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  1. Indeed! And very nice! I'm not old enough to go back to the Tulane days but I know quite a few that were there then. However, I was there for the 2006 game you're referencing, wasn't that atmosphere simply electric? I still haven't been to a game since that reached that level. The only word I can use to describe it is cathartic.
  2. Oh that’s awesome, I’d guess you made a few trips down here to catch the Saints-Falcons games then? And agreed. I remember people saying they were walking in circles trying to leave and they couldn’t get out. Major planning flaw there. But major score! Certainly a short walk indeed. I have a similar situation for a few of our games (mostly primetime games, Thursday games, and preseason games) where I buy a parking pass for one of the garages at the Superdome from another Saints season ticket holder that lives in Florida and can’t drive in for those games I listed mostly due to having work the next day. But his spot is ground level right by the exit and it’s on the same side of the Superdome that my seats are and right below Gate H where I enter. When we go to leave, we can leave our seats and exit through the Bunker Club lounge and when we walk out the doors, we’re already in the parking garage. It’s maybe 75-100 steps from my seats to the car.
  3. Ah well right on! I can imagine how much a pain in the *** it can be trying to get out after reading some of the woes of the flow exiting the new stadium, even worst when someone hates being in crowded areas. We have 8 entrances/exits equidistant at the Superdome with the main 4 (A, C, E, and G) being larger in size and more open than the other 4 (B, D, F, and H) that are between them. It’s not much of a hassle leaving, but entering the stadium is more of a problem since a large percentage of people congregate in our outdoor venue, Champions Square, and then all try to the stadium on that side the stadium through Gate C or Gate B. But it’s great to hear you were able to move into a better location that fit your needs for an even lower price than you’d had paid if you stayed in your original location.
  4. Ahh, I see. That was my next question, about the Super Bowl ticket opportunity, haha. I know the NFL apparently allocates 17.5% of all tickets to each participating team, an additional smaller % to the host team, and then the remainder are distributed to their sponsors, media, and however else the League sees fit. I figured that may’ve been difficult to do if all, or at least most, PSL owners in a given Super Bowl hosting stadium wanted to buy their own seats for the game, whether to resell or for them to use themselves. That makes complete sense. Flipping the tickets for other events like that certainly can be an easy way for one to pay towards their PSL, especially events you don’t have an interest in. Anytime someone big comes to town like that: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, ect. Then just have to focus on Falcons season tickets each year. So if I may inquire further, you don’t have to answer if you rather not though, you said yours are now paid off, that'd put you having paid them off in 3 years (if the first payment was due in 2017?), did you save considerably on the interest you would’ve had to pay if it had taken you say 7 years, or even all 10 years to pay them off?
  5. Meh, maybe. But we got Joe Lombardi so we’re good on QB coaches at the moment. Finally! Someone that’s cultured! I found my new bestfriend, you’re all excused and may go home now.
  6. Ahh I see. I’ve always wondered exactly how the PSL thing worked (I mean I have an idea but I know it varies from team to team or league to league). How about for other events held at MBS like the CFP Championship, ect? How does that process go? Do they send y’all a notice of “if you would like to purchase your seat for *insert event here* please make a payment by this date for your tickets”?
  7. Interesting. I’m curious, are y’all PSL payments only once per year or bi-annual/quarterly, ect?
  8. Is this the PSL Help Center?
  9. LOOOOOL, that’s fantastic. Probably has more blocked than he has followers.
  10. Oh no, hahaha. One of those guys that write scorching articles, yet if they’re confronted by the person(s) they just wrote a blistering article about and ask them to explain their reasoning, they fluster up and say they have to, “go back and re-read what they wrote”. Yellow bellies. If you pat yourself on the back any harder, you’ll need one of these... Really now? After joining and using both there and here, they feel essentially like identical forums to me. Like everything from the site design, posting features (the multi-quote especially), and the design of the user profile. In fact, one of the only things I really recognized that’s different is there they have multiple options to rate posts where here only has a “like” feature, not that it bothers me or anything. I know whomever runs the board has the option to turn certain features on or off or add features like that. I just always felt the two boards are eerily similar besides for that feature and the difference that this one is directly affiliated with the team while the Huddle and SR are unaffiliated from the Panthers and Saints, respectively. I’ll certainly have to for a couple of chuckles next time I’m bored on the toilet. Does said poster do it by singing telegram? Please tell me he does it by singing telegram.
  11. Sweet baby Jesus. Sounds horrific, LOL. We feel that though, we have one of those that everyone hates. He tried really hard to land a job at ESPN when they announced they were hiring their own beat reporters for each team and they ended up picking another one of our guys (one that can actually, you know, write) and he’s been a little salty ***** about it since.
  12. Hahaha, oh boy. I take it they’re not what we call “any good” by that response?
  13. Yeah, on the Huddle they just call you a racist and ban you. In addition to what ya_boi_j suggested, I’d also recommend following y’all Falcons beat writers (if they’re really good that is). Our’s break a lot of Saints news before the national guys do.