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  1. Who really has any idea when Free will be back?
  2. Did his tongue thing bother you?
  3. Looks like Shelby was taken off the injury list today?
  4. He had a weird thing going on with his tongue.. It kinda bothered me
  5. Im up bro, still wondering
  6. Pft, more like r/imabadass lol
  7. Im just very detailed oriented and observant.. And bored, my gf woke me up this morning needing sex so I didnt have much to do this evening
  8. @Allen_Strk: Defending a lead is going to be problematic for the Falcons defense without Jones/Neal. Offenses will look to target the middle of the field at will. Moore runs a deep in-cut & somehow manages to split both defenders. Poor awareness/tackle by Riley. Bad angle from Richards. Ugly. https://twitter.com/Allen_Strk/status/1042618428522160130/photo/1 Duke really isn't good at anything football related
  9. No you sick psycho, he said multi man tight end in the shower.. Pft, multicam..gosh you are one twisted ombre
  10. I can't understand how no one else hears or sees these things
  11. My house? I got it in dvr bro
  12. I'm so glad you see it too.. It's been buggin me all day.. It's just the two of them.. No other players are doing it
  13. I'm trippin hard on Ryan and Sark, they keep randomly touching their faces and I don't know why lol
  14. I'm eating another gummy and watching it again..