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  1. I'll just repeat this again, because you must not have seen it. Good luck this year.
  2. I still don't think it was some insane offseason like some seem to believe. Yeah, you improved, and other teams did too. Sure, Collins and Jones weren't there last year, but that's still great players that aren't there anymore. Cooks is a nice piece, but you gave up a first for him where there were quality players available, and gave up a 4th rounder for Allen, who isn't very good and reportedly may not even make the roster. Ealy blows too as far as replacing all of the pass rushers lost. I'm also sure you thought Gilmore was great when receivers were burning him all last year. And Gronk is healthy, like he is every year until he's not. You guys are obviously still favorites, so don't get your panties twisted, but I think the circlejerk about how amazing your offseason has been is way off-base.
  3. I mean, that would mean an 11 year career, being on the pessimistic side of it. That's a pretty long career. If he managed a couple more years than that, he'd be where Larry Fitzgerald is at right now. Though, we should realize that Julio is going into year 6 and appreciate it while he's in his prime. Things can change quickly.
  4. Oh yeah, the video says exactly what PMF said if you go beyond that screenshot.
  5. Is this from Madden? It looks like the Playstation fonts.
  6. When people talk about the Patriots "insane" offseason, I wonder if they realize that they lost free agents worth $27 million/year to other teams (Ryan, Sheard, Bennett, Blount) and within the last 12 months, they also lost 2 players worth $29 million/year in Collins and Chandler Jones. They had to make quite a few moves in order to not get worse this offseason. I do expect them to be somewhat improved, but it would worry me more if they used that first rounder to get a pass rusher to replace one of the three they've lost rather than a receiver they don't really need in Cooks.
  7. Artie got $850 million in financing last fall that will need to be paid back with interest.
  8. Seriously...stop talking about the F'ing patriots. It's contributing to this board being absolute **** lately.
  9. I can politely tell you to go **** yourself if it makes you feel better
  10. Whatever you can play dumb if you'd like
  11. if you're still going to be allowed to post here by week 6, much less a week from now.
  12. There's no obvious replacement, but Garland and Schweitzer are competing for it. Whoever wins will have earned it, and the other will be depth. I've said before that unless RG is a complete liability, the O-line will be fine with the 4 best starters on it returning.
  13. Happy birthday! You might have gotten a thread made if it showed you on the birthdays at the bottom of the page. Instead, it's showing one for @candy97, who has zero posts and last visited 8 years ago.
  14. :crickets: Your thread went cold, btw
  15. I laughed. I almost googled "animal masturbation jokes" to find one to reply with, but then I thought better about what might show up.
  16. Probably says hot because we were talking about hot dogs Edit: and masturbating cows
  17. They call them fingers, but I never see them fing.
  18. What ever happened to Vince Vaughn? He used to be in a lot of movies.
  19. Let me know when you post it so I can derail it like you did to this one.
  20. I suppose it is kind of ironic that I think Reggie Davis has a shot at filling the role you talked about though. The kid is raw, but talented.
  21. At first, I was about to point out that it's Reggie Davis out of UGA that we have, but we did have him too. It looks we we waived this guy though, sorry...
  22. I guess it is the offseason, but debates about Ryan seem kind of pointless now. He won the **** MVP award. Let me person wasn't really buying into Ryan and then the other one disagreed.