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  1. You feel like a back worth a dime will be there in the 5th?
  2. Everyone knows about his past injuries.. No need to worry because we already signed him.. Its actually a cheap deal, so if he even sees playing time we're ok
  3. Basically saying we'd probably waste a pick on a rb that'll never produce or even make the team?? Hard pass
  4. Everyone knows Gurley has a bad knee.. Nothing really to worry about because we signed him knowing this.. It would be absolutely stupid to void the contract if its determined he has a bad knee being the entire world already knows this
  5. Mack had a fractured leg coming into the game.. He still played anyway, and did an amazing job imo
  6. Honestly, at this point with everything going on in the world.. Just put them out there.. Dont believe its going to matter one way or another in a few weeks..
  7. Antonio Brown didn't take a year off, Antonio Brown was fired.. Come back to reality Antonio
  8. Whose actually missing Sark?
  9. Gotta go with nether man.. Sark definitely sucked and DK isnt anything to get excited about.. I just cant understand what all of DK's experience how he cant put together a decent game plan? Hes literally the same play caller he was 10 years ago.. Absolutely no improvement or evolution for the game.. Cant understand why he was even considered
  10. Falcons will be average at best regardless.. Its just the Falcons thing to do.. Brady and the Bucs will do well imo.. More so because who the coach is, TB had a decent team last season minus Winston
  11. D@mn,seems like they have no idea what they are even doing.. What an organization
  12. Yall just be ready for our white helmets this season
  13. If he was black, you couldn't see his eyes
  14. For all the guys that said i was crazy to believe my guy about the white helmets..check out your mans drawing of the new Falcons uniforms @DOrlandoAJC: First draft! https://twitter.com/DOrlandoAJC/status/1242904588291919874/photo/1
  15. He basically set himself up to be cut next year after only making 1mil this year.. TD got him on this one