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  1. 1 hour ago, JDaveG said:

    I don't get this.  Arthur Smith has formulated some innovative passing techniques in Tennessee.  The fact that he doesn't use them for 70% of their offensive plays doesn't mean he's lacking in that area.

    People hear he's "run first" and "Mike Mularkey 2.0" (neither of which are really true) and think that means the dude can't come up with passing concepts.  If anything, he's a genius at formulating a cohesive offensive philosophy where the run and pass play off each other, and the blocking concepts, formation and motion set up the defense to be wrong more than they're right.

    I put “weakness” in quotations because I didn’t want someone taking me to a grave sight with a shovel and tell me to dig lol. I don’t watch a lot of Tennessee football but there were games where Tannahill didn’t have many passing attempts and still won. Not saying that Arthur sucks at coordinating passing attacks but if ever it got to the point to where we went pass heavy it would be good to have another mind that specializes in it. I’m all for it to be honest. People rag on the Bears passing attack but it feels like Arthur is doing his due diligence in putting a staff together and I like it.

  2. 42 minutes ago, FentayeJones said:


    This is excellent... Arthur won’t be able to get a top-tier mind at passing game coordinator but he’s obviously accommodating for what he considers a “weakness”. He knows he can challenge himself as far as passing game concepts but he will need an assistant that specializes in formulating passing attacks. This is good for Matt Ryan and our run game. Arthur wants balance.

  3. Both backs look like they have backup/change of pace talent... Even tho I would say Stevenson looks the better of the the two. He runs light on his feet to be over 225 pounds but I always judge an RB on if he can create a hole on the first level, his acceleration, and whether he can break away long TD runs on a consistent basis. Stevenson DEF checks those first two boxes; I love how he swivels his hips to turn corners on outside runs and how he explodes thru the hole on inside runs. He has the best potential to turn into a lead back.

  4. 22 minutes ago, ShmevinShmarris said:

    With Urban Meyer going to Jacksonville.. I’d assume Fields is the number one pick now.

    Theres a good chance Jets grab Devanta Smith imo

    Dolphins grab Sewell

    We grab Trevor with Hackett as our coach to pair with Julio and Ridley.


  5. 33 minutes ago, NorthGaBoy said:

    I have observed the same thing and I am concerned about this.  Tennessee always looks flat in the playoffs.

    They **** sure didn’t last year. They had no business making it that far in the playoffs. Also, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones would give him a few more options in the passing game. I couldn’t imagine how good our offense would be with a running back HALF as good as Derrick Henry.

  6. 1 minute ago, Macintez said:

    He’s committed to a balanced attack that will take pressure off of Ryan. It will lead us to also invest in a running back plus a good offensive line coach. Arthur’s scheme didn’t ask Tannhill to do much, but he always used play action to keep defenses off balanced which in turn made it a little easier surveying the field. Dominant run game helps everything.


  7. 26 minutes ago, Spts1 said:

    Yall not leaving me out of this Smith talk. I'm not being sarcastic ( I've made plenty of jokes about him in other threads about his reliance on Derrick Henry). In this tread, I wanna get a grip on exactly what it is about his scheme that people like? Is it the physicality of his offense? He does some read options. Their offense reminds me of Baltimore's but without the depth at running back Baltimore has.

    He’s committed to a balanced attack that will take pressure off of Ryan. It will lead us to also invest in a running back plus a good offensive line coach. Arthur’s scheme didn’t ask Tannhill to do much, but he always used play action to keep defenses off balanced which in turn made it a little easier surveying the field. Dominant run game helps everything.

  8. What hurts me with Matt is, if he didn't have a constant carousel of offensive coordinators using him to achieve a HC position, then his tenure here would've been great. Every coach that has walked thru Flowery Branch since him being drafted has failed this man. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and even Aaron Rodgers in his prime have had the benefit of familiarity when it came to coaches, not Matt Ryan. I'm not like a lot of the fans that want to keep accountability simple for the sake of being edgy or funny.


    Even the length of TD's tenure could be attributed to Matt Ryan being able to perform with incomplete teams. We've also seen what he's capable of with an ELITE offensive mind with Shanahan, a freaking MVP season. Matt Ryan has shown me just HOW MUCH the stars have to be aligned to win a championship, there is even more luck than I imagined but also competent leadership in every phase. There is only one Tom Brady... One

    Our expectations were entirely too high for Matt. Dude had the highest ambitions for this city; Gave everything, but like I said... Every coach that has come in and out of Flowery Branch since his tenure has failed him.

    Edit: Also, the parameters to which I judge a QB will be different in this way.

    I will no longer demand a QB to elevate his teams play. Teams that play complementary football make it the furthest, and I expect the next QB to have strengths and weaknesses. So, if the QB isn't playing great, I expect the run game and the defense to bail him out. If the run game isn't working, I expect the QB to help pick up some of the slack and make a few big plays. If neither is working, I want the defense to make a few stops/plays to get the team going momentum-wise. I will not expect a QB to elevate his game/have elite performances for the entire season because the entire team revolves around his play. Nope, I'll never do that foolishness again. I want to see TEAM football and while having a competent QB is apart of that team, I am not looking for us to have an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady like talent for us to compete. Team ball is championship ball.


    55 minutes ago, mtldirtybird said:

    what's your basis for this statement? Just wondering because they are friends

    This I didn’t know... I recant what I said. I would love to have Smith as a GM; He has picked a few of the best players of this generation in Watt and Hopkins. I know we have to do our due diligence but picking Joe Brady as an HC means looking beyond Matt Ryan’s tenure or pretty much giving up on being SB contenders. I could be wrong tho but man that would suck.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Jesus said:

    They have an offense to compliment their growing defense. 

    The offensive mind with the right DC who can get the most out of this defense would be great.

    Their run game is the greatest strength! It takes pressure off of Baker Mayfield and... Look all the teams in the playoffs have a solid run game. Balance is the key for teams trying to play football in January.

  11. 55 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

    Of all of the pairings that I am not excited about....this is at the top of the list.

    If it’s true then they aren’t even thinking about Matt Ryan and Co. we are two years away from a rebuild if we get this combo and the 2 years will be meaningless; They aren’t even trying to win a Super Bowl within the 2 year window with this combo.

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