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  1. Kansas City during those Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson years would tear us up something major tho.
  2. Mack over all... I was screaming for Mack to fall to us but all of the sudden Oakland wanted to act like geniuses THAT draft. Mack wanted to play for us too.
  3. I don't know, but I asked my friend. He said shut up. Needless to say, your friend and my friend would never get along. So we could never be friends.
  4. Blank gave that man a 100 million dollar contract. The attention and popularity that he brought to the franchise hasn't been matched by any other player since. He was a marvel and the plays he made with his arm and feet were incredible. You saw Vick jerseys everywhere in ATL AND OTHER CITIES. When he came to ATL was when the city changed. ATL culture was at its height when he was here.
  5. Boy you crazy... Before he got locked up he was looking like the best Falcon pick ever. He disappointed me with the bad decisions he made off the field but that doesn't null and void what he did in his time here.
  6. Let him retire here. He absolutely changed the game and may be in the HOF one day. Dude was THE most talented athlete to play the QB position. Still feel if we would've kept Dan Reeves he would've been one of the best QB's in NFL history.
  7. Trust me our defense is much better on the second and third levels. Colts had a pass rush and their defense was built to maintain leads. It wasn't necessarily fast but with Mathis and Freeney, all they had to do was feast on the QB.
  8. Right... You have to coach up his production. It's rare when you have a player that you can line up anywhere and say "dominate" and they do so. Even though he was picked in the 2nd round, I thought he would be that type. Right now he has starter-level talent. Now my question is will he play at star-level, because I want him to be a star. He almost lost me last year early on but it looks like he's starting to put it together.
  9. Knight of God has come from humble beginnings. Lmao
  10. Dallas wouldn't be able to handle us. They have a good O-line but teams that run the ball that much would have a problem playing from behind.
  11. I was looking for Hageman to be one of our star linemen coming out of the draft. I thought he would dominate sooner rather than later. I'm still hoping he could put it together for a entire season. Give us a reason to keep him. We'll see. He just has to be more consistent.
  12. It's crazy to think we have a coach THIS transparent... Dude instilled a culture of winning in 2 years. He has unlimited energy and it's flowing thru the organization.
  13. Beasley can add a bull rush element to his game but not without establishing the threat of his speed first. He'll never be a James Harrison with the bull rush but Freeney and Mathis could sneak that in their game every once in a while. Variety is the spice of All-Pros...
  14. My condolences to Berman, the face of ESPN. Goodness gracious... The other driver behind the wheel was 87.
  15. His grit and toughness is what separated him. I don't think Jake has that type of attitude in him. He's good and a more than serviceable LT and may make one or two pro bowls but will live in the second tier shadows of the Smiths and Lewans of the NFL