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  1. Just got back...bought a cheap ticket, but snuck down and ended up right next to those slides. That was awesome.
  2. If Bryant is going to be signed by anyone, it will be after week 1 IMO. At that point, this years salary is no longer guaranteed. With the injuries, I'm pretty sure that's what teams are thinking with him.
  3. Guys, please don't post your email address in this thread. It's not really against the rules, but you shouldn't post it on a public forum. I've edited a couple of them out. Should you win, you can provide it to OP via private message. Thanks @esmithidoc for doing this!
  4. If Debo gets the same overall as Grady, it would almost definitely be an extension since he has a year left. It would be 4 years, $68 million in new money, but effectively about 5 years, $70 million going forward. I figure they would probably raise his cap hit a bit for this year from the ~$1.5 million it currently is. I'd say add another $5 million this year for Debo and his contract would be very reasonable in future years.
  5. Happy bday amigo! Beautiful day in the A...hope you enjoy it!
  6. On the grand
  7. I bought a last minute cheap ticket and stood behind the lowers on the first base side, so I didn't have the best view of his pitches...probably could see better on TV
  8. Like I said, I'm at the game and trying to enjoy myself. I've posted a couple of times to knock it off though and I would recommend everyone keep it on topic or something may be done
  9. Do you guys have me on ignore too? For real...knock it off with this crap. No one is crying to mods, but take it to PM if you want with this "drama"
  10. I'm at the game and was checking in to see some thoughts on the game. Y'all knock it off
  11. Should I just make this the game thread?
  12. Sorry. I forgot to post one.
  13. The vet signings of Brown, Carpenter and Sambrailo should make it to where we don't have to necessarily count on the rookies if they're struggling. It's not like it was a few years ago where our first rounders had to play because we didn't have anything else. It's certainly a debate whether this is the best allocation of resources or not, but I can understand the strategy when you need to replace 3/5 of the line on a team trying to win now. Fix it long term in the draft but bring in some vets to help in the short term. If you don't end up needing them, that's a good problem to have.
  14. Seems like the typical "TATF didn't like this and now TATF does" stuff as if everyone shares the same opinions around here. Personally, I didn't know much about our first round picks predraft as I thought we'd go a different direction. As I've learned more about them, I view them more positively. If you looked into them in depth predraft and decided you don't like them, that's fine, but it's not fair to assume everyone did and is now being disingenuous.
  15. Of course it would have. Those were more popular players around here predraft, but doesn't make it right. It seems people are looking more into the players we picked and finding things they like. That's a far better approach to this than deciding that you hate the picks because they weren't the guys you wanted, but there's plenty of that here too.