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  1. What if Belichek wants to burn the patriots to the ground right before he leaves?
  2. not a good showing for atl tonight.
  3. Discord anyone?
  4. Arthur Blank comes down on the field whether winning or losing. He feels he should be with the team at the outcome. That's how he's always been. He didn't ONLY come down on the field when he thought 51 was in the bag.
  5. I am not a huge soccer fan, but, this year I have watched more soccer than I have my entire life. Congrats to the team and city!! I would also like to add that not only did we have the League MVP, but, we had the runner up on our team as well. Our guys got top 2 spots, but, only one can win.
  6. That's a fair start. I wonder if despite his play if he really is the best option on the team to play. Seems like our backups have been exposed a little this year.
  7. what is the expectation when everyone says they should be held accountable? Is it fines from the team? Out right cut? Cut in offseason? Benched? I never quite understand in what form the accountability is measured. What happens if they are the best options we have for the position? Do we still consider all of the above? I'm not trying to be argumentative or say that they should not be held accountable, just trying to understand what they means to those that say it. I agree, they are paid professionals and should perform.
  8. Slappy, looking out for us!!
  9. Fans being called out for not demanding accountability is ridiculous. The only people that can hold coaches and players accountable are the teams owners and management. I don't see how I can be blamed as a fan for the team not doing well. I'm tired of that narrative. Nothing will change my opinion on this subject. I'm sure the coaches will say "oh boy, DLED asked a tough question today, we should be better. He's right." They know they need to be better. They are trying to be better. This line of thinking to me also seems ridiculous. Is the media to blame? no Are the fans to blame? no Are the players to blame? yes Are the coaches to blame? yes Is the owner to blame? yes
  10. This seems a little ridiculous. The entire team is in question. Defense is down to backups, OLINE is not holding up. Seems a little "Hyper" critical to me.
  11. Another note is that the right side on our Field Goals always seems like it is nonexistent. I am concerned someone is going to make it through.
  12. Injuries to pro bowl level talent will make the defense look lost with no leadership.
  13. @mqg96 Right, but, what outcome did you want? More starters playing in preseason or more 2nd and 3rds released trying to get better? I don't see a solution, just a complaint. What would have improved the outcome here?
  14. I think this topic is more about our depth. And yes, our depth is getting handled right now. What should Quinn have done when he saw his second and third strings were not as good as other 2nd and 3rd strings? Should he have said forget them, lets put the starters back in for more practice? If so, do they get injured for more practice? Should Quinn have cut all of the second and third stringers to hire "better" players that weren't expected to get much play time? Is that feasible to cut half the staff and expect that "starting caliber" players at all those positions were still available? I guess they could have done that, but, then, new players with NO knowledge about how your playbook works coming in during the 2nd preseason game probably won't know what they are doing and lose as well. What is the expected solution from the OP? I think hearing that might help some understand. Is it just more starts for the 1st string to hopefully get them ready without getting injured so they can play more games in regular season, or is it to hire all new backups to replace the ones that we did evaluate in the off and pre-season? I don't post often, but, I think understanding more might take the fight out of some of those that are debating here. Would I have liked to see more starters in pre-season? Of course. Did I NEED to see wins in the preseason? No, if it allowed the coaches to keep the best players we had left on our roster. Are they starters at most teams...? Of course not, that's why they aren't starting here.