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  1. They are filing class action law suits. It sucked, but good lord get over it.
  2. You mean you didn't want a 36 year old that is halfway through a 10 year/$240 million deal? Can't understand why
  3. Maybe, but I still think we are better than the Mets and probably the Phillies. The Nationals added Corbin, but honestly, I think last year was as good as he gets. We can still win the division as currently constructed. It would be down to the wire, but it's doable. I don't think we can make it out of the first round however. Maybe we have a trick up our sleeve for Realmuto, Haniger or someone. I know AA said we are done looking at OF's, but who knows. If we only make more move and it's Kimbrel, I would be frustrated.
  4. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed in how the offseason is going. But, let's say Markakis bats .280 (not unreasonable) and Albies and Dansby both improve (again not unreasonable). I can see this team being more successful than last year if Donaldson stays healthy. There are some ifs in those statements, so I hope we are not done. But I'll try and be patient. There is still time in this offseason. I really hope we make a move.
  5. It's an interesting question. I see what Wentz did before he hurt his knee last year and I get excited about what he could do. I wonder if Foles has peaked. Not sure there is a right or wrong answer here lol
  6. Shoot.... I would love that then lol
  7. They wouldn't have been in that position if Payton had just run the ball three times. Run on first and second down, and you may not even have to pass on third down. Even then, he still should have run the ball on third down. The bad officiating really overshadowed some bad decisions by Payton IMO.
  8. I wouldn't mind Thomas Davis. He's from the area and would provide us with some experience at LB. Don't know how much money he would want though. I feel like he will get a decent amount from another team.
  9. I think last night it opened as Rams (-1). When I saw that on ESPN, I nearly hopped on a plane to Vegas immediately. Still think Patriots (-2) is easy money, but what do I know?
  10. I think your previous post hit on it. We have been hit or miss with our second round picks recently (Oliver pending, but I think that one will turn out okay)
  11. If Beasley was taken in the 2nd or 3rd round, I don't think the word bust gets throw out at all. He's not Duke Riley who is completely lost out there.
  12. I've heard the name Juwan James thrown around for RT and I would be fine with that. I think a solid RT helps our lackluster G play. In the 20s, I would be fine with Williams or Ford, both are likely G's in the NFL. Adding James and Ford instantly makes our OL MUCH better. I look at what happened with the Cowboys and Colts both took interior OL in the first 20 picks though... it really helped. Now I don't think Ford can be compared to Martin or Nelson, but an interior OL that early can work. He won't win it, but Nelson would have my vote for offensive ROY.
  13. I think this shows that we need some investment on the OL. Since 2013, we have only drafted one OL in the first 3 rounds (Matthews). In 2012 our first 2 picks were OL, but they were Konz and Holmes so yeah...