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  1. I would’ve felt so... I think the 3rd year he would’ve killed it on the aerial end. As far as the running game? I don’t know but we drafted two pretty good o-linemen after he left and he would’ve helped them transition from college to pro game. I think he would’ve been great. We want a lot of people to come in and be Shanny Jr. But early on in his career he learned from his dad, Gary Kubiak AND Joe Gibbs.... Imagine if Sark had that amount of time with those guys?
  2. Matthews plays the game with no soul. You can have all the technique and he’s been consistent but I hate how Matthews has never played towards an elite level even when we had Kyle Shanahan. I’m happy we have him but it just seemed like he plateaued at a level of starter and barely serviceable.
  3. Me too, I’m unstoppable in madden passing the ball. The running drills? Oh goodness I still have my Xbox with the ncaa and Madden because of that man those games were so fun.
  4. Ditto. EA is not willing to invest time into a engine specific to football, which sucks because if you’ve used the same engine for the last 2 generations, imagine the success if you made a good one that actually attributes to being a better product over that span. As far as offline features; MLB the Show has shown me that you can have a sports game with a fun online AND offline component. The best thing about the franchise back in the day was the yearly progression based off performance/stats and mini-camp to get your player better. I do not like how they have progression set on the new Maddens; It’s not interactive enough. Road to the Show does it perfectly but even that was kinda inspired by the superstar modes in the older Maddens. I’m mainly a offline gamer as well, and football is my favorite sport but whenever I buy Madden I don’t play it for more than two months. I just get to see how strong my Falcons get throughout the season. I tell you what, if you ever want to pitch some ideas to EA let me know lol I got a slew of them as well. They probably won’t listen.
  5. Game is going to be garbage. They do not care about the franchise players at all and haven’t for the last two generations. They have used the same engine for last 2 generations as well.
  6. It really is some older folks on here man, my goodness.
  7. Athleticism doesn’t mean anything in the NFL if you can’t execute scheme responsibilities and make the right reads. I hope he turns all-pro but I will hold my breath on him until the season starts.
  8. Athleticism doesn’t mean anything in the NFL if you can’t execute scheme responsibilities and make the right reads. I hope he turns all-pro but I will hold my breath on him until the season starts.
  9. Our defense has needed a game wrecker for a long time... Especially on the front lines and we all know it. Dan Quinn does NOT have enough time to develop one, so essentially, his job is dependent on having a playmaking presence. Why not go all out on one in the top 5 of the draft? We can’t scheme all of our deficiencies; every team has them. The only thing that will negate those deficiencies is havoc and we have not been able to create enough havoc that forces these offenses and QB’s out their element. We need one player on this defense to get us to that level and I think everything else will take care of itself. Get Derrick Brown or Chase or even Kinlaw and I think that gets the job done.
  10. I never wanted Clowney that bad. Our offense is PLENTY fine and our defense is one playmaker away from being great. We need the absolute top, best defensive playmaker we can get. I’m ok with our DB’s and I’m kinda sorta ok with our LB’s but a difference maker on the D-line could make us tough to deal with.
  11. Opinion is that it would absolutely be a win for us. I know we talk about draft capital and how it’s important for depth but screw that... We need a home run on the defensive side and the Redskins? TD just may have to make them an offer they can’t refuse. I think the deal gets done, we get even more media attention, and when the dust is settled, everyone is happy. I’ve been very against trades like this but this will give a spark to city and fans like you wouldn’t believe and we have a LOT of people from Ohio living in Ga so we get more support, more media attention, and most importantly, a really good DE. There is no way we don’t win the trade even with two years of draft capital given.
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