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  1. LFG!!! Trae was huge down the stretch. That deep 3 was nuts. First road game 7 won in team history I think. Great time
  2. Alright guys. Trae has to keep shooting. He’s too good to stay cold forever
  3. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    Picked up some ground on the Mets. Let’s do more this week
  4. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    We are all Hawks fans tonight anyways
  5. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    You can’t do stupid things and expect to win amirite
  6. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    Hope y’all are ready for the 5 game winning streak… followed by the 3 game losing streak Doing our best Master Yoda impression with balance I see
  7. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    Interesting stuff for real. I keep forgetting HBO Max/Discivery have a merger coming and I didn’t know the Braves were that kind of stock post-pandemic though (I need to learn more about stocks and such lol). Promotion/relegation sounds cool and the MLB has the teams for it, but how do you make it work properly with the minor league system? If the Pirates go down and the Rays team comes up, when the Rays need to call a player up, what happens?
  8. tl;dr

    Braves vs Cards

    Sad thing is, do they even want to sell? I doubt it. I didn’t see the figures on it, but if they are making money overall, I doubt they’ll sell.
  9. Yep. But it's fun to dream about. And the recent reports have made you think maybe...?
  10. Commissioners are all meeting today. Should hopefully get even more clarity after the meeting
  11. Hey I would take those 4. They help our pen, OF and starters. Didn't realize Gibson was having that good of a year honestly
  12. Some interesting ideas. Don't see anyway we could pry Marte away, but that would rock. The Berrios trade is a head scratcher. Idk why you even propose that lol. I'd consider the Rodriguez/Reynolds one if we took out De La Cruz. That gives us a CFer for now and a closer we so desperately need. But that's a lot to give up. I don't mind moving on from Waters if the right guy is there.
  13. How can the Braves address their weaknesses? Jim Bowden weighs 5 trade scenarios, other potential targets – The Athletic Someone wanna help a brother out?
  14. I see what you are saying. But the league ended up just screwing NOLA by blocking that first deal. If I'm correct, they would have had Bynum and Odom who were both very valuable pieces at the time. Kind of funny what trying to protect them got them. The league should have done something to get Zion in Atlanta. The Hawks could have had Zion and Hunter which would have been nuts. Even if Zion does want out, they would be insane to trade him.
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