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  1. That’s like asking who’s turd smelled the best.
  2. Why does it not surprise me one bit that Tennessee is the main culprit? Lol
  3. Man that’s one dude I would hate to see all jacked up on something. He could do some serious damage.
  4. That is actually the first highlight I have watched of the Super Bowl. Now I know why. Man it still hurts!!!!
  5. I’m pretty sure Brady or Belichick went to the crossroads and sold their soul to the devil!!
  6. **** the Saints!!
  7. That’s not very hard to do!!
  8. Only one reason. To not be a bunch off sissy *** quitters!!!
  9. Really wish they would have gave him more touches. I think he’s the type of back that gets better as the game goes on. He’s as shifty as you can get. Not much top end speed but makes up for it with the ability to make a man miss.
  10. Man I would do the exact same thing!! Lol.
  11. Any reason to worry about Nolan Smith taking all his official visits, the first one being to Alabama?
  12. Good news that Kindley’s injury is just a mild mcl sprain. He hopes to be able to play Saturday.