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  1. He was indeed but up until that point, he was untouched through 3 quarters of football. Like I said, Payton was very confident in the performance of the offensive line to keep the gas pedal down and not let up until it was over. They were the #2 ranked run defense with a rag-tag unit in the secondary, why not keep throwing on them if it keeps their offense off the field?
  2. I can't help when we're scheduled to play any given team. We play them when we get to them on the schedule just like y'all play them when y'all get to them on the schedule. As for the hypothetical if Brees were to be injured passing while up 31, of course it'd suck. But that's the gamble you take. Payton trusts his offensive line to be ballsy with the play call and it worked out. And Brees was not sacked at any point Sunday, in fact he was only contacted once all game. Might want to check those numbers. And meh, I would've much rathered y'all actually win in Philadelphia where we could send y'all packing before heading back to Minnesota but oh well. Regardless, you don't like a team "running up the score"? Simple, don't cry about it after the game... STOP. THEM.
  3. As some of y’all are saying, I’d keep him out until he’s 100%, and I’m not saying this as a Saints fan. Look at Greg Olsen. He broke his foot early last season. Had surgery, went on IR, came back, re-injured it again, played through it (not at optimal capacity, but still wrecked us in the playoffs), then had to have surgery again in the offseason and rehab again. At the beginning of the season he was a non factor and though he’s much closer now, he’s still not fully back to his pre-broken foot self over a year after breaking it originally then rushing to come back. It comes down to trying to rush and get him back this year for a few wins and possibly hinder his performance at the beginning of next season if he re-injures it at the end of this year, or making the difficult decision to shut him down for the year despite still being in the hunt for a Wild Card.
  4. Last time I checked, that weak opponent beat your even weaker team twice in this calendar year. And nah, no need to “put a bounty” on him when you can exploit an even larger weakness of his: man coverage, which was effective on 4th and 7, as you saw. And boo hoo, “bUt bUt tHeY rAn uP tHe ScOrE oN uS aNd HuRt oUr FeELiNgS!” Last I checked, they were professional athletes and the game isn’t over until the clock hits 0:00. Don’t like it? Stop them maybe? Y’all task though considering they could only make us punt once before our starters were pulled.
  5. LMAO, I thought you “don’t do too well with turning the other cheek”? So you do have the ability, you just refuse to in most instances which further illustrates that it doesn’t seem like you came to the Superdome to be a model Falcons fan on at least two of your visits. Not to mention your instance of almost going to jail because you cursed a Saints fan out. As you said, what if there were women or children around? They don’t want to hear that nonsense from you at a football game!
  6. I’m sorry but someone saying “Matt Ryan sucks” because they see a jersey someone in your party is wearing doesn’t constitute “abuse”. Childish? Absolutely, but if a childish insult hurts your feelings and has you raring for a fight, visiting a rival team’s stadium isn’t a good idea. Now had they been yelling “You’re ugly/stupid/fat” or otherwise verbally attacking your wife or children on a personal level or even worse, physically contacting them, then yeah by all means. That’s crossing the line in any environment. Visiting any away stadium you’re going to encounter some ribbing and heckling, that’ll never change; we’re all humans and we happen to wear different color clothing at sporting events. But as you said, every stadium is going to have overly intoxicated people for a late start time. I wouldn’t subject my children to that situation in the first place. Every fanbase has ***hats in it and by visiting a rival team's home stadium for a late start, you're going to have a much easier time finding them. And considering as I’ve never had a bad encounter with an opposing fan in all my years of attending games, I believe I can afford to act like a Saint.
  7. I'm there every game and I observe rather well without a drop of alcohol in my system. From your own words, in 3 trips you were involved in two altercations. That's a 66.6% chance in your 3 trips. Considering you're the only common denominator in those 3 events, it doesn't sound like you came down to sing in the choir.
  8. Being a rivalry game, you’ll likely get a little good natured ribbing beforehand. Nothing serious, of course, but that just comes with the territory of visiting a division rival’s home stadium. Other than that, you’ll find the visit very hospitable, we’re not savages like Eagles and Raiders fans. During the game, it’s perfectly fine to cheer your team’s success. As long as you’re not actively jeering those around you and/or belligerently intoxicated and trying to provoke Saints fans, you should have no problems. Seeing as though your parents are going to be in attendance as well, I’d guess you’re not going to fall in the category of the latter. I’d consider it a family friendly environment for the most part, you’ll certainly see many with kids. As for Falcons hangouts, you’re on your own there. Maybe some of your brethren here can point you in the right direction because I have no idea.
  9. Complete hearsay.
  10. I might have to change my username to Stone Cold.
  11. Falcons fans are the LAST fans that should be throwing shade about a team “running up the score” considering y’all were trying to throw the ball with a 28-12 lead in the Super Bowl with 8:30 minutes left in the game. Had y’all ran up the score, y’all would actually have a banner hanging in that shiny new stadium. And that’s why Malcolm Jenkins is flying out of MSY tonight with a red *** from being repeatedly spanked.
  12. Glad to see you said they’re doing it at all stadiums that have a Super Bowl on the docket. Hopefully they take care of the Superdome soon because my reception SUCKS for games.
  13. Y’all need to stop drafting Alabama players and making me hate them professionally. Draft more LSU players instead. I like the next one that’s coming up behind them. Jerry Jeudy, that kid is a dang joystick in the open field.
  14. ****, terribly sorry to hear that. Hopefully he can still live out many more productive years of his life with his family thanks to the advancements in technology that are available to ALS patients.
  15. I don’t have a sister so maybe you can inform me. How y’all performed your daughter’s wedding, did you still give her away to yourself or is that best man duties?