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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm included in that "everyone" who has a right to post their opinion, which I did
  2. You can feel free to stop watching and posting and do something else with your time. Probably would be more enjoyable than making sure this board is as miserable as you are
  3. Same complaints don't need another thread
  4. Knock it off with all of the threads
  5. You should charge your phone
  6. Nothing has been discussed on the mod side. I'm closing this one since you decided to go there. You're making stuff up.
  7. Looks like I'm the one who's been giving the suspensions lately, so maybe you guys are talking about me. I don't know.
  8. The first one sounds like it could have been me, tbh, but I certainly wouldn't suspend someone over that. And the other one is incredibly vague, but yeah, if we ask you to stop doing something multiple times and you don't, well... Maybe someone was on a power trip, I don't know, but doesn't sound like much to me. All I can say is that the current active mod staff is not that heavy-handed unless you're really causing a problem.
  9. What sort of trouble did you get in? You have zero warning points, which means zero supensions or even any official warnings.
  10. All I see on the last 5 pages is a few non-Falcons threads moved to Around the NFL. So, I'm not really sure what the problem is.
  11. I can see why. Forgot about that until you said it. I'm hopeful the AAF is at least halfway decent because football during the off-season would definitely be great, and I think there's enough talent out there that didn't make it in/to the NFL.
  12. Na, it's supposed to start next February and be kind of a developmental league, playing during the off-season and not trying to compete directly with the NFL.
  13. Well, there is the AAF coming that is trying to be similar to this. Whether it works or not, we'll see. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this considering Atlanta is getting a team with Mike Vick as OC.
  14. He's just being weird. Of course yesterday was a mess on here. It always is on game day after a bad loss (or a normal loss, or a win sometimes). Sure, we could merge 5 threads and then watch 20 more come take their place, but you just do what you can on here, and trying to put a lid on people's disappointment is simply a losing battle.
  15. I understand and am not trying to call anyone out, but if people keep making threads, it's just going to get worse
  16. Y'all keep discussion in the game thread. The board is already struggling bad.
  17. I haven't read the whole thread yet, but...
  18. I can't imagine the 49ers trading for any QB, much less Schaub. They're still rebuilding, and trading a pick with a roster that isn't going to win now (for a QB that isn't going to win now either) doesn't make sense at all.
  19. Releasing him on Monday it seems, and the reason for announcing it beforehand might be...
  20. There is a lot of conflicting info right now, but what I'm seeing now is that the Browns announced he is cut, but haven't officially done it yet.
  21. Start another thread if your online friend verifies this since no one knows about this except for him.