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  1. What hurts me with Matt is, if he didn't have a constant carousel of offensive coordinators using him to achieve a HC position, then his tenure here would've been great. Every coach that has walked thru Flowery Branch since him being drafted has failed this man. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and even Aaron Rodgers in his prime have had the benefit of familiarity when it came to coaches, not Matt Ryan. I'm not like a lot of the fans that want to keep accountability simple for the sake of being edgy or funny. Even the length of TD's tenure could be attributed to Matt Ryan being able to perfo
  2. This I didn’t know... I recant what I said. I would love to have Smith as a GM; He has picked a few of the best players of this generation in Watt and Hopkins. I know we have to do our due diligence but picking Joe Brady as an HC means looking beyond Matt Ryan’s tenure or pretty much giving up on being SB contenders. I could be wrong tho but man that would suck.
  3. I typically HATE this type of reply that I’m about to post, but I have to do it.... OP, you lost me with TE as the first pick.
  4. Their run game is the greatest strength! It takes pressure off of Baker Mayfield and... Look all the teams in the playoffs have a solid run game. Balance is the key for teams trying to play football in January.
  5. If it’s true then they aren’t even thinking about Matt Ryan and Co. we are two years away from a rebuild if we get this combo and the 2 years will be meaningless; They aren’t even trying to win a Super Bowl within the 2 year window with this combo.
  6. Baltimore wanted revenge too; Let’s not forget Tenn embarrassed the mess out of them last year.
  7. I would too, he would have control over picking entire staff; Kansas City Northeast lol
  8. With some of these coordinators, I will never underestimate the talent of their QB while assessing their coaching ability. Allen Mahomes Big Ben Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady I will not let their coordinator ride their coattails to a head coach position. As a matter of fact I critique them even harder.
  9. Man, Rod Coleman is my favorite DT to have played for the Falcons. Dude was just phenomenal; It was like we had a prime Warren Sapp on our squad. I can’t even imagine how many championships we would have if Matt Ryan had those defenses. Beast of a defense, especially when we had Lawyer Milloy who was a super intelligent safety and run defender.
  10. I want to take this message, put it in a time machine, and deliver it to the owners’ from 50 years ago.
  11. How a coach treats players does NOT matter as much as how you USE them. There have been a variety of different types of coaches to win a Super Bowl and it had nothing to do with how you treat the players and everything to do with knowing how to gather and use talent. Everything else is a side note in the orchestra of coaching great football teams.
  12. This is a nice WR class; Hopefully the Jets and Miami get thirsty for one lol
  13. It’s great that you bring Wilson up because him and Big Ben had a play style that transcends scheme because they were impossible to sack. When you can buy time in the pocket for your WR to get open they could have success anywhere.
  14. I remember when they were talking about him then and dude has walked the walk allllll the way to the freaking pros... Dude is special. Andrew Luck was special too; When a dude is just mentally built different you can see it on every level.
  15. Under no circumstances, none... And I mean NONE! Will Trevor fall past the Jags. People don’t understand how this will not happen it’s no point in even talking about it. Trevor with the right OC will be a star tho. I honestly look at him as the QB equivalent of a LeBron and I know that’s saying a lot but dude mentally is exactly where he needs to be to succeed on the next level.
  16. Boy!!!!! Man I know teams would give up their entire draft to get Lawrence... Multiple! For the next 3 years lol
  17. People said Jameis had the best skill set of any QB in years and we see how that turned out lol. Andy Reid has shown us with McNabb and Maholmes that a QB’s success is determined by whether a HC can develop them so with that being said I always felt like the OC or offensive minded HC is the best predicator of whether a QB will succeed or not.
  18. I need all 22 to judge them accurately... You have to judge by range and how they work in concert with DB’s...
  19. Thank you, RT’s are better run than pass blockers. This is why Warren Sapp argued against Michael Strahan being in the HOF over Simeon Rice who went up against LT’s his whole career with similar results. If McGary was a top notch pass blocker he would’ve been drafted as a LT and making more money lol.
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