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  1. And you also can’t just throw the ball away from anywhere. Not sure where Ryan was going to get out of the pocket though
  2. I argue he is getting his shot. Right now is his chance and after today I don’t feel good about it for him
  3. People want Ryan to just lob the ball up there
  4. Bringing back Koetter was still such a dumb move. The offense has zero creativity at all
  5. And we have a winner!!! It’s Matt Ryan’s fault when he has zero time to throw! Pocket collapses almost immediately and it is his fault!
  6. Interested to see how this gets spun into a Matt Ryan problem
  7. Daniels had a good night. He played well against a solid State defense. Very impressive
  8. Big boost for Ohio State’s resume! At least they beat Indiana (who is surely a top 10 team!)
  9. Alabama let him come in and install his offense mostly. Didnt we try and make him use Shanny’s playbook or did I make that up?
  10. Maybe he doesn’t realize Auburn played in more nattys than Ohio State last decade lmao
  11. Lets have Reddish start over Huerter. Trae/Huerter is a rough defensive starting backcourt lol
  12. Yeah but I’m not sure anyone in the Big 10 is really that good. Won’t be shocked if Ohio State has a repeat of their past couple playoff appearances. Make it, lose in the first round.
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