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  1. Definitely, there are cases of non-sustained V-tach (episodes less than 30 seconds) where patients have no structural disease (congenital anomalies, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathy being the most common) and still have the tachycardia! It is less common, but I agree, based on what little we know, it is likely he has idiopathic NSVT or else a genetic abnormality involving the electrical pathways. Most of these have a lower risk of becoming sustained or leading to sudden cardiac death. I doubt if he had a structural problem he would have made it to the NFL level or have been cleare
  2. This does explain the four week return. I assume we are talking about a radiofrequency catheter ablation procedure for recurrent V-tach. This only requires (surprise!) four weeks of anti-coagulation therapy. The ventricles (big chambers) are less likely to form clots than the smaller ones. They basically burn the area where they have triangulated the aberrant electrical signal to be originating from. This is a little concerning to me, as ventricular tachycardia is is more serious than atrial tachycardia. Strokes being the consequence of atrial versus inadequate systemic perfusion and c
  3. Internal medicine physician here. The American College of Cardiology, in their 2017 Consensus Statement on Atrial Fibrillation Ablation, gave the recommendation, based on peer-reviewed research, recommending that all patients undergoing an ablation should be placed on an anticoagulant like warfarin or a NOAC like Xarelto for two months after the procedure in order to reduce post-procedure stroke risk. At that time, his cardiologist will evaluate the need for further anticoagulation based on his stroke risk, not the clinical outcome of the procedure. I'd imagine his risk stratification wou
  4. Amazing. So pumped. This is our year. Rise up!
  5. Fatboi absolutely wrecking these "fans." Serioisly, why do you come to your supposed team's forum to turn a positive thread completely negative and also fail horribly at doing so? Boggles my mind.
  6. I wouldn't move up for anyone this year, but I'd have no qualms taking Henry in the second round at our pick if he falls. The more tape I watch on him, the more convinced I am that he could add a new dimension to our offense that we have been sorely missing since Tony G retired. Julio, Sanu, Freeman, Henry, Hardy all options for Matt? Whew boy. If he isn't there, I'd by happiest if we just went pure defense this draft.
  7. You sir, understand football. Great write-ups, with a better analysis than most ATL sports writers. Would love this pass-rush-centric draft. Covered major bases and assuming the offense recovers somewhat with the addition of Sanu and better protection for Matty Ice, I could get behind an all-defense draft such as this.
  8. Is it already time for your "contributions" again? The overly pessimistic opinions for attention argued with the passion of a true forum troll grow tiresome to the adults here. I try my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but geez, man. I don't think I have ever read a single positive thing by you about this team whose fan forum you frequent. I can now legally write you a prescription for sertraline, you know.
  9. Hadn't seen much on Billings. After watching the tape on he and Robinson from Bama, I don't think I would mind getting a DT in the first if either were there. As long as we nab a LB in the 2nd. I like your draft a lot. And how about that Karl Joseph, boy can lay the wood lol
  10. Would love that draft. Always appreciate the work you put into your mocks, G-Dawg. Good read.
  11. Well, if Jesus says so, I guess we are screwed. That guy doesn't lie.
  12. Where are people getting the idea that Roddy is being whiny or a diva here? Calm down. All he said is that he would like to have more targets but that he understands sometimes he won't get as many. He also acknowledged that he has a large role as a blocker and that he accepts it even though it isn't what he or any WR really wants to be doing. He even remarked about wanting Freeman to break out. To me this seems like the media sensationalizing quite a bit. Roddy has always been vocal, but I see nothing disrespectful or inappropriate in his statements.
  13. Yates should be thrown into a cylinder just wide enough to fit his weak shoulders and half-filled with fire-ants. Lemon juice should be squeezed in at intervals. That is how I feel about Yates after multiple beverages containing ethanol.
  14. Definitely the best video game commercial ever. I shall treasure that Julio gif for ever and ever. Hopefully I can draft him in fantasy and use it as my avatar...
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