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  1. Reggie McKenzie is NOT the move sir. At all.
  2. I remember the comments you said basically not being for firing Sark and I co-sign. I think our offense would’ve been excellent had we kept him he was really starting to develop a rhythm towards the end of his tenure and he knew how to use all 3 WR’s. Dysfunctional organizations make dysfunctional decisions.
  3. Past trade deadline dude...
  4. I’m such a fool for the Falcons man...
  5. The fact that I could visualize him failing here hurts my feelings.
  6. I felt like a player with the skill and mindset of a Khalil Mack would be the only type to make it here. Anyone with a steep development curve will not make it in Atlanta. They just won’t.
  7. Well’a Sop Dip Doppa De Chop to you too man!!
  8. I’ve dedicated entire threads to Beasley even after his 15 sack season. I knew it was a fluke then. Everyone was making excuses for him “playing out of position” and I’m like, they wouldn’t play him out of position if he knew how to RUSH THE PASSER!!!
  9. As it shoullllldddd be.
  10. Clean the house man. I want all of them gone. Get the plunger so we can make sure it’s flushed.
  11. Us letting go of Vic will put a chip on his shoulder so if he succeeds elsewhere I would not care AT ALL. Him being traded would be the first reality check for him since being in the NFL. I am absolutely convinced that Beasley will not succeed here under any circumstances and it will probably take him being traded for that light switch to flip.
  12. This is an amazing read... One of the best posts this year to me. I knew the 2nd and 3rd levels were really struggling. This puts everything into perspective. I really feel like we should invest in Dan Quinn long term but I don’t know if this fan base can handle it. Dan has drafted some good defensive pieces and has been able to get the most out of a few of them but he needs a longer tenure to mold it to what he see fits. TD in my opinion has need to go but they may end up being a package deal.
  13. All I will say is that Marquand Manuel was the DB coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator. When I look at all-22 all I see is the DB’s are lost as h*ll when the ball is immediately snapped. He followed Quinn to Atlanta from Seattle; Pass rush isn’t the problem in my eyes but if you got QB’s like Mariota and Murray nickel, dimeing, and quartering you in the secondary then there lies the problem. I honestly believe the poor play in the secondary is crippling the 1st and 2nd levels of the defense and we should’ve never let Manuel go.
  14. This game was horrible officiated.
  15. I gotta roll with Kubiak, he’d help Matt Ryan’s game tremendously.
  16. I knew we should’ve kept Sark but people getting impatient with the offense. Dude at least knew how to use all 3 WR.
  17. I smell I new board meme...
  18. Us Falcon fans have dealt with 4 weeks of inconsistent football. We’ve dealt with an entire off-season of watching the front office scramble around to get deals done, locking in our most important players. We’ve dealt with days of players and coaches pointing fingers trying to figure out what’s going on. Now it is time for us to shut up and let this team, this organization answer the question of who the real Atlanta Falcons are, because from reading the boards everyday, I don’t think any one in this motherf***er knows. I don’t even mean that as a slight; We are genuinely confused as to who the Falcons are after an entire off-season of promise. Now, we know what some fans want to believe; This team from top to bottom, outside of Julio, Deion, and Jarrett is straight garbage. I’ve been defending this squad the entire season and my good friend (who happens to operations manager at my company and season ticket holder) basically said “Shut up, no more talking for them, they need to talk for us”. She is right. My optimism has been subsided for the rest of this season. Everyone in here knows that this team hasn’t played a complete game of football in 3 years. As fans? What the **** are we supposed to do with that? We have been waiting 3 lonnngg years to see this team perform with peak promise. It needs to... Wait, you know what? No...It BETTER happen this Sunday or this season will be pretty much over. I just purchase a Matt Ryan jersey not long ago and wore it to work every Friday, expect this past one. Falcons need to show me they’re worthy of support on THAT level. So, one more time, will the REAL Atlanta Falcons please stand up!?!?!
  19. I would almost say we’re a classy “low tier” team. Seriously, it is the class of Arthur Blank that’s keeping this team in the know.
  20. Boy I read your previous comments and you like a low-key Swift bruh lmao.
  21. You’ve taken it the wrong way. Team is losing, not playing good football. TD went thru heck to pay all our key figures what they deserve and we’ve started the season horribly. Not what you expect when you pay all top performers to perform and they haven’t showed up yet. Nothing to do with anything else.
  22. Absolutely correct. The routes take too long to develop.
  23. You’re right. Man that succckkkss.
  24. Quinn is a head coach, and for a moment, he did turn it around. But, Shanahan took a lot of pressure off of him; all he had to do was focus on the defense. Quinn not having a solid offensive coordinator since Shanahan’s departure has left him accountable for all the teams’ shortcomings because he’s pretty much responsible for the hires. I don’t think the season is over yet, but this was the most uninspired performance of Dan Quinn’s tenure. They looked soulless... I tried to let it go, but I am still extremely upset that the Falcons did not do whatever they could to get Gary Kubiak here; it was the perfect dynamic that Quinn was looking for as far as being co-head coaches with Super Bowl experience. All-in-all, there is something seriously wrong with the Falcons. We’ve made far too many investments this offseason to turnover and die this early.
  25. I really wanted to blame Kazee on that one. I felt he should’ve had the instincts to peel off and catch that TE since there were a ton of Falcons covering the middle of the field. Hindsight 20-20 but I feel like whatever was called? Just “break” the play and go find that dude.