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  1. Heard from several Alabama fans that was the loudest stadium they’ve ever been too.
  2. Starting to wonder if Evan Neal needs to be our top priority in this next draft. Even over QB or Thibodeaux. He can play multiple OL positions. I'd probably lean Thibodeaux or Neal in the next draft because our OL and DL still suck. ' Please let my wildest dream of Bryce Young as a Falcon happen lol.
  3. I think Auburn will keep it close, but I'm not sure if they will win or not. I'm leaning towards Auburn winning though, but that schedule makes it hard to tell. They played one of the worst teams in FBS and an FCS team that's not very good (not the worst FCS team by any means, but not good either). Sometimes doing that can give a team confidence, sometimes it can hurt due to severely inferior competition. Wish we would go away from playing FCS teams in general in the P5 tbh. No reason we need to see Alabama/Mercer, Clemson/SC State, etc. The only real downside (and it's a big one) is that those FCS schools wouldn't get really important pay outs anymore. Maybe that's enough to keep FCS/P5 games alive.
  4. Remember that, but just saying what I heard on the radio
  5. Make it 3-9 tonight. Went to one of the losses a few years ago. Up like 3-0 going into the 9th then Minter blew it
  6. Just need to Bob Stoops to say something publicly so we can get rid of all the usual suspects when big time jobs open up. Heard someone saying on the radio that they had heard rumors Chris Petersen May be interested in returning to coaching, but added the added stuff with USC turned him away from it last time
  7. Touki just aint it. Maybe he can give us 5 innings of 2 ER?
  8. Didn’t realize the Cards were tied with the Padres now. Would suck for the Padres if they absolutely blew it
  9. Magic number of 16 I believe? It’s been a tougher year than we would have liked, but overall that division crown is right there for us
  10. We need a pass rusher. I’d take him or Neal to play on the OL
  11. Tank, get Thibodeaux, then tank again and get Bryce Young. Me=happiest man alive
  12. I’m ready to go back to discussing the trade price for your family!
  13. Been working all weekend so I guess I’ve missed all the drama lol. Let’s all pull our Barves- errrrr Braves- to the ship!! Might cry if that happened
  14. Oregon up 14-7 at the half. Come on Ducks…
  15. We’re probably winning the World Series
  16. I've honestly never been super impressed with Daniels. Maybe this is a moment for Beck to come in ala Fromm and never look back. I won't say that for sure, but you never know. Any word on that true freshman? I know he was a 5 star, but that's it. Any chance we see him play at all?
  17. We won it and our division lead grew. If we win 2/3 in every series (or 3/4, whatever it may be), it would take something monumental for us to not win the division
  18. Keep taking care of business…
  19. Gotta take care of business this weekend
  20. I think he started at Florida? Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's the case
  21. One of those calls that the Yankees, Phillies, Cubs or Dodgers get though
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