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  1. I'm going to address this publicly as a reminder to people to not go there. Refrain from commenting on his past personal issues and keep it to his actual job performance.
  2. I initially thought the pics were supposed to mimic Julio and the Falcons talking and was confused for a sec.
  3. Looks like them Bama boys are at it again
  4. Happy birthday bro! Let me tag him to make sure he sees this. @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers @Jpowers@Jpowers
  5. Ridley's fully protected by an injury protection waiver, so he'll get his slotted contract no matter what. It's just a formality. I actually think that the plan was to sign Ridley with the June 1 Toilolo money, but the optics of announcing he'd signed wouldn't look good right now given this situation.
  6. Reminder to not post any Julio minicamp tweets in the minicamp thread, but here are a couple of fan reactions...
  7. Terrence Magee is the new Charles Godfrey.
  8. No problem. Also, access should be good for the media today with it being open to the public. Starts at 2:30
  9. I've removed them, as you requested in the OP for this to not be another Julio thread. Seriously, this is literally the one thread going about actual Falcons team activities while there are tons of Julio threads, guys. Julio posts will be removed so the thread doesn't get derailed from minicamp updates.
  10. Anyone going? If so, please share your thoughts
  11. Also, this is the main thread unless there is news and will remain open. If you want to have a long debate about it, this is the best thread for it.