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  1. I don’t think it’s the race card being played. The highlighted difference is... Peyton had a running game, while Winston did not have a running game. Expectations were too high for him, hard to meet if you’re not honest with yourself about what is needed to succeed. You need a running game!
  2. I can not see that boy falling past Jacksonville... ****, even Detroit may take him. Could go as high as the Giants as them boys have a MESS of holes all over the team.
  3. The visual for this is amazing and hilarious.
  4. They will definitely be there at our pick and having two explosive elite LB’s would do wonders for our 2nd Level. We already resigned Allen Bailey and I feel like we have a good bit of money invested on the first level and I think we have a good bit of young talent on the 2nd so how about Kenneth Murray? I know he’ll be there at 16...
  5. We probably would if they were serviceable. Seahawks had two pro bowl Caliber LB’s when Quinn was there and their defense was pretty good with them both.
  6. Ed Reed wasn’t elite at 24? To add onto that. How many top 10 picks have been straight up busts? How quick we forget Vic lol
  7. The analysis of Henderson is what made me create this thread. Dude have cover skills but won’t tackle. Maybe it was to protect himself and draft stock but I don’t know. If he had Deion Sanders cover ability I would allow it. He does have blazing athleticism and cover skills but I just don’t know. Mental makeup and scheme fit would matter tremendously in his evaluation. If he ain’t it, we can jump on an amazing Will-LB in Murray.
  8. Right. Trent is the best LT in the NFL with crap QB play. You think that guy wants a prove it deal? Besides we already have Jake Matthews. Also, where in the **** would we put him on the O-Line?!
  9. This is the saddest thing I ever saw.
  10. Super Bowl or Bust
  11. Man, Gurlie to Atlantie Hahahhahahshshshshahshshshshshshhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahaahahhahahs. No...
  12. Jonathan Taylor would be nice for this offense. We have needed to control the clock for the longest but you can not do that with an RB. Matt Ryan is at his best with play action so I think it’s time for a real feature back.
  13. We haven’t had a consistent run game since Turner. I don’t even count the Super Bowl season. We need a 1,200 yard rusher. Forget that total yards from scrimmage crap get a back that can can run between the tackles.
  14. We resigned a pretty good DT in Tyler Davidson and signed Dante Fowler and we already have Grady Jarrett and Takk who we are still banking on. Now if they got another DL I wouldn’t be mad at all. But they may try to hit a home run with an RB and I would’nt be mad at that either.
  15. Ito needs to work on pass protecting. I don’t think he has the durability and stamina to handle a full work load but he is an excellent change of pace back with the best vision out of all the RBs on the roster and that included Freeman.
  16. You a fooooool if you think the 49ers AINT gonna get a WR in the first lol
  17. Thank you for clearing that up. I’m like hold up wat?!?!
  18. “Last year, Carson Wentz became the first quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards without a 500-yard wide receiver“ The heck with everything else that is amazing lmao
  19. Uhhh I don’t know if he’s underrated. If Panthers get him he’ll probably beast they already got LSU’s Offensive Coordinator.
  20. Bruh let me tell you about that weekend traffic in Buford ONLY AT THE MALL OF GA! It is a cluster-**** of misery.
  21. People put too much stock into combine performance and it pushes up a great athlete’s stock while the sometimes a better football player will fall to us. I feel like the evaluators who don’t put much stock into combines will do better when it comes to the draft. In other words, the tape don’t lie. I wish Khalil Mack would’ve ran a 4.80 40... I swear he would’ve feel right to the Falcons if he did lol.
  22. Combine doesn’t mean crap when it comes to prospects but I love it because ppl put too much stock into it and it’ll cause a great FOOTBALL PLAYER to fall due to a GREAT ATHLETE being picked.
  23. You’re a fan of the DE from LSU? I really don’t know about these underweight speed rushers anymore. I mean he has the length and height but we need full-time starter potential not a situational pass rusher. All we have on our squad is situational players. Drives me crazy.
  24. I’m done dude I’m sorry. These threads are absurd each and every time posted.
  25. If I learned anything with Khalil Mack, it’s that the once in a generation defensive player that is perfect for our defense will be gone one pick before ours lol. I’m not even getting our hopes up that we get him. He would be a perfect versatile piece inside and out.