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  1. I haven’t even watched film. In today’s game I am not obsessed with athleticism anymore, I’m just not. Football IQ and technique are prioritized when it comes to draft picks, the lower we pick, the more I prioritize the love of football and the mental capacity to learn and adapt.
  2. Kenneth Murray, 6-2/243 Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Kenneth Murray Scouting Report By Charlie Campbell Strengths: Sideline-to-sideline speed Tough run defender Good tackler Hard hitter Very physical Quick Diagnosis skills Read-and-react skills Fits a 4-3 or 3-4 defense Always around the ball Quick to the flat Closing speed Rangy Advanced pass-coverage linebacker Can help cover against tight ends and running backs Can drop into zone coverage Good instincts Dangerous edge rusher Ability to bend Ability to dip Has the speed to turn the corner Asset to spy mobile quarterbacks Strong, thick build Durable Leader Hard worker Athletic upside Upside; continues to improve Weaknesses: Good instincts, but not great Can be overly aggressive at times Could have some medical concerns Summary: Over the past three seasons, Murraywas one of the most consistent and effective linebackers in college football. He was right up there with recent top-10 picks Devin White and Roquan Smith in terms of production, skill set, and leadership on their defense. Murray didn't receive the same media acclaim as those two did at LSU and Georgia respectively, but NFL teams hold Murray in similar regard to those two star linebackers. Murray was a reliable tackler for the Sooners in his freshman season when he had a solid debut with 78 stops. As a sophomore, he exploded with 155 tackles and was all over the field for Oklahoma. In 2019, Murray had 102 tackles with four sacks and four passes batted. Murray is the complete package as a linebacker and a future three-down starter. He has good, not great, instincts but is quick to read his keys to get in position to make plays. For a big and thick linebacker, Murray has surprising speed to get to the perimeter and he eats up space in a hurry. Murray has good length and weight to him as well, so that gives him the versatility to play any linebacker position in a 4-3. Team sources say Murray can really run and is a flexible linebacker who should excel as a Mike - middle - or outside linebacker. In the ground game, Murray is a very physical tackler with sideline-to-sideline speed and has some ability to take on blocks at the point of attack. He is a very good tackler who wraps up ball-carriers and puts them into the turf with force. White has the size and mentality to take on blocks, hold his ground, shed the block, and get in on tackles. Murray was a tackling machine throughout his collegiate career, as he is a superb run defender and projects to be a force to shut down and limit offenses' ground game. Murray is an asset for pass coverage. Team sources like his athleticism and coverage ability, which is vital to being a three-down starter and difference-maker as a non-pass-rushing linebacker in the modern, passing-driven NFL. He covers a lot of ground in zone coverage, is a smooth mover in space, and does a nice job of disrupting throwing lanes. His size and athleticism allows him to have the potential to play some man coverage on tight ends and backs out of the backfield. On dump-off passes to the flat, Murray explodes into the ball-carrier and is very good at making tackles in space. He has the speed to run down the middle seam as well. Murray's skill set and instincts make him an excellent spy to help neutralize a mobile quarterback as well. Some scouts say that Murray's pass-rush ability is better than some players who do it on an every-down basis. He proved he is a dangerous blitzer in 2019, showing speed off the edge with the ability to bend, dip, and turn the corner.Multiple team sources say Murray is a better prospect than other recent first-round linebackers, including Leighton Vander Esch, Haason Reddick, Tremaine Edmunds and Alec Ogletree. Evaluators feel Murray is closer to being on a par with Roquan Smith and Devin White, although maybe not quite as good as though two. Hence, they see Murray having top-10 potential for the 2020 NFL Draft. If Murray slides lower in the first round, it could be because of team needs and not many wanting to take linebackers early. Another reason he could slide is concern over his medical evaluation as some have questions. Teams rave about Murray off the field and in the locker room with his character and work ethic. They say he loves football and is a valuable team leader. I think Murray will be an excellent pro linebacker with Pro Bowl potential and the ability to be one of the top Mike - middle - or Will - weakside - linebackers in the NFL. ADVERTISING Player Comparison: Thomas Davis. Murray reminds me, and some team evaluators I've spoken with, of Davis. Like Davis, Murray has a physical style of play with hard tackles, good run defense, an ability to cover, and versatility in the middle of the field. I could see Murray having a long and productive career like Davis in the NFL.
  3. That value is based off potential though. Quinn spent an entire offseason with this D-line and the only one that continues to show up is Jarrett. No one else. We spent 15 million on Beasley because he really believed he could help him take the next step. He did not. If we can’t get a slam dunk pass rusher than I would rather protect the middle of the field. And Murray did do a good job covering the flats with RB’s; He has sideline to side line speed. Luke Kuechly had really good athleticism but it was his intelligence that made it seem like he had elite athleticism. I can not understate the mental part of the game. Due diligence needs to be done on these “Elite” athletes to make sure that talent will translate. The Mingo’s and Leonard Floyd types that everyone in these boards falls in love with on these boards have continue to not develop in this league. That is all I’m going off of.
  4. I’m not worried about people that co-sign you. LSU demolished every defense to where they couldn’t even run the ball because they were already behind and those were the best stats he could come up with? But he’s an elite prospect? Ok.
