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  1. That’s the great mystery then. But if it’s a magnet, then why doesn’t the ball get stuck to players’ facemasks (which are metal) more often? Do they turn it off and on? To they wait until the ball is over the line and on its way before turning the magnet on?
  2. I mean it’s probably true?
  3. Of course they’re going to block it, it’s less money that’s going to be going in their pockets.
  4. Probably more people than will be at the game Sunday night...
  5. At least y’all have a former Falcon player that’s an official.
  6. Cool story. But what about this FG? You’re saying that the only reason this FG was good is because of a magnet in the ball? I mean look how it swings like it’s going to go wide-right when it comes off his foot before it pulls back hard to the left and go right through the middle of the posts... Or let me guess, that was that a ball without a magnet in it and Zuerlein is just that good?
  7. You answered your own question in the first four words, my guy. But nah, I was perusing y’all board and happened to notice it at the bottom of the first page of the main board so I decided to remind the mods to move it since I noticed they like to do that with non-Falcon related topics after awhile. And while I was here I read through the 29 pages, try to gather the mix of emotions through the up-and-downs of the game. Plus it was a Wednesday night, there’s NOTHING going on. I mean the only reason Brees threw that INT in OT was because of that magnet in the ball and John Johnson’s gloves have metal flakes embedded in them, right?
  8. I think this one can be moved to "Around the NFL" now. But this was a good read, I appreciated it, gentlemen. If only screaming was a DE stat, because that would be the only stat he had Monday night. I did, he looked awfully sad carrying it back to his hotel. That's why. Since March 26th, LOL. Have you been in a coma, my man? Ben Watson retired, then unretired, then signed with the Patriots while you were out too. 6 sacks and 11 QB hits surrendered is the definition of weak. Yeah, because we had a rookie 3rd string 3-tech starting. Onyemata is now back from his 1-game suspension and Rankins is already practicing despite tearing his Achilles nearly 8 months ago. He'll be ready to go by November 10. Really now? That's pretty awesome. You have a lot to be proud of, he's arguably one of the best WR's in the league, quite possibly the best. He was killing it even with the bums at QB he had throwing to him in 2014-2016. Not many other WR's can say that, he's a special talent. Except we were right... again. And the officials **** the bed... again. PFT: Officials cost the Saints 15 seconds before halftime Thank God I was in the Dome where I don't have to listen to their ignorant rambling for 3 and a half hours. And thankfully Crennel and Colvin didn't. 9 receptions, 127 yards, 1 TD combined and the crucial last catch by Ginn to set up the GW FG. It all started when they let Tirico walk out to door to go to NBC. Now NBC's B-team is unquestionably better then ESPN's A-team. Dude... go buy a ****ing Mega-Million ticket RIGHT NOW. I will concede this point. Ironically the last team we beat in an opener... was y'all. And y'all went 4-12 that year... Don't do this to yourself, man. Wrong. Here's the link to the rule book if you'd like to do some bathroom reading and brush up on your rules prowess. Please read above. Partially, but thankfully at least someone knows the rule around here. I don't know how you do it, sir. Brees and Payton were both signaling timeout. The instant Brees saw Ginn catch it, he turned around to Hussey and called timeout and Payton was less than 10 yards away from the down judge, also calling for a timeout. If you have Gamepass, go look at the All-22 coaches film (specifically the endzone angle of the play) and you can see Brees calling for the timeout before Ginn is even touched. I'd post the screenshot of it but it's saying the file is too big. He didn't need to be touched down for the play to be over. The play was over the instant he went to the ground and was clearly not trying to advance, which there was still :02 left on the game clock when the TO was called. The Vikings robbed themselves that year when they turned the ball over 5 times. "Dungy's players"? You mean the players Dungy inherited from Sam Wyche? The 3 captains of that defense they won a Super Bowl with (Sapp, Brooks, Lynch) were all drafted by Sam Wyche, not Tony Dungy. If Tony Dungy was such a great coach in Tampa, he would've been able to build an offense that could average more than 9.8 ppg in the playoffs. His last two years in Tampa they scored 6 ppg in the playoffs (3 points in 2000 and 9 points in 2001) going one-and-done both years at the Vet in Philadelphia. Gruden comes in the 2002 offseason, retools the offense, and the Buccaneers average 35.3 ppg in the playoffs including a 27-10 beatdown of the Eagles at the Vet in the NFC Championship, yet Dungy gets the credit for it? LOOOOL, nahhhh.
  9. I am home, I already moved in. Someone got to keep momma happy. Indeed, hate injuries myself. Good luck.
  10. LMAO, "trash secondary". You mean the same secondary that forced 3 fumbles (recovering 2) against y'all the second time we met last year and then recovered another one stripped out by one of our LBers? Ryan, Julio, and Ridley better hold onto the ball this year. Y'all were saying that last offseason too. I trust your expert judgement, I shall start him in fantasy that week.
  11. They just live in the real world is all. "Throwing us a bone" or not, if it actually happens then I really couldn't give a **** what they were trying to do. I'll take Lombardi #2 any way we can get it.
  12. As I've stated before, I post here, the Huddle, and Pewter Report in addition to my home board. Y'all ain't special, but if thinking as much floats your boat then knock yourself out, champ.
  13. You mean the "new" DC that's on the hot seat as the head coach? Unless y'all trotting the 2013-14 Seahawks defense, I'm not afraid of Quinn and his 3-5 record against us as y'all head coach.
  14. Those were the two that immediately came to mind for me. The second of which produced this gem, it still makes me laugh. I agree completely on the first bit; it's a team thing but if it can be put on any individual, that's more on Shanahan and/or Quinn than it is on Ryan or any other player (maybe Freeman). Ryan played lights out for the most part. However the second bit, I just can't buy. If the game was in Atlanta, that excuse would more than likely suffice since there is red paint all over y'all field. However, the game was in St. Louis and there are only two tiny little areas there is any red paint anywhere on the field: the small NFL logos painted on the field at the 25-yard line between the numbers and the sideline. The screenshot of the infamous moment was taken with 3:14 left in the 2nd quarter and up to that point, Ryan had not been hit once and the only time he came anywhere near either of the small sections of red paint on the Rams' field was at 5:38 remaining in the 1st quarter when Ryan scrambled for 12 yards and ran out of bounds untouched. So either the equipment manager issued him a stained pair of pants (which I doubt) or Ryan did indeed **** himself at some point before. I mean no shame in it, NFL players apparently do it more than we know of. I remember an article someone wrote for the NY Times about what they saw as a ball boy for the Bears in 2003 where one of his job responsibilities included collecting the uniforms post-game and sorting through them based on their "cleanliness"...
  15. You won't be happy when you'll watch QB after QB be able to climb up in the pocket due to his inability to generate a pass rush.