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  1. Haha, I’m sure it’s the same for y’all with how much they replay the No Call, the Minneapolis Fluke, and last year’s debacles against the 49ers and Vikings. This is honestly one of the few games they’ve replayed where we won (the other being the Brees passing Unitas game against the Chargers a few days ago). But other than that, it’s us getting **** on too.
  2. I’m ready! But in all seriousness, as someone that was in there, the feeling in that building that night was simply indescribable. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words and I haven’t ever felt before or since 9/25/2006. And that’s including our Super Bowl because honestly, it was better. There’s a dopamine high from just thinking about it.
  3. 5stripes essentially laid out the basis of the conference rotation. Whenever a team is playing the entire division from either conference (for example this year the NFC South vs. NFC North and AFC West), the home-away designations are flipped from the previous time our teams played those divisions. The last time the entire NFC South played the entire NFC North was in 2017; that year, y'all played the Packers and Vikings in Atlanta, and went to Chicago and Detroit to play the Bears and Lions. This year it's the opposite: the Bears and Lions go to Atlanta and y'all go to Green Bay and Minnesota. The same with the AFC West. The NFC South last played them in 2016 and the Chiefs and Chargers went to Atlanta and the Falcons played the Broncos and Raiders in Denver and Oakland. This year it's flipped, Broncos and Raiders travel to Atlanta and the Falcons go to Kansas City and Los Angeles to play the Chiefs and Chargers. The rotation of those "same-place finisher" games is a bit more wonky since there are only 3 other divisions in the rotation (NFC North, NFC East, and NFC West before repeating), but it's a lot easier to understand if you can see it so I'll lay it out for you. First I'll put the year and list the entire division that the NFC South played, then next is the division that each NFC South team played one opponent from with the NFC South team as the home team, and last is the division that each NFC South team played one opponent from with the NFC South team as the away team. 2009: NFC East, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC West team 2010: NFC West, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC East team 2011: NFC North, vs. NFC East team, @ NFC West team 2012: NFC East, vs. NFC West team, @ NFC North team 2013: NFC West, vs. NFC East team, @ NFC North team 2014: NFC North, vs. NFC West team, @ NFC East team 2015: NFC East, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC West team 2016: NFC West, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC East team 2017: NFC North, vs. NFC East team, @ NFC West team 2018: NFC East, vs. NFC West team, @ NFC North team 2019: NFC West, vs. NFC East team, @ NFC North team 2020: NFC North, vs. NFC West team, @ NFC East team 2021: NFC East, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC West team 2022: NFC West, vs. NFC North team, @ NFC East team If you look at the first column (in red) where we played an entire division, you'll notice that rotation is (North-East-West-North-East-West). I always say North first since a.) if you think of it as a clock, the rotation is going clockwise with North at the 12 o'clock position and b.) because when they did the divisional re-alignment in 2002, the NFC South played the NFC North that first year under this scheduling formula. It's just easier for me to remember off hand. The second column (in green) is where it gets wonky due to it being a 3 division rotation so in order for it to not collide with the "entire division" schedule (i.e. having to play say the entire NFC West and another game against a NFC West opponent that same year), it has to repeat once where instead of it being a 3-year rotation, it's essentially a 6-year rotation and none of the divisions step on each others toes. The rotation for this home game is North-North-East-West-East-West before repeating. Again, I put that "North" part just just because it's easy to remember. The third column (in blue) is for the away game against the same-place finisher and it's the same rotation as the home game (North-North-East-West-East-West) except it's offset by 3 years to prevent it from conflicting with the other 2 rotations. These three rotations are the exact same for all four NFC South teams, the only thing that's different is our home-away schedule is flipped from y'all (we play the Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, and Chargers in New Orleans because we played all those teams on the road in 2016/2017). Us and the Buccaneers have the same home-away schedule and y'all and the Panthers have the same schedule. If you look at this year, since we play the NFC North, there's a chance that a team from the NFC South could host the same team from the NFC North for 3 years in a row based on how the standings fall out in 2021 and 2022. For y'all it would have to be either the Bears or Lions. We actually had that happened twice; from 2012-2014 the 49ers had to come to the Superdome 3 years in a row and then the schedule fell out the same way for the Lions having to come down here 3 years in a row from 2015-2017. I hope all this made sense though. If it doesn't then feel free to ask anything you need clarification on. I don't mind helping.
  4. Well if you're wearing a silver chain then at least you're protected from vampires so that's a plus I guess.
  5. Needs more gold and less red... I tease, but a nice setup indeed. I definitely like the overall layout of all the memorabilia.
