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  1. I’ve been watching football for a lonnngggg time. You don’t just “find” a Derrick Henry... It may be an entire generation before we find another like him. Dude probably went most of his adult life with coaches trying to get him to switch positions. It didn’t work on Henry but it has on countless others. Brandon Jacobs is the last back, prior to Henry, that I remember coming in at a very uncommon RB size. It doesn’t happen often my friend. We’d be better off finding another AP or Beastmode...
  2. I turned the game off after the umpteenth happy feet sack.
  3. Offense looks really dead man... Too dead. This is coming off a bye week too. Lord Jebus.
  4. He was spoiled by the time he got to the pros. Trust me as someone who lived not far from Grayson when he was in high school. Had the build and skill set but didn’t want to put in the work. Poor Man’s Jadaveon and that’s saying something because even Clowney is underachieving by potential standards. Give me a Khalil Mack any day over those guys; a guy that improved every year in college and was able to dominate elite competition for entire games.
  5. I don’t want another d-linemen in the 1st round to be honest. There is a lot of great talent in the first round when it comes to offensive linemen and I would rather have an elite talent on that side of the ball as opposed to defense. We have not been able to develop any of our high round DL picks and no Grady Jarrett doesn’t count because dude darn near developed himself. If the prospect is not of the same caliber on the defensive side, give me one of the elite OL talents on that side hands down.
  6. Koetter doesn’t know when to attack defenses with the run. His feel for the run game has always been secondary to his passing attack. I’m surprised Gurley is doing just ok with the lack of imagination by Koetter. Hopefully down the stretch the run game will be more than a side note to this offense.
  7. I hope if we pick in the top of the draft we get another offensive linemen. It feels great having a competent O-line. My dream scenario is we get the LT from Oregon and move Jake to LG or move the Oregon LT to LG. We would be set for yearrrss
  8. Ryan kills me in the Red Zone. I didn’t even watch the entire game but he follows script too much on plays down there. It doesn’t happen all the time but dude just struggles with the improv plays and this is why I want a dominant run game to complement him. We will not win a SB without one.
  9. Two really nice plays but nothing that says he will be a star on the next level. That may change by the end of the season if he does it consistently but he has a heck of a motor for sure based off those two plays.
  10. The sad thing is he didn't even look to someone like a Reggie White. Reggie DOMINATED on the football field and was one of the most God-fearing individuals in the league. He never abandoned his calling while he was playing in the NFL. He was able to fellowship, preach etc. while racking up All-Pro's and accolades. Beasley acting like it has to be one or the other; God will always win that matchup and if you choosing God over football, that's fine... Just stop wasting the league's and your own time and fulfill your calling.
  11. A person that knows exactly what he wants and wants to do is better for EVERYONE. I know because I’m that same time of person when I’m a position of leadership; When I decide that I want a particular result I know how to get it and I don’t like leaving the execution COMPLETELY in the hands of others. I’m not a control freak, but I have my eye on everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I’m offering feedback on every level because my success is dependent on everyone else’s success. In Quinn’s case, if you just want to ignore one side of the football (in his case offense) then you’re going to have the
  12. That NFC Divisional Matchup against the Saints in 2011 was the greatest football game I ever watched. I have never seen two teams go at it so hard and Justin Smith had the greatest defensive performance I’ve ever seen from a 3-4 DT. He absolutely dominated the entire game ESPECIALLY the 2nd half. They put their heart and soul into winning that game and that game is one of the reasons I want Harbaugh; If he gets us to a big game and it’s crunch time? He does NOT choke. When the game gets intense he is at his best. I would love to have him as our HC.
  13. I think Harbaugh would be a great fit here but it depends on who he gets as a D-coordinator. But Harbaugh went to a team that was garbage and turned them into a winner overnight. He is extremely competitive and cares about every nuance of the game and he is a guy who I really want. His passion and penchant for being able to micromanage a game would be perfect and honestly I always thought he was meant to be an NFL coach. He was great at Stanford but his calling is the NFL. I would love to have him here and he would immediately become my top candidate if available.
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