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  1. Happy B-day... You Cocka-roach
  2. If I didn’t watch the Falcons I wouldn’t watch football. It’s really the love of my city that drives my support of the Falcons and if we didn’t have them I wouldn’t be as passionate a football fan as I am now.
  3. Matt wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of accountability if the offense failed lol
  4. That ending lol
  5. I do... I didn’t believe it for one second lol
  6. Thank God... Now I KNOW this ain’t true
  7. This does not need to happen... We are continuing to waste Matt Ryan’s prime, seriously. This needs to be just a rumor because all these switching of coaches like the next one that comes in is going to make an immediate impact is just ridiculous and we will never win any got **** thing without cohesiveness on the coaching staff. KEEP THEM. I’m serious if they fire both these coaches we will not win a Super Bowl during Matt Ryan’s tenure. It would suck the freakin’ life out of me as a fan.
  8. Sark is not the reason the offense failed. The piss-poor offensive line is the reason. No offensive coordinator, no QB, no skill-player, no system will thrive without an offensive line. It is a must have for any team to succeed. What coordinator can thrive in spite of that? Now there are special coordinators that are hands on with the blocking scheme like Shanahan and Kubiak and even McCarthy but honestly I thought our offense line sucked for the last 4 years... We can’t run the ball when it counts, which I absolutely HATE! Has anyone noticed that we have to use the threat of the pass game to open the run game? That is backwardsass football. Build these trenches, give the QB+skill-players another year, and let’s establish some type of cohesiveness for the sake of being able to win in the future. Sark has made some bass-awkward playcalls but if the o-line can’t hold a block for more than 2 secs what good is a different coordinator going to do? NOT A **** THANG!!!!
  9. Todd Haley would be absolutely horrible as an OC. He experienced a lot of success in Pitt and they STILL got rid of him because of how much of an *** he is.
  10. Matt Ryan has no problem playing till 40 but his arm may not make it to 35.
  11. Keep him... He wants to be here. Let him bring that ATL attitude to the Falcons because these country GA boys not getting it done.