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  1. It's not clear how many games he has sat out yet. When he was released before the season, it was reported that he was on the commissioners exempt list, basically indefinitely suspended. The 6 game suspension wasn't announced until the Friday before the Lions game, but that could just be when it was announced. If he was suspended the week before the Lions game, he'd be eligible to play week 10 vs the Cowboys. Edit: Forgot about the bye week. Week 9 vs the Panthers then.
  2. Coleman can line up in the slot on occasion, but he's a running back. I would like to see both of our backs used in the passing game more, but as a threat to run or catch out of the backfield with a mismatch vs a linebacker in coverage. Not lined up in the slot vs a nickel corner/safety.
  3. Thank you KOG! Appreciate the nice comments from you and others the other day.
  4. What is the Saints record over the last 2 and a half seasons?
  5. Thanks papa. Yeah, they brought me on board today. I may need to keep this gif handy...
  6. Since you titled this "serious question", I thought you might actually want to know why some think we can beat the Patriots. Seems like you just want them to be as disappointed as you are.
  7. Duke's probably just getting used to the train horn. It takes time.
  8. Who says that your belief has to be stronger? I felt like we definitely should beat the Dolphins, but we didn't. We should have, but it is what it is. I guess your idea here is that the Pats are a vastly superior team, but if you've been paying attention, the Pats defense is terrible. The NFL doesn't work like A > B > C. C can and will beat A any given week. It's more about matchups, and I feel good about our matchups here.
  9. No, I think this is like the fifth thread about the train horn. Seems like an odd thing to nitpick to me, but whatever.
  10. Prior to this week, we were #1 in yards per drive, #4 in points per drive. Yesterday obviously was not on par with that, but we have certainly been moving the ball down the field compared to the rest of the league in the other games. Honestly, turnover margin is probably the biggest issue so far. We're 27th in the league at -4.
  11. When we're lose, everything is "the problem", all the way up to that guy who pulls the net for field goals that posts on here sometimes. Oh yeah, I don't think anyone has blamed him yet. Screw that guy!
  12. But why? You picked the most empty section and I'm pretty sure you can go anywhere along the sideline from those sections. Just saying, take all of the people down there and add them back to those sections and it doesn't look nearly as empty. Anyways, I made my point. This stuff doesn't bother me anyway, so if you disagree, that is fine.
  13. Not sure why you posted a pic cropping most of those people out. Look across the width of your original pic...there are way more than 32 people. The sideline area goes this deep and it looks like it's pretty full back in there...
  14. I hear you, and I'm sure there's some truth to that. I'm just saying that if you account for all of these people, it's not nearly as bad as it looks. Also, these people are choosing to stand in a tight crowd just to be down there closer to the action rather than sit comfortably in their seats. That's kind of the opposite of what you're talking about the "corporate" fans doing. I know I'd be trying to get down on the field if I had the choice.