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  1. Okay, so why did you act like it only happens on here if it happens everywhere?
  2. Still haven't given me one example from this board, which is what you were complaining about. Let me know if you find one
  3. Pappy! Good to see you bud. I will propose this to Mr. Blank tomorrow, hahaha
  4. Lmao. Should contact the Falcons because you've obviously got it figured out
  5. Well, you were asking what my "goal" is or what I want to achieve. Yeah, so I disagree with you. Its not a big deal and that's all this is
  6. You said "this board". Shouldn't be hard if everyone on here is saying Fromm is so great. (hint: they're not)
  7. Dude, you said "He is owed nothing! Not even a tryout" and that was what I disagreed with. You seem to be backing off of that, but don't act like I just looked for something, because that's what this is about
  8. Give me literally one link to a post saying this. Even if you can, I swear people seem to imagine that everyone else is saying the thing that they disagree with.
  9. My original question was why you care that he got a shot and you never gave any sort of answer, so don't act like it was me that made a big deal out of this in the first place.
  10. Can you let me know who you'd prefer so I can go make some awful takes like this for them?
  11. Then cry for something that actually has a chance of happening. Garrett will be out for the season and then it'll blow over and all will be back to normal.
  12. It's definitely fair, but that won't stop anyone from crying about homerism, even though some on here have actually watched these guys.
  13. That's how it goes, but it's alright. I mean, I've cleared out a lot of troll posters, but some like to act like we're going to start banning if they say something against the grain.
  14. Lol. I had a good time with it on his TonyMartin account, but this is just nonsense that can't do much with.
  15. Moving this. I'm a UGA alum too, if anyone wants to whine about it
  16. My "goal" was to state my opinion, like I did. People act so weird when you're a mod, as if I'm trying to do something rather than just giving an opinion.
  17. I asked why you care. If he brings nothing to an NFL team, then nothing will happen. You can say you don't care, but you're making it out to be something
  18. Definitely feels great to beat em, and I loved seeing the team actually enjoying themselves after looking beaten down most of the season. And on draft pick watch, the Jets, Bucs, and Browns all won and Miami is up early.
  19. Future cap, sure, but for 2020, you'd be looking at $19 million in dead money and and hole to fill vs. $16 million to keep him. If he's really not in the future plans, they could rip the band-aid off and cut their losses looking toward the future, but they have some work to do for 2020 cap-wise. At least Trufant would save about $5 million in 2020, but that's still not much when you're creating another hole to fill.
  20. I really can't keep up with what point you're trying to make or where this is coming from. Who are these alts that we're not able to identify? Seems like you're now buddies with the guy I thought you were talking about.
  21. Yeah, we look up IP addresses. What is your issue exactly?
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