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  1. Are you mocking me or do you have something to say?
  2. This is some weird shtick trying to act like he's dogging on Ryan when he just didn't include him in a *gasp* article. I'll just add a misleading tag to the thread...carry on I guess
  3. FWIW, I read all of the game thread until halftime, and positive comments were definitely the vast majority. Some are always going to find something to complain about though, and those seem to be what gets attention around here.
  4. Kazee! All he does is be right where the ball is
  5. I have thought quite a bit about going, but I don't think I will be able to make it. I do think it would be cool if we had a memorial thread for Slappy on here on Saturday, the same day as the actual memorial. It would give everyone else a chance to say some words.
  6. I don't know man. I'm not involved. I just know how things escalate into a back and forth and sometimes gets ugly, and I know there are some who would prefer to not have to read through that. Just a reminder all around to keep it cool. If you're on a Braves subforum on a Falcons board, I'm pretty sure you're all probably true fans.
  7. Seems like everything is alright now, but let's keep it cool. From what I've seen, things seem to be getting a bit heated around here now that the Braves are playing meaningful baseball. This has seemed to be a good community in the past, and I'd suggest trying to keep it like that.
  8. Alford's contract, on the other hand, is very tradeable. He would leave very little dead money and the other team would have him under control for 3 years at $8-9 million per year. This is a pipe dream, but starting there would be more realistic cap-wise.
  9. It also wouldn't exactly be unloading Trufants contract as it would leave a bunch of dead money this year. Trufants cap number would jump from $12.9 million to $19 million in dead money this year. Then you have to pay Mack probably $20 million per year. Unless you want to go all in on Mack at the expense of letting other key pieces walk. Trufant is in year one of a big extension. Any talk of him being traded or released in the short term isn't going to happen. That's just the way it is with NFL contracts like his.
  10. It was a nationally televised game dude. It's not like fans didn't see it. You're just making up stuff to fit your narrative.
  11. This is such a weird comment on a few different levels. Especially the part where the media freaks out (they wouldn't) and I'm supposed to feel fortunate that didn't happen.
  12. NFLN uses the home team's broadcast. In markets near Atlanta, we get a Falcons broadcast. They just had a sideline interview with Matt Ryan
  13. 4th and 18.... "Quinn may go for it here" Quality commentating