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  1. tl;dr (just give them to me)
  2. Beat Seattle and I will be feeling better. With tiebreakers over Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, and Detroit I would be feeling very good about making the playoffs. Overall today was a big step in the right direction.
  3. Doesn't seem like you are this year at least. I've heard so many people this year saying, "You know we should really give that Tua guy a chance to start. Move Jalen to WR." Hurts just has ice in his veins. When the pressure is on, he is at his best.
  4. Miami is number 2 in the AP Poll now. Would be nice to see them be at least number 2 in the CFB playoff poll
  5. Exciting game! Wish all the anti-Hurts people would go away and never come back. Kid is a baller and Alabama is lucky to have him.
  6. Stanford up 17-14 early in the 3rd. You know the Pac 12 is begging for UW to win tonight...
  7. I've never really seen why people think Stidham is such a dual threat. He isn't a statue back there, but "dual threat" doesn't describe him either. I think most people would rather have Fromm right now than Stidham.
  8. Hard fought game tonight, but the good guys came up short. They aren't backing down this year. Record is 2-10, but I like how they are still out there playing hard. Also why is Collins not starting already?
  9. I just don't think TCU is that good lol.
  10. TCU ahead of Miami is a crime. TCU is losing by double digits this weekend.
  11. I love the optimism, because you are right. At any point this team is capable of getting it together. I think the biggest issue is ourselves. But I think next year is a better bet for us. The schedule will be a little easier because we won't have all of the first place teams, and we have the AFC North which is not very good. If Ben and Bell both leave Pittsburgh, we can sweep that division easily. The NFC East might be tough, but we can beat every team in that division. Just let the players get their timing and confidence back this offseason, make a decision on Sark (Spoiler Alert: he isn't going anywhere), and improve the play in the trenches. Let Poe go and try and get Payne from Alabama. If the team can get its confidence back over the offseason they will be much better. But right now they still aren't over the Super Bowl.
  12. At this point it seems like the players have just lost all confidence. It almost seems like they don't believe in themselves.
  13. Good win today... Collins continues to impress me. There is promise with Prince too. Dennis is still such an enigma to me. I think he could be very good, but he still has those random games where you question that. I don't know if we will be drafting top 5, but I hope we find a way to get a top 5 pick whether it is by luck or trade. If we could find a way to land Sexton and one of the center's from this draft, I would be thrilled.
  14. We keep playing like this and he isn't lol
  15. I think we need to address the OL personally. Both trenches needs lots of work.