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  1. Quinn has charisma, you can’t deny. But when you’re losing games like he was, you begin to look like a sales person lol
  2. This is the only reason I came here I don’t need to see anything else. Goodbye people.
  3. I’ve always said this... A good QB can drag a team to the playoffs. The best team with make it to the Super Bowl. The best defense of the two will win the championship. A great QB can NOT win a championship by himself.
  4. I apologize Ya Boi I was looking to see if any similar threads were posted and didn’t think about it being merged in the Julio thread. I’m staying away from posting anymore Julio threads.
  5. Matt Ryan’s weakness has always been his deep ball; it has nothing to do with arm strength. His timing has always been off... If you know you struggle with velocity throws, throw it early if you know you’re dealing with a talent like a Julio. His lack of timing when it comes to his deep throws would frustrate anyone of Julio’s talent.
  6. Man I haven’t even made it to year 10. I think I lurked for a year before making a comment. I can’t even imagine me here during height of Vick era. ****😂😂😂 I would probably shed tears from the nostalgia...
  7. AS knows the media isn’t his friends lol they’re thirsty for headline material and that’s it. Not many of them care about the state of the Falcons, they only care about their jobs.
  8. Give me Quinnin Williams for sure even if we gotta ship a 3rd I would take him and a 2nd all day.
  9. They can keep buttering him up. Help us get more draft picks.
  10. I think the QB from North Carolina is better. Gunslinger for sure.
  11. You MUST play the older maddens back with they had the transferable draft classes from the college games.
  12. I enjoy some of these posts... They make me laugh manically 😝 brain fart rage posts
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