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  1. The issue I have with Beasley is inconsistency.. I'm sure vic playing a year at lb'er didn't help as a pass rusher.. But I honestly believed he'd show back up this past season which imo he never did
  2. Everyone acts like the guy would have caught the ball of he wasnt touched.. Let it go, we have more post on the Falcons forum about the Saints then they do.
  3. These are absolutely the worst commentators I've heard do a football game.. It's a good game, just horrible commentating
  4. Lmao https://youtu.be/VT4iAz3UWII
  5. Anyone have a link to the Saints forum? I have tapatalk and it's not accessing the forums.. Just want to read the melt downs to put me in a happy place
  6. Yep, it's a good day
  7. They didn't miss it, they just won't call it.. It was very obvious
  8. These refs are a complete joke.. I'd be pissed off if I was a Rams fan.. Rams getting screwed hard
  9. You hear it too right? It sounds like multiple people blowing whistles
  10. I thought they banned fans blowing whistles.. Whoever keeps blowing the whistle when the Rams have the ball needs to be banned.. But I'm sure the Saints wouldn't do that to a fan hindering the Rams
  11. Vine street or college park
  12. D@mn Saints fans, you can't have nothing..
  13. I joined in 09 but something happened to my original acct around 2011
  14. The same way Quinn played Mack in the superbowl with a broken leg