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  1. Neal came up to stop the short completion and the ball was sailing over his head.
  2. Yeah my dude can’t put any weight on his leg... He’ll be out at least 5 weeks.
  3. The way this board reacts after a loss EARLY in the season is really remarkable lol it’s like they don’t understand that coaches make adjustments and changes all offseason and the first game doesn’t really determine anything.
  4. You’re being way too generous, Quinn has established a real defensive identity as of now and in my opinion it won’t take two years more like two more games. We gotta see what teams are doing different and adjust but Quinn will have our defense top notch.
  5. Mannnnn they were rusty and it showed. It will take a couple of weeks for our defense to get back in sync; If I had to guess it would be about 6. We will definitely be a top unit in the NFL but our 2-3 levels definitely has to get it together. That’s what happens when your starting lineup is a circus on those levels for most of last year.
  6. I stand by that too but not in the way of only stats but players who can consistently make plays on all 3 levels and of course over the term of a full season.
  7. He better show it the next game because I’ve just about given up on him.
  8. We gotta put our heart and soul into this game. I’m freaking serious.
  9. Still have high hopes for the Falcons but even I didn’t expect the Vikings offense to look this good. Falcons have had the prettiest off season ever with people getting paid and them barely showing up right now. They need to flip the switch the second half and show that they belong because they look like over paid pretty boys on both sides.
  10. Games aren’t won in the first quarter folks. Keep rising up.
  11. It’s going to happen this year... We will meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl. With two weeks to prepare I just pray to God that our defensive line will be ready to wreck havoc, because they will have to.
  12. Yeah bruh I was scrambling to find a quote; Straight nightmare fuel.
  13. I disagree with you about Takk... He is about to have a big year; He will establish himself as a top 10 pass rusher by the playoffs.
  14. I actually thought he was the best pure pass rusher in the draft. I wanted to pick him up badly in the draft but if dude doesn’t have the competitive nature needed to succeed in the NFL then we can pass but our locker room environment does good for players like him.
  15. That’s when he pretty much developed.