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  1. Why? Because I care more about a team thats supposed to be competitive in a sport winning more than where a player was born? I suppose you watch football for the demographics of players and you care nothing about a team actually winning.. You're whats wrong with alot of our fan base.. You've learned to not expect to be competitive in a league thats about competition
  2. Julio drops alot of passes and definitely has trouble in the red zone.. If Julio wants to be the best receiver in the league, these things must be cleaned up.. But, as far as I know Julio had never desired to be the best.. So he probably is content where he stands
  3. Seems like ive heard this same story about Beasley, McKinley, and Sante.. We shall see but more than likely he'll be average and may not even be in the league 3 years from now.. Honestly all fans are hyped up on thier draft picks right now, but the older football fans understand how likely these guys are going to be bust
  4. On Davidson, nothing ever said about him has even come close to mentioning quickness.. Honestly if you watch any vid on his playing you can definitely see how slow he really is.. Hes a very powerful player, but he definitely cant be described as quick in anything he does..
  5. I couldn't have said it better myself.. Definitely echo everything you've said.. Its really sad to be honest.. Especially when the players admit to being shocked they were picked so early..
  6. Some people have common sense, and usually they are correct.. How can you jump on board with everything this staff does after they let us down more times than not..imo, he's correct
  7. Projected as a 6th or 7th round pick.. We grab him in the forth.. Dont know much about him, has a good scouting report.. Not sure why he was projected so low? Maybe Quinn knows something no one else does
  8. You're right, idk if he will be a steal.. But we are seemingly to be reaching for players that have been very average in college.. So usually dosnt equal to high production or immediate production in the pros
  9. Dosnt change the fact as his value for a draft pick.. We could have traded up to 1st pick and drafted him.. Just saying we definitely grabbed him way before his "prospected" value.. Who knows, he may turn out to be a steal..
  10. Just hope hes able to be coached up.. This has alot of signs from the Oliver pick, but actually worse considering its our 1st rounder.. Ill try to stay optimistic
  11. Im sure Terrell is trying to find a way to excuse himself as a 1st round pick and maybe give us a do over
  12. Im sure hes just as surprised as every Falcons fan is that he went in the first round
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