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  1. Definitely, there are cases of non-sustained V-tach (episodes less than 30 seconds) where patients have no structural disease (congenital anomalies, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathy being the most common) and still have the tachycardia! It is less common, but I agree, based on what little we know, it is likely he has idiopathic NSVT or else a genetic abnormality involving the electrical pathways. Most of these have a lower risk of becoming sustained or leading to sudden cardiac death. I doubt if he had a structural problem he would have made it to the NFL level or have been cleare
  2. This does explain the four week return. I assume we are talking about a radiofrequency catheter ablation procedure for recurrent V-tach. This only requires (surprise!) four weeks of anti-coagulation therapy. The ventricles (big chambers) are less likely to form clots than the smaller ones. They basically burn the area where they have triangulated the aberrant electrical signal to be originating from. This is a little concerning to me, as ventricular tachycardia is is more serious than atrial tachycardia. Strokes being the consequence of atrial versus inadequate systemic perfusion and c
  3. I don't get the TaTF attachment to Mass. Sure, Smith never gave him a lot of playing time, and he had maybe one big hit, but what did he do to wow everyone so much? I'm almost positive that a professional like Quinn, who coached one of the best defenses in the league, at least watched some tape before he decided he had no interest in Mass. Sure, it wasn't a huge cap recovery, but if the man doesn't see potential in a borderline player, I'll trust him. Was I expecting this? No. Can I understand it? Certainly. Clearly, our new leadership is cleaning house and there may be more to this than
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