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  1. That was definitely Jarrett killing the inside. I honestly believe by the end of the year we will have a solid top 5 defense lol
  2. If everything goes well with Vic I think he won’t develop until year 5. He just simply has not figured out how to disengage when blocked, which lets me know that he’s not the strongest guy. Until he figures out how to maximize his skill set (which is no doubt his athletic ability) then he will stuggle living up to the standards we have for him. In my mind he continues to rush the passer as if he’s Von Miller when he needs to be more of the Freeney type... Still hasn’t developed those disruptive finesse moves to keep tackles hands off of him. Jab steps, spin and rip moves. Beasley simply has to get to that pass rushing zone to where he isn’t thinking and just reacting.
  3. I’m happy for him and he had a great game but I’m not going to get my hopes up for him having those types of performances on a consistent basis lol he may get two sacks the rest of the year.
  4. This is no different than Beasley’s performance against Denver last year. Dude had 2 sacks prior to this game. 2. You can’t get all those sacks in one game and ignore the fact they hardly had any prior to.
  5. My pop just said “Dem Falcons ain’t worth a Peanut Butter sandwich in the desert” Lmao I’m in tears
  6. Presnap motions are a great indicator of coverages... They are necessary in a top tier offenses. Peyton Manning used the **** out of the presnap motion to figure out motions. Why did we hire Sark again? He’s getting better each week but still... Please bring in Kubiak please.
  7. If Uncle Joe can’t fetch you a beer, than that chicken can’t cross that road.
  8. I gotta be honest... You win these games in practice. There is a cohesiveness missing in this offense that we had last year. We lose these games due to lack of preparation. Our players don’t look comfortable doing ANYTHING out there. Everyone’s confidence is slowly dissipating with every game. The game we beat GB? It was still there. Now? It’s gone. We need a coordinator that knows how to game plan and prepare the players to execute. Sark barely can game plan and he hasn’t gotten to execute. I want Kubiak. Dude is from the Bill Walsh tree and is basically Mike Shanahan without the smug. Matt Ryan could learn a TON from him.
  9. No, Kubiak would be even better. That dude is one of the true disciples of Bill Walsh. That’s the equivalent of having Mike Shanahan, without all the smug.
  10. Matt Ryan has got to get his life together lol
  11. I figured Dan would want to run the ball more... It’s time to establish the threat of Freeman/Coleman for the sake of opening the passing game. Freeman is running like he wants the ball more. Use him and Coleman in the short passing game too... It would seriously just open things up an help the defense. Take a page from Pete Carroll’s book; The Seahawks fell apart when they stopped running the ball. Freeman could seriously be another Brian Westbrook who was a phenomenal WCO back. Get him involved because he can seriously become a top 3 back and headline this generation of RB’s.
  12. You can still have a potent rushing attack in the WCO. Mike Shanahan had Terrell Davis ran into the ground. The thing is, the coaches that tend to run the WCO the best came from the Bill Walsh coaching tree, which Sark is not from. At least Kyle learned from his father who DIRECTLY came from that tree but Sark can’t run it at the pro level yet so why not run the ball until he figures it out.
  13. Pound Freeman until you can’t pound him anymore. You wanna fix the offense? Do that. That is football 101; a balanced attack is the best attack. We are not New Orleans, we do have a star running back who should be a superstar. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel with the passing attack and route combinations. Simplify the offense and pound the rock with Freeman and Coleman. It’s that simple. We should have the best RB tandem in the NFL but don’t because Free isn’t getting more than 15 touches a game. Pound the Rock! Unleash the Free!