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  1. I think if you go past the title and to the OPs point, a better way of putting it is that the "talent" is not the problem, and free agency is simply about adding talent. I think both player execution and coaching contributed to problems last year, but unless you're talking about replacing players who didn't execute properly, then free agency is not where the answer to those problems lie.
  2. I got ya, and certainly appreciate your opinions as you bring a lot to the board. I'm just saying that I'm still in "wait and see" mode personally, but I understand why some of you aren't. We're all on the same side and yeah, I will probably be frustrated too if my wait and see approach doesn't yield much.
  3. Free agency is far from done, except for some of the big names, but I didn't think we were going there anyways. I understand the frustration, but I've seen plenty of overreactions on here before just for something to happen later. I'm cool with seeing how it shakes out and then evaluate it.
  4. Short the last 2 years they've paid Mack, Trufant, Alford, Freeman, Sanu, Schraeder, Levitre. Jake Matthews is on a fairly pricy 5th year option, in addition to already paying Ryan and Julio. There are ways to manipulate the cap that we can and probably will use in the future, but those can also turn a long term contender into a team with a short window. I think we're continuing to build for long term success and still have one of the most talented rosters in the league.
  5. Posted this in the FA thread, but thought I'd put it here as well.
  6. Crabtree's cap hit was only $7+ million. Honestly seems like a downgrade for about the same price
  7. Related pretty funny tweet...
  8. Let's keep this thread to moves, etc please. There's another thread on the front page about FAs the Falcons didn't sign if you need to vent.
  9. First chatter I've seen in Richardson. Looking for a monster deal.
  10. Alright guys, chill. I'm guessing he's asking here because the concert is at the Benz and maybe PSL owners get a presale code. I'll leave it here for just a bit if someone can help him out, and then move it to Dome Field Advantage.
  11. The risk with him is his age and his injury history, but I think that will be reflected in his price tag. Should be cheap.