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  1. Cool story, but that has nothing to do with what that saying actually means.
  2. For those who may not know, this is what Vikings fans do for their "Skol" chant. Payton is one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL now, and doesn't seem to act like it. Side note: I was able to go to a game in Minnesota last year when I was up there for work. Awesome experience and a great fanbase. That just makes it look that much worse to me. Grow up.
  3. It may or may not have already been done before I posted that
  4. I saw it too, and I can also tell where people are posting from. I also may be able to change someone's avatar if they try to pretend they're something they're not
  5. Funny post considering you're a Saints fan pretending to be a Falcons fan in order to get people to stop posting this stuff.
  6. Not that I need to explain myself, but I just posted a comment to chill out on them to try to not have it be literally every thread on the first three or so pages of this forum. I haven't taken action on any of these, so you can cut the "hall monitor" stuff. Of course I enjoyed it. That has nothing to do with my mod responsibilities on here though. I only posted that after the 30th or so thread and honestly didn't think it came off as being that serious. Not a big deal.
  7. Alright guys, that's enough Saints threads. Not directing this at you OP, but this is going way overboard.
  8. Yeah, this type of thread definitely isn't allowed, especially since it has nothing to do with this board. You got your response. We're done here
  9. Good for you. Not the time to bump this.
  10. Post in the game thread
  11. This one has run it's course. Further discussion here...
  12. It's like when you rush to clean everything when you find out family is coming to visit for the first time in years... Zoom in to the left side.
  13. If the forecast is accurate, it's supposed to be above freezing for 3 days prior to the game, and even reaching 57 on Friday. The field shouldn't be frozen.
  14. Yeah, but take it as a general point of large bird drags hoofed animal off of cliff.
  15. Gruden will be in his third season there when they actually move to Vegas. It will be old news by then. I guess if you mean that he'd have the team doing well after two years for their move, they'd certainly want that, but so does every team when they hire a new coach.
  16. This thread was inspired by a Reddit post with an image from every playoff game since 1999. I thought that was a pretty cool idea as we head into the 2017 playoffs, so I pulled out all of the Falcons playoff games in that time period, which are also all of the playoff games since Blank has owned the team. Good or bad, I'm sure many of you remember every single one of these games. We've had some incredible moments and certainly our fair share of letdowns; but these are the ones that matter, and the game, or games, to follow this postseason will join these as a part of our history. Enjoy, and here's to the next chapter. Rise Up Dirty Birds! January 4, 2003 - NFC Wild Card Game - 6. Atlanta Falcons (27) @ 3. Green Bay Packers (7) January 11, 2003 - NFC Divisional Playoff Game - 6. Atlanta Falcons (6) @ 1. Philadelphia Eagles (20) January 15, 2005 - NFC Divisional Playoff Game - 5. St. Louis Rams (17) @ 2. Atlanta Falcons (47) January 23, 2005 - NFC Championship Game - 2. Atlanta Falcons (10) @ 1. Philadelphia Eagles (27) January 3, 2009 - NFC Wild Card Game - 5. Atlanta Falcons (24) @ 4. Arizona Cardinals (30) January 15, 2011 - NFC Divisional Playoff Game - 6. Green Bay Packers (48) @ 1. Atlanta Falcons (21) January 8, 2012 - NFC Wild Card Game - 5. Atlanta Falcons (2) @ 4. New York Giants (24) January 13, 2013 - NFC Divisional Playoff Game - 5. Seattle Seahawks (28) @ 1. Atlanta Falcons (30) January 20, 2013 - NFC Championship Game - 2. San Francisco 49ers (28) @ 1. Atlanta Falcons (24) January 14, 2017 - NFC Divisional Playoff Game - 3. Seattle Seahawks (20) @ 2. Atlanta Falcons (36) January 22, 2017 - NFC Championship Game - 4. Green Bay Packers (21) @ 2. Atlanta Falcons (44) February 5, 2017 - Super Bowl LI - A1. New England Patriots (34/OT) vs. N2. Atlanta Falcons (28)
  17. Sadly, we've had far too many moments that could be described as "the end of an error"
  18. Playoff game in less than 48 hours can't get here fast enough. The top threads on here right now are already in offseason mode.
  19. I originally just said to not crap up the thread, and you're apparently not willing to do that. If it ain't that serious, just leave it alone.
  20. And, I said what I said, so.... I wouldn't allow people just here to antagonize Falcons fans to continue, and since there are a lot of Dawg fans here, it's no different.
  21. This was a huge win for UGA and the fanbase. Stop crapping up the thread. Here's one with a six whole replies if you'd like to discuss your team...
  22. Still can't believe what I just watched. Amazing.