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  1. I'll be bringing a politically incorrect at times, funny, BRUTALLY HONEST, different perspective, entertaining show to you from fans perspective about our FALCONS EVERY WEEK!!!!!! Check me out and make sure to comment, like, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE guys. Go to YouTube RIGHT NOW to see my week 1 preview and week 1 postgame summary + RANT!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCegDPOac3K72WeYHrX5P_pA?view_as=subscriber RISEUP yal!!!!!!!!!
  2. niiiiiiiiiiiice now give us the notable picks 5-9 over recent years so that we can fairly compare......
  3. BRO YOUR SO RIGHT 100x OVER. I've been arguing the same thing with all of my Falcon fans friends for the longest but just like you stated with the front office they are just that and only that fans NOT football minds. JUST THINK if we had traded him the year that we went to the Super Bowl to help sure up the offensive line w a veteran Pro Bowl offensive guard & possibly a HIGH PICK OG from the draft. the outcome of the Super Bowl could have been very different and no one to tell me we wouldn't have gotten there because we didn't need Julio Jones to beat the Seahawks or the Packers in the playoffs BUT we did need a dynamic offensive line to beat the Patriots which we didn't have.
  4. This is the problem with this city ,ownership, and the front office WE ACCEPT MEDIOCRACY & I think sometimes we forget it's a business + we want to win championships. I understand star skill players fill seats BUT having hogs in the trenches WIN Super Bowls (Seahawks, Broncos, Pats & Eagles) WE LOVE JULIO BUT LETS FACE IT WE HAVE PEAKED WITH JULIO & HIS CONTRACT. Just look at the example of what the Saints did with Jimmy Graham once they saw that they peaked with him and his contract. they traded him to Seattle or an All-Pro offensive guard and a draft pick. NOW LOOK AT WHERE THEY STAND, they have three Pro Bowl offensive lineman now and a bunch of draft pics that are really paying off for them. I THINK WE SHOULD DO THE SAME. if we can get an All-Pro offensive guard & a 2nd rounder & maybe a 4th for Julio this off season THAT WOULD B GREAT. let's not forget Matt Ryan threw for over 4000 yards that season when Julio & Roddy went down early. if we were to sure up the offensive line MATT BALLS OUT EVEB MORE EVERY YEAR . if we make this trade we SURE UP 1 OG spot then we can draft for the other OG spot & on DEFENSE we can use some of that money we freed up from Julio's contract to sign an edge rusher like Brandon Graham, DeMarcus Lawrence (which is a long shot) or Trey Flowers