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  1. With a name like that it sounds like he should be wearing a hat made from a raccoon pelt. 😂
  2. Hahaha, touché on the adjustments. I mean, I knew we’d get after Ryan as we always do, but no Saints fan saw 8 sacks coming. Jesus H. Christ, it was just a bloodbath.
  3. Surprisingly it kinda did. It was looking to be one of our vintage, “drag ‘em out” type games when we couldn’t get the ball moving against y’all defense. Fortunately for us, we were able to adjust and start progressing down the field some. But agreed, Hill did look well yesterday but definitely need to see how he performs against a better defense. However I think y’all will put up a better fight in the second game, much like we did in the second game last year, even if it doesn’t result in a win. And much appreciated, my guy. Same to y’all, y’all got both games against the Bucca
  4. The only Ryan was hitting with any kind of accuracy today was the ground. Apparently not. But dang, you definitely nailed it. I had even liked this post before the game so definitely wanted to come back to it and give you your props. 🤘🏻 78.3 completion % on 23 attempts and a 108.9 QB rating seems like a pretty good day. I guess it was Taysom that ended up sending y’all defense to the Upper Room. 😅
  5. After the game, Payton is going to start his presser by saying...
  6. “Who Dat” predates “Who Dey” by ~130 years. Hahahahah, Sports Illustrated? Nice to see that rag is still on life support. No surprise that company is going out of business if that’s the standard of “journalism” they hold their writers too. I’ve seen articles written in crayon that are better formed than that. The only thing the league is conscious of is the money in your pocket and how to get it into their pocket. Period. The same way they don’t give a rat’s *** about player safety or integrity. Thomas had 42 catches for 551 yards and 3 TD’s with an 80.8% cat
  7. Still one of my favorite movies. Falcons, y’all on deck. Y’all like baseball? Well y’all on deck. 😂
  8. I wouldn’t use Demarco Murray as the prime example for your first statement.
  9. Entirely agree myself. Payton was on the record at various points stating that he was the only one that was holding Ingram back from reaching his full potential, especially in the early years 2011-2013. In 2014, Payton FINALLY started feeding him more and stopped rotating backs as much as we were. Now once we got Kamara, the back rotating returned, but Payton managed it much better than he did in 2011-13, at least for the first year in 2017. 2018 he leaned heavier of Kamara which somewhat limited his effectiveness compared to 2017. But definitely a great dude. I’m hoping when he’s do
  10. I feel it, you’re minding me of life before Sean Payton. 2002 season - start off 7-2, go 2-5 down the stretch and miss the playoffs, sweep the eventual Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, but lose 3 straight at the end of the season to the 6-10 Vikings, 2-14 Bengals, and 7-9 Panthers by a combined 12 points.
  11. We got 8 years out of Ingram where the average career of a NFL RB is 2.66 years and he’s still running at a high caliber in Baltimore. The only RB from that class that remained on the team that drafted them longer than Ingram is Bilal Powell, and he wasn’t a bell cow like Ingram was. Ingram became our franchise leader in rushing TD’s and is only like 8 yards behind Deuce McAllister for the yardage record as well. So yeah, well worth trading back up for him, especially considering it’s not like we would’ve have our 2012 1st round pick anyway with the sham of a witch-hunt the NFL put on the foll
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