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  1. Kaleb will be a star right tackle, mark it down. I can’t go into detail about the staff and techniques that UW teaches when it comes to blocking but yeah he will be really good.
  2. This is exactly where I’m going. If he knows the pick then the guy isn’t on anyone’s radar in the first 13 picks... Which means he MAY be a “reach” but if they’re a plug and play type guy then I can’t disagree unless dude sucks.
  3. That game vs. Florida State was sickening too.
  4. When we’ve talked defensive player options in regards to the NFL draft, everyone has brought up defensive tackle in the first round. To me, there are only 2 DT’s that could make an immediate impact on our defense day 1. Quinnen Williams Ed Oliver Both will be gone by the time it gets to #14. Which leaves us with 3 options. Reach for a defensive lineman (Yes, all other defensive linemen options will be a reach in the first round), take an offensive lineman, or trade down. I will definitely be fine with the latter two ONLY if the front office makes it up to us by picking up this player in the draft. Jachai Polite I’ve watched film... Dude has first round-grade talent. But a lot of pundents are saying “But the attitude and piss-poor combine and football IQ”. All smoke... The dude is a competitor and a football player. Combine that with the fastest first step I’ve seen in a while and dude is THE best pure pass rusher in the draft and it’s not even close. I honestly think he screwed himself in the combine on purpose because he actually plays to the measurables Vic Beasley posted in the combine. As a matter of fact, if we pick him, I think he’ll be everything Vic was supposed to be for us and could make an impact day 1. People talk about him falling to the 3rd round.... He absolutely will not lmao mark my words. I would be chomping at the bit if he fell to the late second round. The best chance we would have at getting him will be to trade down. He fits the Dan Quinn mold for sure. I hope we could get him some kind of way. In the right system he could be an absolute pass rushing monster.
  5. I wouldn’t take a first round pick on him and I would strongly debate using our only second rounder. But if we could trade down and get multiple second rounders I would take him in a heartbeat with the earliest 2nd round pick that we have. His first step is seriously something else and he actually does a good job of peeping alignments and pass protections so he’s not a dumb pass rusher he actually rushes with an IQ man I like this dude for our defense.
  6. I’m not saying he did screw himself on purpose but it’s in the realm of possibility and it’s not unprecedented (Priest Holmes). But maybe that’s a lil too conspiracy-like. In any case, I think he will be a star pass rusher; he’s further along than Takk and especially Vic was coming into the draft. Is first-step is his blue chip element that really separates him, he is incredibly special in that regard and in a defense like Quinn’s it will help him make an immediate impact. He seriously reminds me of Dwight Freeney, watch his Florida State tape it’s really good.
  7. It’s either Offensive/Defensive lineman or bust with the first pick. Greedy Williams may fall but I don’t know if he’s worth that high of a pick.
  8. That is one thing that I wish coaches would do more of. If the season is lost get some young guys as much experience as possible. Let them take their lumps then and they’ll have a better perspective of how to prepare for game day.
  9. I’ll have to watch more film on him but I’m still not feeling Oliver due to stature and lack of strength.
  10. Vic Beasley simply doesn’t know how to prepare himself as a pass rusher and as a defensive player. This dude went to a pass rushing summit with the best pass rushers in the league and has Von Miller’s and Khalil Mack’s phone number and still hasn’t developed? I’m sorry but I can’t attribute his lack of development to lack of a veteran presence. To me he is a scarecrow of a defensive player; Has the physical tools but no brain to apply what he’s been taught. It is not easy being a pass rusher and I don’t think they will ever get it, at least not in Atlanta.
  11. My prediction is that we start of very hot for about the first 6 weeks and then it will transition into the defense carrying us the rest of the season. We will be up and down in the middle of the season but hopefully defense will pick up the slack. Julio and Matt will have amazing chemistry but I’m hoping that Dirk Kotter will be able to utilize all the weapons.
  12. Dude dominated in the college and pros. I got misty-eyed when I read he left college early because his mother was on dialysis and she died in 2006. Man that had to be painful.
  13. First of all, da boi can’t throw worth a **** lick so gettin a lineman gon have about as much worth as a peanut butter sandwich in the desert. If he can’t get rid of the ball in dem 2.5 seconds den it ain’t worth having him. Brady and all dem other fools get rid of the ball in .05 as a matter of fact as soon as Brees puts his hands on the center’s as*s* that thang bout past 50 yards in Mike Thomas hands carrying dat football turd in da end zone touchdown you a fool if you can’t see it trade Matt trade Julio for a pot of gumbo and some chicken livers and get som new folks that can do somthin!!!
  14. 0 Super Bowls between the both of them. That’s the point of this post.
  16. All I know... Is 2.5 seconds
  17. No I’m a Falcons fan but the original 2.5 thread gave me a laughing fit so bad I was in tears lol
  18. You heard what the man said!!! 2.5 seconds foo and he mean it!
  19. I was waiting of a video of another back we could draft annnnnnnnddddddd nothing. Quit wastin’ mah time boi!!!
  20. It happened with my Saftey in Madden 2006
  21. Happy B-day... You Cocka-roach
  22. If I didn’t watch the Falcons I wouldn’t watch football. It’s really the love of my city that drives my support of the Falcons and if we didn’t have them I wouldn’t be as passionate a football fan as I am now.
  23. Matt wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of accountability if the offense failed lol
  24. That ending lol