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  1. Titans looked elite last year with Lafleur so I’m sure we would have broken the 2013 Broncos records.
  2. Considering how the first 3 against the Nats went, we have dominated them since then. 11-4 in the last 15 against them and 11-7 on the year. Clinched the season series against the Nats, Marlins, and Mets right now and can win the Phillies one by taking 2/3. That's how you win the division... you beat the teams in it lol
  3. Man... Ohio State is very good this year. Not sure anyone in the Big 10 will be able to challenge them at all.
  4. If Lawrence is this unstoppable QB, then every other QB must be terrible. Dude is a good QB, but got so overly hyped. It's a shame Clemson has no one to play the rest of the year.
  5. Man if you think Clemson is unbeatable, please stop. Still haven’t seen any team this year that’s the clear runaway favorite
  6. All good bro. Lets go Braves fr
  7. Bruh I know we are having a disagreement over Alabama FB, but man LFG GO BRAVES!
  8. Wait why is that a stay classy lol? Im just pointing out that it wasn’t a slam dunk call. Plus that would have not given Carolina the lead because the score was 24-10 Alabama at that point. Muschamp still should have called a TO at that point still. i mean take a look. That’s CLOSE. Idk if you can possible overturn that. I understand that people don’t like Alabama, but that’s CLOSE. I’m not sure why you are telling me to stay classy still tbh.
  9. If it makes you feel any better, they took away a Td from Alabama too. So I guess it’s even. Alabama should have called a TO as well
  10. Alabama isn’t even trying to run the ball right now. Take out those 2 sacks and they have run 8 times for 49 yards. I’d like to see the running game at least try more. But if you don’t need to do it, I guess there isn’t any need to do it
  11. Lol you may wanna watch the play again. I agree it was probably a TD, but it wasn’t super obvious. His knee was close. Maybe Muschamp should have called a timeout and given them time to review it. That goes on Muschamp for not slowing the offense down.
  12. This is the site I've been using to check magic numbers. 2 is the playoff magic number, 6 is the division number, and 7 is the number 2 seed number.
  13. And if my math is right, our magic number to just clinch a playoff spot is 2 now.
  14. Start it off right tonight! Win the season series and trim a bit more off that magic number