  5. You are pulling from one game. LSU got up and all they had to do was pin their ears back and rush the passer, EARLY in the game. Murray was neutralized Joe Barrow has demolished every defensive deep the entire season one player on defensive can’t overcome that. Chaisson is a 3-4 outside LB that can rush the passer and that’s IF you have the pieces around him AND you don’t ask him to do anything else. Murray can play ALL 3 LB positions all we have to do is plug and play him. What ppl on this board about Chaisson is the same mess people said about Barkevious Mingo, the sammme thing. Get me an LB that can lead on the field and can kill it in the classroom. Multiple NFL scouts have said Murray has top 15 or even 10 talent. I just can’t get on this Chaisson love train just because he’s fast with measurables.
  6. Jack of all trades and master of none is Chaisson. What is his definitive role on this defense if we pick him? Oh, when he comes in he’s going to get 10 plus sacks, cover TE’s and running backs, be an excellent run defender that takes excellent angles and just be the perfect LB... He has a good motor, ok, he has good athleticism... In the NCAA it’s players that make plays solely off of that. Will that translate to the NFL? Look all I know is that as soon as he steps into the NFL he will be playing with guys that are veterans, been playing in the league 5-6 years with a ton of experience with knowledge and good coaching. You better be a student in the classroom if you want to excel and he hasn’t had a lot of that at LSU. The **** with the burst off the snap they said the same thing about Beasley. It’s plenty of guys in this draft with explosiveness. Give me someone with that and the X/O knowledge to be in the right place and right time to make a play.
  7. Y’all see what y’all want to see on Murray. Y’all all so thirsty for a pass rusher y’all will take any one with the measurables that resemble your favorite pass rusher. Murray played inside at Oklahoma and dude still had as many sacks as the almighty Chaisson and this is with phenomenal defenders all over the LSU squad. Murray is the real deal but he played a position that isn’t prioritized by a lot of teams today’s game. But, if you have two playmakers on the second level that will force a lot of teams to either try to attack our defense deep, or check down/play the dink and dunk game which a lot of QB’s hate. In this pass happy league you need pass rushers, which we have already invested in, and a good LB core to protect the intermediate game and dammit all we have is Debo. It’s either Javon or Murray or bust.
  8. The learning curve is steep with Chaisson. It will take about 3 years and he will have ups and downs. I’m kind of sick of thinking “Hey his athleticism is off the charts” and validating a pick based off that. His mental make up is better than Beasley but I don’t like taking players like Chaisson unless there is an elite defensive coach or player on the squad that can help him figure out his game. I like Javon Kinlaw more because at least at worse he can bullrush and collapse the inside pocket. If not him then Kenneth Murray to put at LB to replace De’Vondre Campbell he can do everything that Quinn wanted Campbell to do. Cover, rush the passer, diagnose plays and be aggressive. Playmaking type LB.
  9. I don’t think it’s the race card being played. The highlighted difference is... Peyton had a running game, while Winston did not have a running game. Expectations were too high for him, hard to meet if you’re not honest with yourself about what is needed to succeed. You need a running game!
  10. I can not see that boy falling past Jacksonville... ****, even Detroit may take him. Could go as high as the Giants as them boys have a MESS of holes all over the team.
  11. The visual for this is amazing and hilarious.
  12. They will definitely be there at our pick and having two explosive elite LB’s would do wonders for our 2nd Level. We already resigned Allen Bailey and I feel like we have a good bit of money invested on the first level and I think we have a good bit of young talent on the 2nd so how about Kenneth Murray? I know he’ll be there at 16...
  13. We probably would if they were serviceable. Seahawks had two pro bowl Caliber LB’s when Quinn was there and their defense was pretty good with them both.
  14. Ed Reed wasn’t elite at 24? To add onto that. How many top 10 picks have been straight up busts? How quick we forget Vic lol
  15. The analysis of Henderson is what made me create this thread. Dude have cover skills but won’t tackle. Maybe it was to protect himself and draft stock but I don’t know. If he had Deion Sanders cover ability I would allow it. He does have blazing athleticism and cover skills but I just don’t know. Mental makeup and scheme fit would matter tremendously in his evaluation. If he ain’t it, we can jump on an amazing Will-LB in Murray.
  16. Right. Trent is the best LT in the NFL with crap QB play. You think that guy wants a prove it deal? Besides we already have Jake Matthews. Also, where in the **** would we put him on the O-Line?!
  17. This is the saddest thing I ever saw.
  18. Super Bowl or Bust
  19. Man, Gurlie to Atlantie Hahahhahahshshshshahshshshshshshhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahaahahhahahs. No...
  20. Jonathan Taylor would be nice for this offense. We have needed to control the clock for the longest but you can not do that with an RB. Matt Ryan is at his best with play action so I think it’s time for a real feature back.
  21. We haven’t had a consistent run game since Turner. I don’t even count the Super Bowl season. We need a 1,200 yard rusher. Forget that total yards from scrimmage crap get a back that can can run between the tackles.
  22. We resigned a pretty good DT in Tyler Davidson and signed Dante Fowler and we already have Grady Jarrett and Takk who we are still banking on. Now if they got another DL I wouldn’t be mad at all. But they may try to hit a home run with an RB and I would’nt be mad at that either.
  23. Ito needs to work on pass protecting. I don’t think he has the durability and stamina to handle a full work load but he is an excellent change of pace back with the best vision out of all the RBs on the roster and that included Freeman.
  24. You a fooooool if you think the 49ers AINT gonna get a WR in the first lol
  25. Thank you for clearing that up. I’m like hold up wat?!?!