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  1. We've had our fair share of lemons.. Alot rides more on players desire to continue dedication to the game on a pro level after college. Some players just lose interest in what it takes to succeed in the pros. Gordon for example has finally matured I believe and sees the opportunity for what it is, but he nearly destroyed his career before it really ever took off.
  2. Yeah, I've got some connections in Jville.. I'll pm you tomorrow after I talk with them
  3. We could use debth at almost every position, so I wouldn't honestly be surprised for any pick. Now what would surprise me is us not taking a DT in the draft
  4. I live close to Jacksonville and usually make the Falcons games there. We have a tailgate team that does the home games in Atlanta, but it'll probably just be me and a few friends if we do the Jville game
  5. I'm just sitting here wondering if the roof will open on Mercedes stadium
  6. This is the absolute truth. I'm sure TD and Quinn has a plan, but if that plan doesn't work out I guess this is what we have.. Maybe they have 3 or 4 plans, idk
  7. Ryan was junk in the Thursday night game vs the saints.. The D pulled that one out
  8. What's his inspiration to play for a new team? Imo he would play one season and dip
  9. Wil the new members of the team go through the special forces training before they are allowed to join the brotherhood? I guess the guys we let go are kicked from the brotherhood?
  10. http://mobile.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/LOOK-Falcons-unveil-significant-changes-to-team-weight-room/2b91d67a-7d71-4d9a-93f8-3cbdb839a0db Not sure about the tomahawk designs everywhere.. Go Braves?
  11. We really just need to grab 2 run stuffers in the draft. Not a highly skilled position and actually some young hungry guys in the middle of our Dline isn't such a big deal or a bad thing. With the right draft we can be a better team than last year
  12. We need a big back to work the redzone. That alone will be a asset to Julio.. We're not gonna scare anyone running Coleman or Freeman up the middle on the goal line. I'd be happy dumping Coleman or Free for a decent power back.
  13. We discussed in length here before the game anticipating bad field conditions. How/why Sark didn't game plan with field conditions in mind is above my level of understanding
  14. Based on what evidence? Imo he didn't set up anything last year. The offense was almost as predictable when smitty was here. He very well may be a decent play caller, but "brilliant" is a huge stretch
  15. Buddy of mine that's a huge 49er fan claims Shannahan is pushing hard for Dez.. That could actually be a interesting offense