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  1. We all talk about the Julio catch and such, but the sack/FF is even more frustrating 28-12 at the time with 8:35 left and 3rd and 1: I) you should have just run the ball there. Assuming we don't fumble, worst case is you have to punt. You flip field position and take some more time off the clock. An extra 2/3 minutes off the clock could have been the difference in the game. New England may have simply run out of time. II) Freeman gets that block off and gives Ryan an extra second. He's trying to go to Robinson. He's going to score possibly if Ryan can get that pass off. Instead, he doesn't and we know what happens.
  2. When you have all day to throw, have solid RBs, have a good defense, and an offensive scheme that gets guys wide open meaning you can throw checkdowns all day, you don't need WRs. But he had Gronk and Edelman 2 years ago and then Edelman again this year. He had Gordon for parts of both years too.
  3. At least the system QB isn't up there. Maybe Tom Brady will finally stop getting lucky breaks. OVerrated system QB.
  4. Fixed. Don't forget how we totally blew 2012 too haha
  5. This. Let’s be real. Julio was a major reason we were in that game with the 49ers. Then he was a major reason why we should have beaten the Pats. That catch he made in the 4th quarter should have been the only highlight you needed from that game
  6. .6 of a percentage is still better no? AB has the TD argument. That’s about it. The Falcons offense has never been about getting one guy all the TDs though. In 2016 when we were one of the highest scoring offenses of all time, our team leader in receptions TDs ended in a tie with 2 players scoring 6 TDs (Gabriel and Julio). Ryan threw 38 TDs in 2016 too, so it’s not like we didn’t score a lot. That year, 13 different people caught a TD pass and 10 players had multiple receiving TDs. Our offense has never been about getting one guy all the TDs. It’s been about finding the good matchup and scoring that way. Did you know that from 2011-2019 we have only had two players score 10+ TDs in a season? (Ridley and Julio). If you want to use AB’s TDs as a reason why he is better, at least realize the Falcons offense is about even distribution
  7. The only absolute statement we can really make on this is that we have no idea what could happen. We could be over-reacting or we could just be getting started. We really just don't know.
  8. And he's not gonna change it?!?! Lol
  9. "BUT JULIO PLAYED THIS ENTIRE YEAR!!!" Okay. Julio missed most of the 2013 season and was drafted a year after AB.
  10. I won't speak for anyone else, but worldometers has the same numbers as other sites. They are pretty reliable as far as I can tell
  11. Click on the US and it takes you to a breakdown of just the US. 362 people died yesterday. That was the lowest it has been in the past 3 days, but that's not a great trend.
  12. Yes that data is right, but considering how the first death did not occur until February 29th, that's a better starting point than January 21st. This disease isn't like the flu where you start showing symptoms pretty rapidly. It can be even 2 weeks before you start to show symptoms. The real concerning thing though is that the number of deaths per day has been trending upwards though. Even if we go with the January 21st date, we are growing pretty quickly from 37 deaths per day. Over 350 people have died the past 3 days. If that number keeps increasing, 37 deaths is going to only get higher and higher.
  13. It's been on average 87 people per day since the first death in the US (February 28th). But these things don't grow in a linear fashion. Just over the past week, we have averaged around 310 deaths per day. We saw a pretty sizeable drop yesterday in total deaths, but was that an aberration or are we starting to climb downwards on the curve? If yesterday was just an outlier and our total deaths per day are still climbing, then we are going to see more than 310 deaths/day over this next week.
  14. Man I really do hate how this has become such a political issue to lots of people. The goal of this shouldn't be "ha! I told you this would be bad!" It should be ensuring people are safe and that we can put a rapid end to this virus. I can already tell that the virus is going to be such a political weapon come November. Probably by both sides too.
  15. Part of what makes me so concerned is the "what if" scenario. I don't think this going to kill millions and millions of people, but it could. Especially if our hospitals get overwhelmed, this thing could be really really bad. We are in a rough place right now, but it is not just absolutely horrible. It definitely could turn that way though if we aren't careful.