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  1. Nah, the first and third DPI's he had very good physical coverage. The only one he got torched on was the 2nd one due to a terrific head fake from Ridley and even then he still had the opportunity to make a play on the ball if he got his head around (my biggest knock on him) because Ryan grossly underthrew it. The first two are on this video at 2:04 and 3:00. Can't find a clip of the 3rd one on Blake but it's at 9:42 left in 4th quarter and Apple is in his hip pocket as he jumps the slant Blake is running.
  2. Same site as always, Pro Football Reference, these are under the "Advanced Defense & Fumbles" heading on Apple and Trufant's respective pages. But wait a minute, I thought you said Apple had a 101 (100.9) passer rating when targeted? Now it's 119? That's a mighty large discrepancy, LOL. 🤔 And Trufant's 4 INT's were very nice, I can't knock that. But he still gave up 4 TD's in 8-1/3rd games. That's a TD every 2.1 games while Apple gave up a TD every 7.1 games (going by my 2 TD number) or 4.7 games (by your 3 TD number). I don't mind giving up yards in bunches, but not points; same reason I really don't look at yards allowed for defenses I suppose. And even though it seems more geared to fantasy football, that is a pretty neat site so I appreciate you posting it. 😄
  3. Last year Trufant gave up the same passer rating (both was actually a 100.9), twice as many TD’s (4 to Apple’s 2), a higher completion % (65.8% to Apple’s 63.2%), and a higher yards/completion (17.7 to Apple’s 14.2) despite only having half the number of targets (38 to Apple’s 76). Meanwhile Sheffield surrendered a 110.0 passer rating, 74.5 completion %, 10.9 yards/completion, and 2 TD’s on 55 targets. So I’d say Apple arguably edges both of them out. 😊 I know I’m laughing! 😂
  4. And he was still better than any CB y’all trotted out there in that year and a half. 😉
  5. That boy got some wheels and the perfect amount of wiggle. Been a minute since we had a punt returner of his caliber and I missed it.
  6. Meh, not sure why, neither one of them really torched Apple repeatedly. At least when he was with us that is.
  7. It wasn’t, but losing a key cog of the offensive line in the middle of any divisional game is a recipe for disaster. It’s no coincidence that 4 of those 6 sacks came after Peat exited the game, and 2 of those were given up by Clapp, his replacement. When you don’t have a backup lineman coming in cold during the middle of the game and that player has adequate practice time with the 1’s, it makes an immense difference. Hence why y’all never got to Brees even once in our meeting 3 weeks later despite still having a backup at LG.
  8. 🥰 LOOOOOL, I like to think Cam is peering into the souls of every poster here that see my posts. 😂😂
  9. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor so much appreciated. 😄
  10. So I see they give just anyone a degree at Kennesaw State. I wouldn’t count on one of our linemen breaking an arm every game against y’all. 😉
  11. 😏 I was at a concert the night he was traded and I couldn’t stop laughing at what the Rams gave up for him. They’re really letting Snead run that team into the ground with those personnel decisions.
  12. Ramsey is a chump. He didn’t want any of Michael Thomas in our game last year either, hiding behind his “back injury” only to get traded 3 days later and then suit up against y’all the next week. 🙄
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