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  1. I think Auburn had a hang over from last week. Even if Auburn did fire Gus, I'm not sure who they can get that is better than he is.
  2. I didn't see much of it, but I thought Georgia would win by more. I think this game honestly says more about Missouri than Georgia. Missouri is a better team than I think they were given credit for. The SEC this year has a ton of depth in the middle teams. We will see if Missouri can hang with Alabama in 3 weeks.
  3. We have to face Arrieta tonight. He has been a very good pitcher over the past 5 years, but he has not been good post all-star break: 11 GS, 61.2 IP, 1-1, 4.67 ERA, 20 BB's, 61 K's, 0.263 OBA Gets even worse if you take out a very good July he had. Tomorrow would be the game he would decide to become 2015 Arrieta again lol
  4. Even if we lose the next 2, Philly has to go 5-0 vs us, and no worse than 3-1 vs Colorado. We would have to get swept by the Mets for that to work.
  5. Felt like that 7th inning won us the division. Know you couldn't watch, but it felt like it did lol
  6. This one has to crush the Phillies. I know we haven't clinched yet, but this one has to be crushing to Philly.
  7. I think several of us are on board with Kimbrel lol
  8. That one had me out of my seat too!!!!
  9. Almost got him to go...
  10. He's young though. I'm not ready to give up on him yet.
  11. I wish, but he isn't pitching in back to backs still
  12. That was almost the worst case scenario