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  1. Good news!! Just heard he got hurt.
  2. Heard Milton was injured last night. Anybody know the severity?
  3. Nothing better than Labor Day weekend. Opening weekend for the Dawgs and a three day weekend. Can’t beat it!!! Oh yeah 45-10 Dawgs!!!
  4. If that happened at UGA they would implement the death penalty for sure.
  5. I’m in like Flynn and I’m ready to win!!
  6. For the love of God somebody please block Von Miller for the 1 or 2 series that Matt Ryan is out there!!
  7. If the UGA news thread that was started in 2011 has to be gone then so should this lame thread.
  8. Morton Anderson IMO
  9. Florida fans call us UGAY more than we use Gayturds.
  10. Glanville was the nicest dude. Talked to us for at least a hour. Still have Farve’s autograph from there. Got Deion’s autograph on his FSU rookie card and he signed it with the dollar sign as his S in Sanders. Got Goldbergs autograph. I was probably 10 or 11 at the time. A lot more up close and personal with the players than Flowery Branch for sure.
  11. Chic Fil a milkshakes worked great for my grandfather. Lots of calories and very tasty!!
  12. Why did we resign Hardy is the real question. So much depth at wide receiver, we sign Barner, and draft 2 other possible return guys. Makes no sense!!
  13. Never heard anyone shred Steve Wyche, and even if they did they certainly would take it back now after having to put up with Bedwetter!!