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  1. Things that go “Bump” in the night… Athell’s nose.
  2. Pump the breaks there kid… I do think he’ll be really good tho
  3. I think I still have his quote as my signature. I’m on mobile so I can’t see. It was one of his burner accounts lmao
  4. At least he got rid of those Mutton Chops… I thought he may have had a pint at a Black Sabbath concert the night before the game.
  5. Just say “Win a Super Bowl” and cut out the extra filler lol
  6. I agree… It’s only one way up after his first game as a rookie when he was scared to death. He’s mentally tough but it was definitely challenged after the Philly game but he’s coming along nicely. I think he’s going to be a **** of a guard in the future for us.
  7. We always missed on players in the trenches… Always. This why I wanted TD gone when Quinn got here. TD is good at drafting QB’s and skill positions but was not good in the trenches which is what you need to win football games. Dean Pees is the first real D Coordinator we got here and while he is still implementing his scheme, I know that he has his work cut out for him due to this tacky personnel group he has.
  8. Defense made some bone head plays… Straight up the reason we lost in my mind.
  9. I am convinced this dude is the OP using it as a burner account.
  10. Just don’t put him in man to man on 3rd and long situations and he should be fine lol
  11. He did it with a solid running game. Which is what we need.
  12. All I’m saying is be a little bit forgiving. Coaching in the NFL ain’t easy. I’ll tell you what I saw last game. It may be a little 4D Chess honestly. The offensive game-plan for the first 3 qts was the most vanilla that I’ve ever seen. The 4th was when AS pulled out a few tricks from under his sleeve. We were able to win the game. The horrible play calls on offense forced the defense to keep the team in the game, and everyone on this board agrees that the defense did a **** good job. AS and DP still have work to do, but what they did this past Sunday let’s me know they were frustrated with this team performing out of sync. It seemed like they went to the bread n butter on offense in the 4th but before that it seemed like AS was trying to call some plays that they KNEW the offense wasn’t familiar with to see how Matt Ryan and company would react. That was a lot of check downs for Matt, but I would take those over INT’s. Go to the film, see what they need to do, run some of those same plays next week and see if they improve. We will see an improvement in the offense next week.
  13. Do you not remember how terrible Shanahan’s offense was the first year here.
  14. This reminded me of when McCarthy’s offense in Green Bay was terrorizing defenses until Dan Quinn’s Cover 3 began eating up all those pass happy offenses. He almost retired Peyton Manning and got McCarthy fired. Then the entire league got Quinn fired.
  15. I think Mike Davis is starting caliber… But you need an offensive line and smart game planning to show that. Saquan Barkley to me is a supreme talent but he’s rotting in NY due to mismanagement.
  16. I think I’m about to skip overtime… I can’t handle another Qt of bad football lol
  17. This is some of the worst football I’ve ever seen. Good lord… I’ve seen better football between two division II schools.
  18. Yep, this is the most vanilla offense I’ve ever seen. Dumpoffs galore Matt Ryan has never checked down this much plus why are the not running the ball?
  19. This team looks very out of sync right now. I do not think the focus is there; Matt Ryan is late on his reads, looks hesitant. I don’t think we’re running the ball enough to be honest. I think we could get some big gains up the middle but is the passing game is looking this bad then they may start putting 8 in the box lol
  20. OP, I’d rather you just break us off wit’ a lil preview of the remix…
  21. I have never seen anyone survive so long off a body of work based on one season. I’m convinced he does it to get one game check then disappears to do more drugs.
  22. I will give Thomas Dimitroff this. I think his absolute greatest asset as a GM is that he knows how to draft Quality QB’s. Every QB he drafted for the roster was good for their role. Our back up QB’s were pretty good too. He just did not know how to size up offensive and defensive linemen well.
  23. Overpaying mediocre talent that catered to his ego of thinking he drafts quality players. Overly dependent on the talent of his QB. Not knowing how to draft players in the trenches.
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