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  1. You’re a fan of the DE from LSU? I really don’t know about these underweight speed rushers anymore. I mean he has the length and height but we need full-time starter potential not a situational pass rusher. All we have on our squad is situational players. Drives me crazy.
  2. I’m done dude I’m sorry. These threads are absurd each and every time posted.
  3. If I learned anything with Khalil Mack, it’s that the once in a generation defensive player that is perfect for our defense will be gone one pick before ours lol. I’m not even getting our hopes up that we get him. He would be a perfect versatile piece inside and out.
  4. The only way I’ll really be able to like them is if black is the dominant color with dashes of red like the 90’s. That color way was sick man.
  5. They won’t have another year to develop sorry. Get impact players that can contribute now for their tenure is over in Atlanta.
  6. Well people associate loss margins with lack of talent but from what you’ve posted ours haven’t been too far outside the norm. As far as if they piss the bed again, which will lead to a new regime, I know it will lead to us moving on from Matt Ryan. If there is one thing that has amazed me about Matt, it is his competitive spirit. That man absolutely will not give up and he comes optimistic and ready to play every season. I want this man to get a ring for Atlanta, in Atlanta badly. But, even the most devoted fan by himself can’t will a team to a Super Bowl win. If there is any thing that gives me hope, it’s that Elway won 2 Super Bowls at 37 and 38 and Matt is only 34. I just don’t know if he and the organization can handle another regime change and keep him.
  7. Ya boi... I gotta be honest. It’s going to take a miracle of a draft and scheme adjustment to get this team to perform next year. I will watch every game as a fan does every season, and tides can change every year, but I don’t think Quinn and TD can pull this off. I don’t know why I’m opening up to you on this team lol but man I don’t know what it will take anymore. I’ve seen this regime play with skill, with heart, with effort, with talent... But never in one season, because if we did we would have won it all with Matt Ryan. I just don’t know no more.
  8. Naw they’ll be dope and black I bet. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I have never liked those jerseys ever.... EVER.
  9. Man you guys get so creative with the punchlines/jokes lmao
  10. - Tennessee Titans
  11. I honestly wanted him in the draft. He should’ve been a top 10 pick, I’m serious and not even in hindsight I knew he would eventually be the best back in the league and I feel that he’ll be the next 2,000 rusher.
  12. Screw that get us another DT to put next to Grady Jarrett.
  13. 2016 was like the 2nd time in Matt Ryan’s entire Falcons tenure that we weren’t “one and done” in the playoffs. Also, playoff run, in my interpretation, means Super Bowl bound. If we had been solid in the trenches, we would have a few rings. We will not make a championship run unless we have a supreme minded WCO coordinator or a formidable offense line where we can control the tempo of the game by being able to run the ball.
  14. He gets a lot of hate because because he has not been held accountable for NOT building the trenches on BOTH sides of the ball. I don’t see us making any playoff runs unless we become formidable in the front lines and it hasn’t happened his entire tenure.
  15. I think we both touched on briefly on how little since it makes to fire Quinn now. The man is a head coach and the players have fought extremely hard for him. They have to come out on fire next year.
  16. Reggie McKenzie is NOT the move sir. At all.
  17. I remember the comments you said basically not being for firing Sark and I co-sign. I think our offense would’ve been excellent had we kept him he was really starting to develop a rhythm towards the end of his tenure and he knew how to use all 3 WR’s. Dysfunctional organizations make dysfunctional decisions.
  18. Past trade deadline dude...
  19. I’m such a fool for the Falcons man...
  20. Well’a Sop Dip Doppa De Chop to you too man!!
  21. I’ve dedicated entire threads to Beasley even after his 15 sack season. I knew it was a fluke then. Everyone was making excuses for him “playing out of position” and I’m like, they wouldn’t play him out of position if he knew how to RUSH THE PASSER!!!
  22. As it shoullllldddd be.
  23. Clean the house man. I want all of them gone. Get the plunger so we can make sure it’s flushed.
  24. Us letting go of Vic will put a chip on his shoulder so if he succeeds elsewhere I would not care AT ALL. Him being traded would be the first reality check for him since being in the NFL. I am absolutely convinced that Beasley will not succeed here under any circumstances and it will probably take him being traded for that light switch to flip.
  25. This is an amazing read... One of the best posts this year to me. I knew the 2nd and 3rd levels were really struggling. This puts everything into perspective. I really feel like we should invest in Dan Quinn long term but I don’t know if this fan base can handle it. Dan has drafted some good defensive pieces and has been able to get the most out of a few of them but he needs a longer tenure to mold it to what he see fits. TD in my opinion has need to go but they may end up being a package deal.