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  1. Much appreciated, good sir! I don’t know if I’d say he’s the absolute best considering JJ Watt is still kicking but I’d say he’s certainly up there and is top-5 at minimum. We’re certainly glad to have him and much to y’all chagrin, we’re hoping he’s around for many more years.
  2. I got to say, that kid is a **** stump trying to run against. He was a pretty good find.
  3. Hahaha, fair enough. I know I wouldn’t be either.
  4. LMAO, what? Brandon Brooks tore his achilles while he was in his pass blocking set. Oh I’m sorry, we pass rushed too hard. And Fletcher Cox’s injury was his own fault for taking plays off in that situation during the previous game. If you reach any further for excuses you’re going to fall out your chair. And the only bounty Talib is going to have on his ankles is when Thomas is going to break them on that stutter step cut when he dusts him like he did to Peters.
  5. Perhaps not, but while you got that crystal ball up and running, how about the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow?
  6. You know you chuckled! But in all seriousness, if someone is going to say the Vikings lost that game due to the officiating (which was one sided in their favor) without any acknowledgement of the 5 turnovers the Vikings offense gaveaway, wouldn’t you question their intelligence too?
  7. I completely agree! Saints penalized 9 times for 88 yards. Vikings penalized 5 times for 32 yards. One-sided af. How does it feel to be one of the only Falcon fans here with a functioning brain? Must be absolutely exhausting. Like every country parent ever has.
  8. Can he block punts? Cover kicks? Edge, Taysom. I bet Taysom could beat Sanu in arm wrestling too. I remember reading this about a year ago. Is this like the movie Groundhogs Day?
  9. There you go, I fixed that for you, pal. The only crickets I’m hearing is the lack of evidence you’re failing to produce. So y’all were only given a the Super Bowl appearance in 1998 for opening the Georgia Dome 6 years earlier and Gary Anderson missed the kick on purpose? Interesting...
  10. Might want to re-read my username if you think I’m an Atlanta fan... And all that other drivel is irrelevant. You specifically stated both the Falcons and Saints were rewarded, at minimum, Super Bowl appearances shortly after rebuilding/building a new stadium. The auto industry in Detroit and ancient Cowboy dynasties of the 1970’s and 1990’s hold no bearing on their shiny new stadiums. How about the Browns? They get robbed of their team and build a new stadium in 1999 and what has the NFL given them since outside of ineptitude, a litany of high 1st round draft picks, and one playoff appearance? And I don’t want to hear about the 1940’s and 1950’s Browns.
  11. **** in one hand and wish in the other. Let us know which one fills up first.
  12. Not triggered in the least, everything I say is backed up by facts. LMAO, just like your username, every word you just posted is just that: cheap talk. You really couldn’t have picked a more apt username unless it included “full of ****”.
  13. Absolutely, the League totally rigged 2005 in the Saints favor by making us play an unprecedented 16 consecutive road games, one of which being against the Giants at GIANTS STADIUM... Yeah but we can’t let facts get in the way of a good narrative! Only people’s feelings are viable sources! If you’re so sure of it, why the Cowboys still haven’t been been back to a Super Bowl this millennium? AT&T Stadium been open since 2009. Or how about the 49ers? Levi’s Stadium has been open since 2014 and the 49ers have a 25-55 record in that span. Those poor Lions though. Ford Field been open since 2002 and they’ve been to the playoffs only three times since then, never advancing out of the Wild Card round. So we were gifted a Super Bowl 3 years after renovating the Superdome? Do you actually read the stuff you type or do your eyes glaze over as your fingers carelessly run back and forth over your keyboard spewing the mental diarrhea your brain is secreting?
  14. You mean to tell me the same NFL that wouldn’t pay even $1 for a video of one of their star players kicking a woman in the face also readily have hitmen for hire? Last I checked, hitmen don’t work for free.