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  1. It's the right choice. This was not an ad paid for by Kaspersky America, LLC. We promise. Really....
  2. Beasley has Von Miller-like ability. If the refs ever stop letting people hold him 10 times a game he could be lights out.
  3. I think McKinney will be better in the long run. Ragland would be great in the 2nd or 3rd if we already had good cover LB's.
  4. We could have had Bernardrick McKinney in the 2nd round last year. If we take Ragland at 17 I will have to consider that a monumental failure. BTW, he(McKinney) started in the playoffs as a rookie this year.
  5. If we sign some good O linemen and draft well defensively with most of the other picks, stealing a first round WR with pick 17 could be exactly what this team needs to propel them to the Lombardi Trophy. I leave no options off the table when it comes to the draft. You never know for sure which pick could be leading you to a championship until 2-3+ years from now typically. So, after years of watching this team draft one bust after another trying to fill needs I think it is imperative to explain to <EVERYONE>~~~ how necessary it is to always take the best player available.
  6. Whatever, does this mean I can officially name him Joe Bawley now? Go crying to the media when grown men are working. Grow up and shave your neckbeard......for all of us, baby.
  7. I salute you for making different choices with the first couple of picks.
  8. It's a ricky pick and, truth be told, I think Foster may be the better pro. Both could be busts. Not joking at all. Of course, one could get drafted by Baltimore and become the next Ray Lewis. hehe Only time will tell.
  9. No way Howard is there in the 3rd if he has a good combine.
  10. Look at me, I can type too! This reads like a D Orlando article, even sounds like he wrote it. haha
  11. They did for many decades and only admitted it because they had to for tax reasons. The NFL is so obviously rigged and you can easily see it once you accept that it could be a possibility. If you really pay attention you can see how the refs are directing the game by exerting their control whenever it is needed. I doubt the players are really in on it, but sometimes I wonder about the coaches....especially after last year's superbowl ending play. Tuggle made the single most honest point, do you really think a multi-billion dollar business is really going to be left to chance? I just hope Blank has made his bribe to the refs for next season so he can sell all the PSL's...I mean, win the superbowl.
  12. I don't like to make snap decisions based on a limited sampling. Pretty much every person on this board thought Free was Quiz Jr. after last season. Honestly, EVERY person.
  13. If we take another DB in the first 2 rounds I will be very disappointed. Our Safeties did a solid job this year, especially after Moore was finally back in his vacation spot...the IR. ****, one of them even made a couple of interceptions in big moments.
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