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  1. No one should be upset if the players that are getting paid the most are dealing with scrutiny...

    When your team hasn't been to the playoffs in 3 years, this will happen.

    Losing is polarizing; Some fans will appreciate the star players more because they're the only ones performing. Some will point the fingers at them because they're getting paid the most but the team still isn't squeaking out enough wins. In either case, it makes for frustrating football when you feel your team has enough talent but isn't pulling out wins.


  2. 8 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

    If you think a football team is based on the production of two players you are sadly mistaken. Football is called the ultimate team sport for a reason 

    If the production isn't based off two players then why is a great bit of our cap room invested in 2-3 players? We pay the players that factors most into keeping our team competitive every year. Everyone is dumbfounded by why our team, with all this supposed "talent" is not competitive. People say the coaching, but to me there is something deeper going on with this team and the fact that we may not have enough cap room to find any fixes outside the draft limits what we can do. I just don't put 100% of the blame on these coaches; Our team may be straight up spoiled.

  3. I hear you OP but I will phrase this differently. 

    I love Julio and what he’s done for the franchise, but I think Atlanta has spoiled him. I honestly have never been over the fact that dude signed a high WR contract, then two years later said he wanted MORE money, only for him to struggle with injuries to the point where we just sat him because we’re not playoff bound. 

    This is where the problem kicks in for me. If we give you all this extra money/cap space in order for us to not be playoff bound, I am looking at you. I’m looking at all the top paid players and this is where the divide on who to keep comes in. We are paying Matt, Julio etc all this extra money and we are not playoff bound year in and year out. That is a problem; Players want money, fans want production and the players we’re paying the most are not holding up their end of the bargain.

  4. 2 hours ago, Abeasley27 said:

    I think we can all agree we need defense. Can someone please tell me how far away from a good defense are we really? And how hard would a switch to a 3-4 be with the current personnel. 

    We need a FS and one more elite d-line


    1 hour ago, Abeasley27 said:

    Who would be some of the guys you would be happy selecting in the first round and some sleepers you think we should draft

    Sewell... Man our offensive line would be the bees-knees

  5. I always felt that having a great WR could hurt a certain type of QB. That type of QB is Matt Ryan. They scheme to get every WR their touches/attempts. I felt Matt Ryan was at his best when he didn’t have to hone in or use tunnel vision. Julio is a great WR but to be honest I would rather have a Roddy White type and yea I STILL like Roddy more than Julio Jones. Dude showed up every game, no injuries and had phenomenal hands along with a competitive spirit. Julio may be the most talented but Roddy was the best and I miss dude. 

  6. The worst thing about this whole ordeal is that I know Raheem Morris will only be an ok head coach (edit: for the Falcons); one that isn’t good enough for the tail end of the Matt Ryan era. But he will be a great coach for another team...


    Everyone knows how Hindsight works on this message board.

  7. 25 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

    You know what, I know this will get me ******* at from the children in the room but Raheem is really, really growing on me. I know it probably won’t happen but if it does I wouldn’t be upset unless he retains Dirk

    When a coach holds players accountable, it leaks into the locker room and onto the field. I really want to find a way to get Wade Phillips as a coach on this roster but if worse come to worse we have Raheem I would be more than fine. I would actually want to find a way to keep him. 

  8. 53 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

    And from the interviews I've seen of him, he seems to be a totally different person now than he was prior. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but what I saw was he talked a lot about having a different perspective now than previously. 

    Again, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing in relation to football. 

    Man, that could be a good thing. My mother passed away August 10th and I miss her dearly; She was my best friend and hero. All I will say is I have a huge void in my life, but at the same time it has made me so much stronger and put everything into perspective. I appreciate people more, I love more, basically the best parts of me have been amplified because I just see life in a different way. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, ATLskinjob said:

    Man it makes me cringe when I see evidence of how badly Quinn messed up our offense. Trying to get Koetter to run a system he had no intention of running, and then drafting players for that WCO that would never happen was obviously catastrophic for this team.

    Why did they think Koetter was the guy? That hire honestly might be the biggest mistake Quinn and TD collectively made in their Atlanta tenure.

