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  1. I wouldn’t mind extending him, but Matt has made enough money in his career; His money should not eat up cap at all especially if he’s looking for a Super Bowl ring.
  2. Kyle Trask not being on here voids entire list lol. Also, this is 100% proof that even if you are the perfect QB prospect (Which I think Lawrence is as polished a QB as you can get coming out of college), someone can take lower rated prospect and piegon-pluck certain traits to make them seem better ONLY for controversy.
  3. Harris is the best back in the draft... I think Etienne will be no better than a change of pace back; One of those guys who can benefit if added to an arsenal but will never be the focal point. Give me Harris over him.
  4. Kyle Pitts the number 3 prospect but if we draft him at 8 the board loses their mind because “He’s just a TE and not even the BPA” The consensus on just about every draft site and my eye test is that this dude is one of the top 2-3 best players in this draft and a generational player at his position lol
  5. I don’t like either of them lol ESPECIALLY at 4 lmao.
  6. I swear I saw Brady too... He has the mindset that he wants to master his offense and he MASTERED Dan Mullins’ offense. I think in a stable organization he’s a star. I would love to have him on our squad IF we can get him.
  7. I like running QB’s but only when they try to prioritize winning from the pocket first. I never been a fan of QB’s that ran EVERYTIME to pocket collapsed.
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