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  1. As it does with us. But I will gladly accept a 70 burger if it’s on the table!
  2. Can y’all wait until after Thanksgiving to fire Quinn? I’m not a fan of playing teams that just fired their HC, they tend to play more inspired.
  3. I'm sure all 14 of their fans will be ecstatic.
  4. You should buy them then. Buy them all.
  5. Y’all could probably use him right now, bad thumb and all.
  6. So uhh... how ‘bout them Braves?
  7. They're pretty good, they only do chicken fingers/tenders though so it's not like most conventional chicken joints. While they may be a one-trick pony, they're pretty dang good at that one trick. Outside of the chicken, the sauce and their toast are what have people coming back the most. Never heard of Joella's though, might check it out if it ever comes this way.
  8. I bet it was good too. Love me some Raising Cane's. Hope he gets an extra toast instead of 'slaw. No, but it was Saints fried chicken considering they're a large corporate sponsor and the "Official Chicken of the New Orleans Saints"... New Orleans Saints and Raising Cane's proudly introduce the Junior Gumbo Mascot Program Y'all trading us Takk, you heard it here first.
  9. Ah **** it, you beat me! Those are my two favorites.
  10. To be fair though, I think the Quinn/Koetter/Morris/Mularkey combined record is weighed down by the absolute dumpster fire that’s been blazing in Tampa Bay for the last decade and a half thanks to the Glazers. However it’s certainly an interesting stat to pull. That got me thinking about our staff that has a slew of HC as well. Sean Payton: 122-75 record Dennis Allen: 8-28 record Mike Nolan: 18-37 record Dan Campbell: 5-7 record (interim) Combined: 153-147 I’m actually surprised that ours have a combined winning record with how disasterous Allen and Nolan’s stints were in the Bay Area. Campbell somehow produced slightly with a mediocre unit in Miami after Philbin was canned but that’s about it outside of Payton.
  11. Only if there’s three plane crashes before Week 17.
  12. This is America, no one cares about soccer here unless it’s the USWNT. And even then, people only care (or pretend to care) once every four years when the World Cup rolls around.