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  1. Saying our O-line plays like one direction is pretty much a compliment to one direction,
  2. Why are we talking about rebuilding when we are having one down year due to the influx of injuries? People are acting like we are Jacksonville bad. The only areas this time needs to rebuild in are both lines. Other then that, Next season we will be healthier and hopefully bounce back from this.
  3. How the f*** are you gonna blame Matt Ryan when he has a S*** defense and an ever s******* o-line?
  4. This team is pathetic. I feel bad for Tony and I'm praying Julio decides to stay with us.
  5. Even if we win I'm still nervous about this team. No way should this game be this close
  6. I've taken bowel movements with more motivation, passion, and aggression then Mike Smith.
  7. I've had bowel moments that are more aggressive then Mike Smith
  8. This is making me physically sick. Can we please fire Mike Smith, just to make a statement? Why the **** would you give it to JaQuizz on a crucial 4th down? Just stupid
  9. I would love to be on the drugs that influenced that statement.
  10. I totally agree. Last season had this feel to it. The city was being carried by this team. I felt so confident in the Falcons regardless of who we played, now I'm just wondering how we are going to lose the next game.
  11. The scary thing is that even considering the way we have been playing, IF we can stop them we still have a chance to win the ball game
  12. I've been hearing on NFL radio that teams off to a 1-3 start have like a 17% chance of making the playoffs. There is always next year.
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