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  1. Did you try the NFL app? Ill give u my log in if u need it. Idk if it uses ur gps location?
  2. That could be taken a few ways lol
  3. I usually screen shot mine morning of the game
  4. Just be thankful it isnt Beth Mowins
  5. Alot of that depends on Quinn and how he works the refs..unfortunately i never really see him engage them, usually just stands thier with that dumb looking smirk
  6. Obviously Payton too, saw he got a 5 year extension today with the Saints
  7. Just keep plenty of alcohol handy, we all know anything said tonight cant be held against you tomorrow if we lose
  8. Last week a few times Oliver wasn't even close enough to the receiver to hold
  9. Where would we be if Ryan had just audibled in the superbowl one play and Bryant kicked the field goal
  10. Idk what he saw, but i am beginning to question Quinns ability at head coach. And with him adding 4 head coaches to his staff why wouldn't you question it. Quinns a good DC im sure, just dont believe he has it as a HC
  11. Roof will be open tonight! Kinda wish I was at the game tonight
  12. Was talking to Swift earlier, he says hes banned for life from here.. Yall really be banning people for life?
  13. Teddy is a decent replacement, id much rather have him than Schaub jmo
  14. No doubt, definitely believe his cart is way out in front of the horses lol