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  1. Ight can we address “Barry McCockiner” and @UltraWeedHater?
  2. I wonder if that’s something he can find humor with now. Or if he was ever embarrassed about it at all
  3. Something about a Falcons DB and a Hooker doesn’t sit well with me...
  4. Simple. A QB this year does nothing to make us better. Don’t believe that any of these QBs could be better than Ryan. Would rather wait for Howell, Rattler or maybe even Slovis next year. Next year’s class is better
  5. No thanks. If I’m drafting a QB that high to sit for a year or 2, I don’t want it to be a guy that has played only one full season at the FCS level
  6. This would be a big game to have for the playoff push. At this point I just want to make it. Don't care how it's done lol
  7. Fields may have looked good against Clemson this year, but he was not very good against an Alabama defense that wasn't as good as you may think. Plus the other games he played in this year that we don't need to bring up again. Don't let the name on the jersey fool you, the Alabama defense this year was good enough, but nothing special. Sure he was banged up, but yeah. He may be tough, but taking him at 4 would be a mistake. Wanting to move on from Ryan is one thing, but moving on him from just to move on from him isn't smart (unless you believe in Wilson, Fields, Lance, etc.). I just per
  8. I mean, maybe for a 7th round pick? A 7th round pick that likely won't play much for us or a guy that has talent, but may not even want to play, but could? But even then, I may just keep the 7th rounder lol. Doesn't sound like Wilson has any desire to play football at all so it would just be a waste of time.
  9. Fair enough. I’m a big Tua fan for instance, but I think the jury is still out on the guys from this past year. Definitely think Watson, Mahomes and Murray are on a level of their own. Agree on Darnold though, but idk if he will get a shot. He should, but who knows
  10. Apparently not very smart lol. We aren’t trading Ryan and I don’t get how people can’t understand that. Would be dumb on so many levels
  11. Think 2006 had Leinart and Cutler too. Cutler wasn’t bad. Kind of funny that he ended up the best of that bunch
  12. A few of them were okay (Goff) but nothing special. When there are only 3 QBs on that list that really moved the needle... yikes. And injuries really derailed 2 of those guys (Luck and Cam) and incompetence from their organization from another (Stafford). Still can’t believe the Lions fired Caldwell
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