its sounding kinda silly right now
  2. What? While we are being beat by a guy that isnt even a qb?? I have no words
  3. The Falcons are just like a bad relationship, no matter how much you work at it or how hard you try.. Sometimes it just doesn't work
  4. Bad teams are bad, and hey.. News flash, this is a bad team.. Fanboy or not, at some time you'll get it
  5. The obvious is that the Falcons are horrible, do I need to even spell this out??
  6. Falcons are a nfl professional team being beat by a guy that isn't even a qb.. Think about this for a few minutes
  7. Ive been saying this for years and the same people that have called me a troll are saying it now.. Guess we all are trolls 🤗
  8. Falcons have too many hood ornaments to actually build a competitive team.. Ive said it for years yet everyone believes i secretly dont like to Falcons.. Thats so wrong, I love the Falcons, we just have a broken team with delusional management
  9. Matt Ryan is the future, guaranteed championship once he gets settled in as our qb
  10. Imo, it deserves him right to end up in Cincinnati.. Thats exactly where he should be.. Hope his sorry rump can't find any southern fried chicken up there
  11. I predict he'll weigh 400 lbs by next season and if not working for Gus's chicken he'll be a investor.. Jmo
  12. Maybe a better GM can put Ryan in a better environment.. I just hope Ryan hasnt gotten so use to be terrified when the ball is snapped that he cant relax and play naturally
  13. Imo, Brees definitely looks much more confident in the pocket than Ryan.. I dont understand how panicked Ryan also looks when he drops back, Brees actually looks like hes in control of his offense
  14. Guy has some kind of fetish about getting beat in the 4th quarter.. Its really hilarious to watch. Ryan is the most consistently trash players in the 4th quarter.. Ryan is extremely good at being bad and throwing games away
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