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  1. I'm not sure how I feel. First in on this thread...(woot)
  2. Sorry to hear that, but, he was struggling. Wonder if Bosher not holding had any affect on Bryant.
  3. Good luck to Sanu. He had become one of my favorite players and I wish him the best.
  4. I actually didn't know I needed it......but, I did need it. Good stuff
  5. Your lack of faith does not have anything to do with his. Again, this is a thread about positivity and good news. Mash, Glad to hear things are looking up!! It appears to have been a difficult year for the fans on the board here. Good news is always welcome, in whatever board it's in.
  6. What if Belichek wants to burn the patriots to the ground right before he leaves?
  7. Arthur Blank comes down on the field whether winning or losing. He feels he should be with the team at the outcome. That's how he's always been. He didn't ONLY come down on the field when he thought 51 was in the bag.
  8. That's a fair start. I wonder if despite his play if he really is the best option on the team to play. Seems like our backups have been exposed a little this year.
  9. what is the expectation when everyone says they should be held accountable? Is it fines from the team? Out right cut? Cut in offseason? Benched? I never quite understand in what form the accountability is measured. What happens if they are the best options we have for the position? Do we still consider all of the above? I'm not trying to be argumentative or say that they should not be held accountable, just trying to understand what they means to those that say it. I agree, they are paid professionals and should perform.
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