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  1. 18 minutes ago, Sidecar Falcon said:







    Bouye (Undrafted)


    Hopkins (No trade up)

    Watson (12th overall)

    Foster (Undrafted)




    Highest pick TD had was the 3rd overall. So not much off from the first. Not sure how having the first overall pick is a knock on him. 


    The only reason he messed up on the Clowney pick was because Romeo Cronnell was saying that Clowney was going to be the next LT. I was screaming at the top of my lungs that Khalil Mack was the best defensive prospect in the draft even at the HEIGHT of the Clowney-hype. I will argue this to my grave, but Khalil Mack’s performance against Ohio State in the opener is in my top 5 greatest defensive performances of ALL-TIME. Clowney was good in college but I NEVER seen him dominate on a similar level than Khalil did against Ohio State. It was incredible and it was my first time seeing him play and I did a crap ton of research after that game and Mack shot from a possible 3rd round selection all the way to top 10.

  2. 1 hour ago, Sui_Generis said:

    Wade was also instrumental in Smith picking JJ Watt. Said Watt had HoF potential and would be a HOF'er one day. Phillips has an eye for players on that side of the ball and knows how to squeeze the most out of em.

    If we get Wade Phillips I am 100% fine getting a first round Defensive prospect, something that I objected to in NUMEROUS other threads.

  3. 38 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

    I would say no initially. I guess it depends on the HC, and I'd rather find someone that could take our defense even higher than WP.

    We could do worse than WP, but I'd say no. A young upstart HC would make him slightly higher than luke warm for me though.

    I would say if we’re trying to maximize Matt Ryan’s 3 year window, we would need a remarkable OC/DC/HC combo. Wade Phillips is, by far, the best DC out on the market right now and has been known to change defenses over night. We can always establish a long term solution at HC... But if we’re trying to win championships, Wade Phillips is the man for the DC spot. I hope he can groom someone on the staff to take his reigns once he retires too. If we’re going to keep Ryan we need to go all in. Let’s not forget about Grady Jarrett, who he could help get that coveted perennial All-Pro status in his time here. 

  4. 1 hour ago, DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins said:

    It was obvious SIX WEEKS AGO that this needed to happen. At least. Probably 50 times I thought, "Oh, look, we had a successful running place for once", only to then realize it was Ito.

    If anyone on the actual COACHING STAFF was also paying attention, and you know, trying to WIN, they would've seen it too. WTH?

    UPDATE: Here's another blindingly obvious thing in case the coaches can't see it -- get Luke Stocker off the field.

    It boggles me how coaches can be STUPID talent evaluators.

  5. 13 hours ago, ATLskinjob said:

    Why is Koetter so bad in the run game? Is he just not talented enough to scheme a run game? Does he not care about it and is just neglecting it? 

    A lot of people don’t remember that when Koetter got here, Michael Turner had his first season under 1,000 since early in his career at San Diego. As a matter of fact, dude had over 500 YARDS LESS THAN HIS PREVIOUS SEASON. Turner went from 1,300+ averaging 4.5 to 800 yards and 3.6 ypc AND WAS CUT THE FOLLOWING YEAR.

    Koetter is %100 garbage in the run game.

  6. 20 hours ago, Knight of God said:

    Bro. If you throw the ball all game with no run, you get arm fatigue. They all age. We should look into a developmental player, but not at the expense of a defensive playmaker. We still have a chance.

    Run game, pass rush, secondary. Yes, you can do it all in one offseason. Dont listen to the bull.

    I want the run game/offense coordinator from Minnesota so bad. Not as a head coach but Gary Kubiack brings him wherever he goes and he turned Minnesota’s run game around INSTANTLY.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

    We cant run the ball, Ryan has no "get out of jail free" receiver, we only get a good pass rush when we blitz, the secondary is weak. 

    It doesnt look like we have a QB problem, he got us a lead. The run game and defense holds the lead. The defense need the run game and overall clock management. I dont think we have clock management plays.

    People don’t understand that the game being multifaceted means that the best teams execute a gameplan where each of their strengths complement each other. Falcons are a straight unbalanced football team. We pass to get the lead and we can’t run the ball effectively. Our defense is pretty solid but it seems like whenever the other team needs a big play they just crumble. Not only that; all that speed that we have on defense does not sustain for the entire game. We need some big guys that can hold up on the first and second level. The front office has to focus on balancing this team out in the offseason.

  8. I don’t care about anything about this team right now. If I’m a GM I’m sleeping in until the season over with and doing everything spontaneous. This team has played lackadaisical football all season, so I will match their energy and be lackadaisical GM and when the offseason gets here I’ll just get spontaneous and cut a guy hear, trade a guy there... This team don’t care so I won’t care. They are obviously into having a longer offseason to do whatever.



    11 minutes ago, NaGaBoy said:

    Even more than nepotism, I saw the "good ol' boy" network working in corporate America.  There were some real duds that got hired multiple times because someone put in the word.  I would not be surprised at all to discover that a similar network is in play in the NFL.

    I’m in a situation like that at my company now. Hire the people and promote the people best for the job to experience the most growth. But the CEO will never hire people on the same level of intellect or better. Ego, which I know a bunch of it is in the Falcons organization, has kept a lot of business from reaching their true potential.

  10. I don’t have a problem with this and what he said. No one should be fearful of hiring or bringing someone in. I’ve been in situations where I was the only minority in a group and even though it was professional, it was not fun. My co-workers experienced a level of comfort that I didn’t, so yes it should be more diverse to avoid that type of situation as much as possible but at the same time I wouldn’t want that to be the only component that factors into why we hire somebody. I feel like if someone is of high character they should factor into the recruiting process. I would actually trust someone like Warrick Dunn to bring people on board. 

  11. 9 hours ago, NWFALCON said:

    I watched some film with some guys. He’s missing open throws, holding onto the ball too long, and staring guys down. 

    There have been several open check downs that have been available but he misses them because he staring down on person. 

    I’m not sure if that’s on Koetter or if something is going on with Ryan. I’ll have to rewatch this game again see what’s going on. 

    This is exactly what is pissing me off. The tunnel vision that he has when creating out the pocket is ridiculous; it’s bad. It sucks because I know Matt is better than this.

    If you are not in the spot that he expects you to be in, he will look right past you than look for a player breaking off a route.

    Whenever this team comes across a a$$-clintching situation they $hit the bed EVERYTIME. 

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