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  1. I've been around, friend. I just don't feel the need to necro-bump threads for attention and back pats. I usually drop in once a day or so, respond to my PM's and notifications and then go along my merry way. Hope you and yours are well.
  2. Man, I wish we got half the breaks y’all think we get to be honest. LOL. There’s undoubtedly a penalty disparity in our games, however it’s trending in the opposite direction you think. I posted this arguing with a Panthers fan earlier... We’ve been flagged the 8th most in the league (102 penalties) for the 2nd most penalty yards (1,025 yards; only behind the Jaguars) while our opponents have been flagged the fewest in the league (73 penalties) for the fewest penalty yards (567 yards). If anyone is being helped along the way it’s Brady. Buccaneers opponents have been flagged the 10th
  3. Settled! And LOLOL Ironically Trestman worked as a consultant for Payton in 2007. So they fire Trestman after the 2014 season and immediately bring in another Payton guy at GM.
  4. That we have, but those I heavily attribute to the combination of Ireland, Payton, and Loomis. The ones before make me want to cry, like our 2014 draft (outside of Cooks), our 2012 draft (outside of Hicks), or our 2011 draft (outside of Jordan and Ingram).
  5. Haha, actually was by 5 sacks if we’re going by the official number of 29. Had to look it up see what the monetary value was, LOL. But you got it! This is the right one, correct? God**** you, Taysom! Dude starts 4 games at QB and gets sacked 13 times because he has 0 pocket awareness. I can agree with that. Loomis struck gold on his coach search, unlike Pace. Now the question would be if Fontenot can.
  6. Haha, greetings, friend! Just seeing this quote now after replying to you in the other thread. And it’s much appreciated, all has been decent here, hope likewise on your end.
  7. Can’t take Fontenot and our top scout. One or the other, champ. Our drafts pre-2016 are definitely a doozy. ****in’ dead! You haven’t looked at our 2015 draft recently, have you? It’s not the barometer of success I’d be trying to prop Fontenot on... 4 of the 9 played 2 seasons or less (2 of which never played a down in the NFL), 1 never made it to a second contract, 1 bounced around between 3 teams and likely is finished after this year, and only 3 of them are still in the league. Peat and Williams are both on our roster and Davison is on y’all’s. Yeah
  8. I’m not keeping up with you because I’m 2 steps ahead of you. 😜 Hahaha, fair enough. And likewise, friend. Hopefully 2021 is going a bit better than 2020 for y’all. They were, but only because the Cardinals absolutely **** the bed, LOL. Defense holds the Rams to 18 points and the offense can only muster 7 points. I mean we’ll probably use them to trade up anyway. No need to cope, I’m just laying out the facts. You can accept them or ignore them as you see fit, but thems still the facts. 😋
  9. Debatable. Their defense hasn’t been bad in his 6 years, but they were equally as good if not better the 6 years prior to his hiring, the offense is way worse. They had a winning record (49-47) in the 6 years pre-Pace along with two 10+ win seasons, a playoff win and a NFC Championship game appearance. Agree on Trubisky and Nagy, but those are two massive strikes worth firing him right now for.
  10. The Bears thought they hired our “best personnel guy” too when they hired Ryan Pace from us and look how that’s going for them: 1 winning season out of 6 42-54 record 2 playoff appearances 0 playoff wins scoring offenses ranked 23rd, 28th, 29th, 9th, 29th, 22nd yardage offenses ranked 21st, 15th, 30th, 21st, 29th, 26th likely about to hire his 3rd head coach if he doesn’t get canned himself Pace likely packing up his office as we speak. LOL. Speaking of Ryan Pace, here’s an article y’all might be interested in... ESPN: Bears hire Ryan Pac
  11. He’s about to be free in a few days if y’all looking for his services. Just a reminder that our last big front office “loss” traded up one spot from #3 overall to #2 overall only to pass on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson and draft Mitchell Trubisky.
  12. He’s a really good LB coach, DC not so much. Also speaking of Tomsula, y’all remember the time he farted in the middle of a press conference and pretended like nothing happened?
  13. Hahah, apologies I'm a bit late on seeing this, but I think you were able to get your answer in the other thread. But yeah, as other have said, Fontenot gets a slight input in drafting (like Ireland gets slight input in free agent acquisitions). I'd certainly rather keep him onboard considering he's been groomed in our system for the last decade and change. While it's not going to win the division immediately winning those two games, it's going to put your team at a disadvantage to owning that tiebreaker if you don't end up with more wins at the end of the season, which is exactly
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