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  1. Florida in a New Year's Six Bowl would be a travesty.
  2. And if he wasn't on Twitter, he would be 100% irrelevant. He's pretty much an idiot
  3. I was being a little sarcastic lol. All you heard all week was how he was going to change the game. And he didn't. If White falls to us, I would be perfectly happy with him tbh.
  4. Get some new CB's please. That and LB depth. Send Tru and Alford packing
  5. Unfortunately we didn't have room for error. I still love this team, but it's been a tough year. To next year I guess.
  6. Trufant sucks
  7. Yep. He knows what he is doing. His anti-SEC talk is what keeps him relevant.
  8. I think we had a pretty flat week of a practice. We beat LSU and won the West, so a let down was coming, especially against a team as physical as State.
  9. He took a few cheap shots today. Very ugly game in many ways. There were a few pretty bad calls in the first half that went against State (one would have been a State TD) and then there was a fumble that State should have had. Still think Alabama wins either way, but they were bad calls. Thought State took some cheap shots at Tua in the second half too. There were some unhappy Alabama players about it after the game and there was nearly a fight. Alabama/State is always a tough game because State plays tough and Alabama usually is beat up after playing LSU. But today was an especially ugly game. Tua will be okay... he can't afford another game like this if he wants to win the Heisman though.
  10. I borderline don't remember him being ruled ineligible because it felt like he was cleared within minutes lol. Completely agree on it being one of the most hated teams ever. Players on teams take dirty shots, but Fairley was doing it ALL YEAR. It wasn't like it was just a one game type deal. Cam was a very fun player to watch, but the NCAA thing poisoned a lot of people against him. I still feel fairly certain he was paid, but I don't really care.
  11. Dirty play by a dirty player. He was doing that all year.
  12. Did he play vs. Alabama? Kept waiting to hear his name called because I heard he was going to be the difference maker in the game, but all I can remember is him getting drug by one of Alabama's RB's. No thanks.
  13. Wonder if that scum bag has any bounty's out on our players...
  14. Oh if we beat them this year in their place, a picture on their logo has to happen. That makes so furious whenever I see them get together for that group picture. Not a team in sports I hate more than those clowns. **** the Saints
  15. Put him into the ring of honor!!