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  1. I think THJ will be back too. Depending on what offers are out there for Sap, I would be inclined to look
  2. I think a rebuild was necessary tbh. If THJ and Sap both walk, this is going to be a super long season. Hopefully it will lead to a top pick next year
  3. Yeah I know. Just not a fan of the first big move. Doesn't mean I won't like everything else.
  4. Fun game. Let's get 3/4 tomorrow
  5. We just traded for a player who averaged 9 minutes per game last year and 2.5 ppg (albeit in only 45 games). But he is still only averaging 5.1 ppg for his career. But I could live with that. What I can't live with is his contract. Still 3 more years and $37.5 million to go. I was fine with Howard and Millsap. I was fine with the Horford thing. But this was just dumb.
  6. That trade saves A LOT of money next year. If they can dump Baze, there is enough space to sign Sap and another FA, or just wait until next year.
  7. 1 ER allowed? Send him down
  8. One that may get forgotten some is Hilton/Moncrief. Guess Moncrief is the 2, but he is good too
  9. Up 3-0 in the top of the first. Keep it up and don't blow it plz
  10. Congrats Warriors. They do not win that series without KD
  11. Stoops and Chip Kelly would both be interesting names to watch return to coaching in 2018. I feel pretty confident Kelly will be back. Look for him to go to a Nike school (Tennessee...?)
  12. I think the biggest thing is that the Warriors will be able to keep KD, Steph, Draymond, and Klay together for another 2/3 years. I think Klay bails in 2 years when his contract is up though
  13. Biggest issue with Cleveland is their salary cap. They are going to have to try and move someone if they want to do anything
  14. Well Cleveland isn't out of it yet, but they need a run