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  1. The structure matters, but it often isn't as relevant for the highest paid guys. For Matt's current contract, which is a decent comparison, his cap hit is somewhere near $20 million every year, and he will almost certainly see every penny of that $100+ million. It doesn't matter how you slice it. Structure matters far more when it's a guy on a 5 year contract that you can easily move on from after 2 years. Deals like that are often misleading. These top paid guys are generally not going anywhere soon, barring something unexpected.
  2. No offense man, but your point was that others don't know how it's structured. Carr's a good guy, and that's the right thing to say, but it doesn't really mean much. He is the highest paid player in NFL history right now. He very likely may see every penny of this deal...a lot of the highest paid players do.
  3. He may have asked that, but there's nothing that special about his contract, except that they took his $1.7 million cap hit this year to $15+ million to keep some of the future cap hits a bit lower. That's just the nature of extending a player with a cheap year left on their deal. He'll still be a $21-22 million cap hit when Cooper and Mack come up for a new deal...not that either were going anywhere despite this deal.
  4. Nice...editing in Spanky. Yeah, it is pointless because no Falcon fan on this board needs any evidence for Matt Ryan anymore. Matt won MVP and proved it, and any Falcon fan on here agrees now. Congrats on sticking to your guns in the past, but it's literally preaching to the choir now. Except for, of course, the Patriots fans that you've been attracting by bringing up their QB and team. It fits your MO love to play the victim, and now that there's no other Matt Ryan opposition on here, a bunch of Pats fans attacking you for posts about Matt Ryan is exactly what you want. Personally, I took a break when this place got overrun with trolls...I have a feeling you ramped up your efforts to defend Matt Ryan's honor against some neckbeards on the internet.
  5. My guess... Best: Raiders Worst: Dolphins
  6. Indeed. But for positive reasons also. The fanbase is likely to grow because we're an exciting team to watch, and people like a winner.
  7. Oddly enough, QB salaries actually haven't risen compared to the cap. As a percentage of the cap, Ryan's deal in 2013 would be a $28+ million deal now. Flacco just had the perfect storm happen to become the first $20 million QB, and other deals were based on that. Since then, the market has actually corrected itself a bit. Flacco 2013 = 16.3% of overall cap Carr 2017 = 14.9% of overall cap
  8. They release this study every year. It's largely a study of which teams can suck the most money out of their fans. Not really something I'd be proud to rank highly on, IMO.
  9. Congrats you've got Patriots fans all over the board following you around, but at least you have someone to have pointless Matt Ryan arguments with again now.
  10. I don't really intend to jump into this, but just to add a counter-point, the Patriots have won a couple of Super Bowls the last few years with spare parts at RB. I actually can't recall the last team with an elite back to win it all nowadays, other than Marshawn Lynch who didn't have much to do with that win.
  11. Ryan is top 10 in the entire league...what are you talking about? The lack of media attention is somewhat expected, but we still get plenty of respect. We're on the short list of favorites for anyone paying attention. Time to cut out the "we're disrespected" ****. Even if we are for some, we'll show it soon enough.
  12. You can read my replies to that and respond if you'd like. I certainly don't blame any players, and I'm proud of Matt and Julio for being represented in the top 10.
  13. I'm not sure if you quoted me just because or what, but again, I definitely agree. I've been a huge fan of DJ for a while and couldn't imagine what he'd do behind Dallas's line.
  14. To be clear though, I'm not saying it's meaningless, and I do think it's cool when our players get recognized by their peers. I just don't care at all when the list seems inaccurate because it is fairly flawed.
  15. Yes, but like I said, the methodology seems pretty flawed. They apparently give a small percentage of players a piece of paper and ask them to give their top 20 players...that's it. There doesn't seem to be any sort of instructions...whether they mean last year, next year, career or what. As a result, you get fluky results like JJ Watt making the list despite barely playing last year, because those players don't even really know wtf they're voting for.