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  1. I do... I didn’t believe it for one second lol
  2. This just needs to happen... I am typically in favor of keeping staff around for two reasons. 1. Continuity 2. Development (For both players and coaches) But Kubiak throwing himself in the mix of OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR would be a dream come true for us because if he wanted to be a head coach he would be a TOP candidate but is submitting himself to a lesser role. Quinn really wants an offensive coordinator that he doesn’t have to worry about for the sake of him being fully hands on with the defense. Him having to constantly answer questions about the offensive is something that he is not used to. As much as I like Sark, I think he would be better served learning under Kubiak. TD needs to make this move, I understand being loyal to people but he loyal to winning.
  3. Thank God... Now I KNOW this ain’t true
  4. This does not need to happen... We are continuing to waste Matt Ryan’s prime, seriously. This needs to be just a rumor because all these switching of coaches like the next one that comes in is going to make an immediate impact is just ridiculous and we will never win any got **** thing without cohesiveness on the coaching staff. KEEP THEM. I’m serious if they fire both these coaches we will not win a Super Bowl during Matt Ryan’s tenure. It would suck the freakin’ life out of me as a fan.
  5. Sark is not the reason the offense failed. The piss-poor offensive line is the reason. No offensive coordinator, no QB, no skill-player, no system will thrive without an offensive line. It is a must have for any team to succeed. What coordinator can thrive in spite of that? Now there are special coordinators that are hands on with the blocking scheme like Shanahan and Kubiak and even McCarthy but honestly I thought our offense line sucked for the last 4 years... We can’t run the ball when it counts, which I absolutely HATE! Has anyone noticed that we have to use the threat of the pass game to open the run game? That is backwardsass football. Build these trenches, give the QB+skill-players another year, and let’s establish some type of cohesiveness for the sake of being able to win in the future. Sark has made some bass-awkward playcalls but if the o-line can’t hold a block for more than 2 secs what good is a different coordinator going to do? NOT A **** THANG!!!!
  6. Todd Haley would be absolutely horrible as an OC. He experienced a lot of success in Pitt and they STILL got rid of him because of how much of an *** he is.
  7. Matt Ryan has no problem playing till 40 but his arm may not make it to 35.
  8. Keep him... He wants to be here. Let him bring that ATL attitude to the Falcons because these country GA boys not getting it done.
  9. Took 13 weeks and a 5 game skid to come to that conclusion tho.
  10. No sir no thank you. Most of the plays made is due to the natural talent of Mahomes. That will not work for a Matt Ryan type who is simply not a run and gunner.
  11. Sark factors into it as far as preparation although I wholeheartedly agree that the offensive line sucks and if we can’t win the trenches we can’t win games. I’ve noticed that the O-line has sucked for the last couple of years and honestly even our Super Bowl year but Matt Ryan, Alex Mack and Shanny masked a lot of those deficiencies. I think Sark is a great coordinator to be honest but may be in a little over his head solely due to our terrible offensive line. We can’t run the ball which makes us one-dimensional and I so desperately want us to be able to run the ball consistently. We haven’t been able to do that, in my mind, since the Mike Turner era. That was the last time we honestly had a SOLID O-line.
  12. Quinn’s feel for the game defensively is incredible. He is seriously one of THE best out there. He’s trying to give these coaches the opportunity to develop their own feel that way he can focus on the nuances that he needs to focus on as a HEAD COACH (Time management, personnel, overall game planning and preparation). Quinn is a head coach and a borderline great one but he is only as good as his staff and if you don’t have the right staff then you need to make some decisions. He’s trying to develop his own coaching tree since the way he schemes isn’t popular. He’s like one of the only coaches who has his own unique way of defensive scheming that isn’t as simple as a 3-4 or 4-3 plug and play type.
  13. When he is let go? All the players will lose their comfort level as far as how they’re performing right now. No players on our team are nervous or anything. We need to establish new guidelines for players who want to play for the Falcons because the current ones are not working.
  14. They are; They’re talking about the showtime Lakers now. But staying on topic. I appreciate Dimitroff for all the good he’s done but I hate how... Either due to coaching or draft picks or scheme or whatever, that we haven’t had a competent offensive line since 2010. I hate how now we have some of the best skill players in the league but our lack of offensive line talent had hindered us incapable of using said talent and no one can deny that I don’t care how diehard of a fan they are. As far as who to point the finger at, I have to point the finger at Dimitroff cause I can’t recall a single memorable OL outside of Matthews and Ryan that have been even a quarter decent. It’s turrible lol
  15. Thomas Dimitroff has been a problem due to his inability to draft in the trenches period. If it wasn’t for Quinn establishing a guideline for drafting defensive players then TD would have no success drafting players. I still feel Vic Beasley was a TD choice and not a Quinn choice.
  16. It would take a Justin Smith-like DE for Vic to prevail in that scheme.
  17. Game ain’t over keep watching and witness greatness
  18. I’ll argue until my death that Dan Reeves did not deserve to be fired that year. I’m still pissed at Blank. Dan had just hired Wade Phillips and was about to put together something special.