    What’s sad is they hired by default, when John Elway didn’t allow us to interview Kubiack. Front office didn’t want to wait so they hired Koetter.


    What a mistake that was.

  10. On 12/21/2020 at 11:31 AM, dapanch420 said:


    Nope put brady on this team and watch him struggle more than ryan.

    Tom Brady would be cursing out every one on this team. One thing that Brady has that Matt Ryan doesn’t is that accountability nerve, at least not on the level of Brady lol. Brady will straight tell you to “SHUT UP, I’M CALLING PLAYS!”

  11. 30 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

    I am so thankful for Younghoe Koo and then Matt Bryant before him and Jason Elam before him and all the great kickers the Falcons have had. I watch all these other teams and kickers missing kicks left and right and I don't have to worry about it. It's pretty automatic!!

    He’s going to be our kicker for a long time.

  12. 39 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

    Seattle is last in pass defense 

    And dude does not have an interception in his career.

    He is not a safety .  He is a linebacker playing 20 yards off.


    Killed it with that one. Everyone paying attention knows his play has fallen off this year but maybe it’s because he’s still figuring out his role/responsibility in that system. Needless to say I would be more impressed with INT’s than sacks. 

  13. It is not often I whip out my laptop to post on my favorite message board in the whole wide world. But, I want to convey as best as possible why the Rick Smith hire could be the first in a list of moves that will help Atlanta be competitive out the gate in 21-22, and also one of the front-runners in the (some may say pointless) "Off-Season Awards".


    When TD was fired the first person that came to my mind to fill his position was Rick Smith. The reason being, honestly, is that I'm still baffled as to why he was fired from Houston in the first place. He was the LAST thing wrong with that organization. Some of the notable picks under his tenure?

    JJ Watt

    Brian Cushing

    Deshaun Watson

    Ben Tate

    Duane Brown

    Deandre Hopkins

    Benardrick McKinney

    With his best pick up being Arian Foster, who was UNDRAFTED


    That is a darn good resume that goes multiple positions; Not just skill players ala TD. This is a GM who establishes a good relationship with coaches and has a good feel for drafting players that their scheme can get the most out of. The coaches play an important part too; Andy Reid has had great offenses in Philadelphia and KC for just about his entire tenure. That no doubt comes from being able to convey to the GM specifically the type of players that he wants for his scheme and the GM putting in place a staff necessary to get those players. Rick Smith has worked with some prolific coaches during his time in the NFL in which he was able to find adequate talent for. Here's a few that may be available at the end of the season...


    Gary Kubiack

    Wade Phillips

    Rick Dennison

    Greg Knapp... Oh wait he's still on our staff now 


    If we were to gather each of these coaches, all that leaves for us to question is, who will be the head coach? Gary Kubiack already stated he will not HC for health reasons... Outside of that, it would obviously have to be someone WCO-oriented; Which is fine because Matt Ryan is pretty much committed to that or some variation of that offense until the day he retires. But, if we're wanting a SB within the next 2-3 years, we HAVE to have Gary Kubiack as our offensive coordinator. I know a lot of people on the board would be against that, but look...

    If we're keeping Matt Ryan, we have a 2-3 year window to win a championship. DK is gone, and Matt Ryan is not learning a new offense, it's not happening. I understand that we want a coach that's offensive-minded and will be able to put together a competent offense BEYOND Matt Ryan's departure, but I do not agree with treating Matt Ryan's last two years as a "farewell tour".


    I want the goal for this organization to be Championship football every year.


    If we get Rick Smith, there is a possibility to land all 3 of these coaches, which will put us in position to win out the gate during the 21-22 season. Nothing of what I said is a revelation, but should be acknowledged for the people that want to win championships but may be in denial about what this team should do going forward. I just want to win. Keep in mind that this would not this will not disparage taking a QB with the top pick. To be honest that would be pretty good; I like Justin Fields as a possible QB of the future. But as long as we have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones taking up 90% of the cap, this organization should not only always be in pursuit, but should also be able to compete for championships. 

    The journey starts with the GM/Coaching Staff.

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