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  1. I swear I saw Brady too... He has the mindset that he wants to master his offense and he MASTERED Dan Mullins’ offense. I think in a stable organization he’s a star. I would love to have him on our squad IF we can get him.
  2. I like running QB’s but only when they try to prioritize winning from the pocket first. I never been a fan of QB’s that ran EVERYTIME to pocket collapsed.
  3. Ben was pretty quick for his size. Ben’s best attribute was his ability to stand and sidestep rushers in the pocket to buy time. But yes, Trask’s mobility is underrated.
  4. Kyle Trask - Florida Gators I think this guy will be a steal. I also want to say that his name has been mentioned on this board before. I have and will continue to ALWAYS favor QB's with his skill-set; Cerebral assassins with great pocket presence and poise. His draft stock is considerably low because of his lack of mobility aka he's a statue in the pocket. To me? He's phenomenal manipulating the pocket, buying a lot of extra time for his WR's to get open. He reminds me of a young Matt Ryan, and if he's given the opportunity to sit and develop behind Matt? I
  5. Dude imagine Julio getting his hands on this dude and teaching him to run routes? If Julio can groom him as a route runner he could become an elite receiving TE early in his career.
  6. I was, until I spoke with Peyton’s forehead and tempered my expectations.
  7. I don’t why OP would get so upset at... Look, all I will say is this... OP and a LOT of other people on here undervalue the TE position and that’s fine. But, Kyle Pitts is potentially the Megatron of TE’s as a prospect; A once in a generation freak that if paired with a Matt Ryan? Won’t fail, and even beyond Matt Ryan, ensures that we will have a weapon that ALL ANALYSTS AND COORDS CONSIDER A SAFTEY BLANKET FOR young QB’s. This isn’t the last draft to get a QB like Fields or someone that would be undoubtedly better in the next draft. But you may not see a TE like Pitts for a l
  8. I love High Football too. If Dey draft Fields at fo’ den Dey REALLY love High Football fa sho’.
  9. Trub is a guy I followed closely because I thought his skill set would translate well to the NFL but he is about horrible at making reads/processing information before AND after the ball is snapped. He is not even equipped to be a backup he is like a “spell” QB that should come in for a few snaps only AFTER the backup is injured.
  10. I got a bottle of Don C waiting on him. The “C” is for cut.
  11. If it wasn’t for Lombardi’s last name that guy would be worthless lmao.
  12. I don’t think he’ll get anything close to his pops... Sr. is one of the best ball hawks ever. He should be HOF caliber on his ball skills alone.
  13. This isn’t too bold, because honestly it would be the logical pick. I worry about his short arms tho; recent history says that he will struggle to anchor against bull rushers because of his arms like Jake Matthews and Jonah Williams in Cincy. I would love to have an all-pro caliber tackle because that would add a year or two to Matt Ryan’s career. We must fortify the trenches if we are to do anything going forward.
  14. Crazy how I thought Jimmy would be “Richard Sherman” before Richard Sherman... Skill-Set was off the charts. I have no clue why he never developed...
  15. Ito Smith is one of the best between the tackle RB’s I’ve honestly seen in a while. He shifts and finds holes that neither Gurley nor Brian Hill see. People so obsessed with Hill’s effort they don’t see who’s the most talented of the two and what upsets me is that due to some type of vanity about size (Ito is a smaller back) they would rather Gurley and Hill get all the carries when Ito has made something out of nothing more times than Hill and Gurley.
  16. I felt if we had Wade Phillips as D Coordinator the we could’ve had a real shot. But honestly he may wait till closer to training camp to sign with a team.
  17. I know right? Look at it this way, if Trevor Lawrence kills it? There is no way the Jags will trade the number 1 pick. It would take literal Football Jesus coming out of his tomb with Brett Farve’s Arm, Peyton Manning’s brain, Mike Vick’s scramble ability along with Cam Newton’s size/measurables declaring for the draft to not take Lawrence number one. Even then, Jets would take him number two lmao.
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