  6. I knew this thread was going to have some schadenfreude in it but I was expecting much more. I’m disappointed in y’all! I’d say relatively low. Reason being is the NFL typically leaves that Week 17 SNF game open when they release the schedule and a lot of of things would have to happen in order for that to happen: First and foremost, they’d have to schedule the game for Week 17. Both teams would have to be in a position toward the end of the season where that Week 17 game will decide either the winner of the NFC South or possibly the #1 seed because if one or neither team is really relevant, they won’t flex it into SNF in Week 17 If not for the NFC South or #1 seed, it’d definitely have to have the most playoff implications of the other 15 games in Week 17 since theybwait until the conclusion of the Week 16 games to decide which game will go into that SNF spot Personally, I think that game in New Orleans will be poached by ESPN for a MNF broadcast if it isn’t already slated for the NBC game on Thanksgiving for a 3rd year in a row. @Atl Falcon’s post details most of the reason but I believe there were a couple of other factors also at play that led to that decision. First was Hill’s non-QB role. If Hill was thrust into the QB1 position in Brees’ absence, that leaves a boatload of Hill’s snaps (at TE, WR, RB/FB, personal punt protector, punt rusher, and kickoff coverage/returns) needing to be filled by multiple players. Either you have one backup getting QB1 reps or you have 5-6 backups getting starting snaps on top of Hill getting QB1 reps. Second was on the financial side. Before the 2019 season, the Saints organization more than likely knew a couple of things: a.) Bridgewater was an UFA and would likely be offered starting QB money and leave after the season regardless b.) Hill was a RFA and they held far more leverage than they did in the situation with Bridgewater c.) that they were already willing to use the 1st round tender on Hill to deter any potentially interested teams from attempting to sign him to an offer sheet Having Bridgewater start in Brees’ absence was more beneficial for the Saints in the the long run than starting Hill. If Bridgewater came in and stunk it up, it likely meant we’d be able retain his services at a modest price tag for the 2020 season; on the flip side, if he came in and lit it up (or at least was adequate and we kept winning like we did), we’d continue on pace for our 2019 run and it’d ultimately result in him getting a massive payday in free agency and a 2021 3rd round compensatory pick for losing him while simultaneously keeping Hill’s potential 2020 salary lower. Now if Hill started those games and lit it up, the 31 other teams would then have tangible, NFL game film on him to accurately grade what he is worth as opposed to the occasional pass here and there and having to take Payton’s word for it. With that information, that 1st round tender may not deter potentially interested teams and they may be more willing to spend that 1st on him (especially if it’s a late 1st) or at minimum, sign him to an offer sheet in attempts to drive up the price tag to retain him since the 1st round tender is only $4.641M. I ain’t mad at it if so. I wouldn’t say no to a free Lombardi either... I think you mean Bono. I don’t remember anything with Bon Jovi, but U2 did perform at that game. It is, but if I’m remembering right it’s a void year (like the 2020 season was on his previous deal) to spread out the cap and dead money hits.
  7. Much appreciated, gazoo. Thankfully being so out of the way makes things a bit easier. Hopefully things start to return to normal soon.
  8. Yeah, I’m from about an hour and a half southwest of New Orleans but I hear it’s quickly becoming an epicenter unfortunately. And likewise, my guy.
  9. Some very classy posts in this thread and they’re greatly appreciated on our end. Likewise, there’s also some ignorant ones as well, but we’ll just ignore those and focus on the former.
  10. Haha, it’s all good. And I don’t like thinking about life after Brees myself, but possibly acquiring Watson certainly perks up my ears.
  11. I was talking about trading for Watson... If that would actually happen, I can only imagine the **** you moderators here would have to endure with the simultaneous head exploding going on in TATF. That genuinely made me LOL. This man is a team player! I’ll get the camera ready. Plot Twist: Taysom Hill becomes the starter and we trade for Watson who then plays Hill’s former “Swiss army knife” role
  12. Naw, if he wasn’t fine he would’ve more than likely just retired.
  13. It’s not paint chips, it’s just CTE (likely). Poppinga used to play for the Packers/Rams/Cowboys and like Taysom, he’s a BYU alum.
  14. Hahah, I feel that. We could use another LB ourselves between the loss of Klein and how quickly our depth seems to disappear with injuries between Anzalone and Alonso. We have a 7th rounder from last year that was certainly turning some heads before he also got put on IR, named Kaden Elliss. He’s not the most physically imposing LB, but he’s always around the ball and can hit like a truck. So I’m excited to see what kind of strides he makes from Year 1 to Year 2 when he doesn’t have to think so much and can just ball. Anzalone made a similar jump after going on IR after Week 4 in 2017 only to return in 2018 and play like an absolute stud. Seems like similar to y’all we each only have one LB: Deion Jones/Demario Davis
  15. Can y’all imagine if we traded for him?