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  1. We know no one can predict the future, but it doesn't stop certain sites like Walterfootball and NFL draft geek from trying. I actually like these mock draft sites though, but I'm getting the feeling these guys really don't want to see Clowney in ATL. It probably wouldn't bother me as much if they didn't mock Anthony Barr to the Falcons instead. I mean goodness, we run a mix of 4-3 and 3-4 (Before the Biermann injury) and that means our ends play with their hands in the dirt and standing up. I think Clowney is strong and athletic enough to do both but this isn't about what I think. What I know is that Barr is a project player like Dion Jordan, from the PAC-13...A conference I REALLY don't trust when it comes to defensive players. In fact the last player I liked from that conference was Haloti Ngata. The rest I just don't trust. The fact that mock sites continue to mock Barr to out team just makes my head explode lol

  2. If he stayed it would've been a slim chance of him producing similar stats simply because he would've been the only pass rushing threat...

    In Arizona he has Sam Acho, Calais Campbell, Darnell Dockett and Carlos Dansby to take pressure off him...He's a hybrid/situational pass rusher, not a full-time DE. He still had something left in the tank but he's now a role player at this stage of his career...

  3. Lol this thread.

    1. If you say Barr iis better than Clowned you lose all credibility.

    2. If you mention Barr as Von Miller 2.O, but don't know who Mack is, you lose all credibility

    This...Barr is no where NEAR polished than Clowney. Look at tape of this guy...Barr is another Dion Jordan. An athletic player with good measurables and that's it. Clowney has already developed 3-4 pass rush moves which is unheard of for a college prospect. He's 6'6 260 with 4.4 speed and hasn't filled out his frame yet. Dude is the Andrew Luck/Calvin Johnson of DE prospects.

  4. On his worst day he's better than Barr by a mile...Give me Clowney or trade down. Barr is fools gold and would be better for the Texans where he wouldn't have to be a star on the defense. Clowney already has the ability to be the star of the defense and would still be able to make plays with all the attention on him.

  5. If I'm Mike Smith, I'm throwing all caution to the wind. I'm leaving it up to the players to take care and protect themselves. In other words, there will be no holding back. As a matter of fact, before we even step out on the field for the first practice I would gather all the players for a meeting. I would tell them that they will have to caution themselves throughout the offseason and training camp. When the first game of the season comes, we will come out guns blazing. If you get injured, you get injured. We can't afford to hold anything back and while we won't be practicing at gamespeed, I will be critiquing my players with an absurd amount of detail as if we were in a game. Right now, we have a lot riding on this season, more than any other season that I've been here. Mr. Blank will not settle for losing in this organization. We need leaders to step up and help push their teammates by being more vocal and less laxed. We will do our job by making sure that we put you in a position where you can make a play and contribute to the success of this team. I say success because I'm not settling for a playoff spot or one or two wins...There's no point in playing this game if you're not in it for a championship. If we feel the product we put on the field is not championship caliber, we will make WHATEVER changes necessary to get to that level. So you guys better be analyzing yourselves and your play.

    I can go on but I'm tired...

  6. I said before that with all he's done for the franchise that he should stay at least another year. Now, I'm starting to think differently...

    I think that if Smith stays, there's a very strong chance that this team and staff collapses under the pressure.

    What pressure you say? The pressure of being a Super Bowl contender, the pressure of keeping Smith and TD in house. Right now, the battle against change has begun.

    Do you know how many player's jobs would be in jeopardy if a new regime were to come in and take over? Smith has been pretty loyal to a few players (DeCoud and Weatherspoon immediately comes to mind). The only players that would be safe are Jones, White, and Ryan and the two rookie CB's that I love to death...For everyone else it would be open season.

    Why do I think Smith should go? I think Smith has left it up to the players to motivate themselves. You could also blame TD for this. He's drafted a lot of worker ants and hardly any generals. No, I don't think Weatherspoon is a great leader but maybe my standards are a lil too high. Also, while I like that Smith is focused on the fundamentals... keeping the penalties low n' such, his approach to the game is so primitive. Smith also seems clueless as to how to build depth. The way he's handled Antone Smith lets me know this. He's trying to build a team around three players instead of building an actual team. The same thing is happening in Houston...depending too much on the production of 2-3 players. One player goes down and the ship sinks. Arthur Blank got rid of Dan Reeves for the same reason (Felt the team depended too much on the production of Vick). Injuries happen too frequently in today's league to depend on only 2-3 feature players, especially a feature back not named AP...This is not the 80's or the 90's. No player should be entitled to playing time because of what they've contributed in the past.

    Unless Dimitroff hits a homerun with most of his picks, I think the next year will be his and Smith's last. This is why I believe TD will trade down to get as many picks as possible (IF Clowney is gone). The window has closed and I don't think we'll hop back to Super Bowl contender with a bunch of rookies on the lines. I think we're about two, maybe 3 years away from being that competitive unless some kind of miracle happens.

    If the players really love Smith, they better be ready for the fight of their life for next year...This is the most critical post I've ever typed about the Falcons. It hurt to type, especially when I think about what Smith has done for this team.

    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst people...

  7. I see what you are saying, I felt the same. However I wanted to lose. I wanted to play well which we did and then get a FG kicked on us to end it.

    Winning is not what is best for this team at this point. Anyone who thinks it is has no idea what they are talking about. The future starts in May, if we don't win ourselves out of it first. Draft well. And be players in Free Agency we will be right back in the thick of it next year.

    I see what you're saying and feel the exact same way... don't wait until you're out of the playoff race to start winning games. It makes no sense at all. Now I'm not saying go out there and lose purposefully, but waiting until now to dig deep inside of yourself to put together a few wins is as pointless as staring at a brickwall waiting for a Picasso to fall out the sky.

  8. And dont talk about this word "Momentum" going into 2014. Quick History Lesson: 2012 Falcons came within 10 Yards of the SB. That was "Momentum" coming to 2013... How did that work out??

    There is no such crap as Momentum in the NFL, and especially concerning the Atlanta Falcons.

    The Falcons would not know what Momentum was if it sat there 10 yards away in front them and was a roll of toilet paper that needed to wipe their butts from the crap they just took.

  9. If we lose out we will be 2nd or 1st depending on if the Jags nab another Win somewhere. Therefor we would be able to take Clowney over them.

    If we lose out, the best the Texans will be able to do is a first or third pick. The second would be ours due to either you or the jags having three wins...If you get the first pick, there is no way they pass on Bridgewater. If you pick third, Clowney won't be there...Keep in mind this is just one of the many scenarios.

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