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  1. I would love that. I didn't expect alot from us this year because of Joe's ACL recovery but we did better than expected. If we can get another good draft again then we'll be back. If Breshad Perriman can be half of what Julio is then we are in pretty good shape.
  2. I'm actually from Richmond Va but I have family that live in MD even though they are skins fans but I've been a Raven fan since the 6th grade. Like I said, this Falcons team has some grit to them that Ive never seen from them before. I fully expected them to fold like lawn chairs but they kept piling it on. I dont have an NFC team but I do follow the Falcons from time to time.
  3. I must say I wasn't a believer in the Falcons for pretty much all season but this Falcons team seems a bit different. They played more physical and more disciplined than what I have seen in the past. As much as I love my boy Flacco that boy Matt Ryan is playing on another level and I'm happy for him. Lets hope you guys finish the deal and bring it home. i'll be rooting for yall to experience what I experienced in 2000 and 2012 and trust me there is nothing like it.
  4. Cant wait to see this game. I'll be rooting hard for the Falcons, its about time they win one.
  5. Wish people would get off their high horse. It's about time we have someone who wear their emotions on their sleeves. The NFL have their Barry Sanders-like players who do the whole "I've been here before" routine. It's good to have a guy who talks trash and shows his emotion going against the grain. That's Sherman's personality. He got the best of Crabtree in that one instance... let him live. People be so sensitive over small stuff. Haha
  6. My eyes must be playing tricks on me but was roddy just sitting down with heath evans talking about the patriot way?
  7. No problem I should post here more often and merry Christmas to you my friend
  8. No problem my friend that other guy doesn't have an avatar and his name is blt1234467789 lol
  9. Well its funny that you call me out when I don't come over here to troll Ryan in the first place, this thread was about the falcons vs the miners but you made it a point to mention flacco in it hmmm I wonder why? I actually like Matt Ryan and I don't rejoice in his failures or flaws either so I don't know where you got that from, you obviously have me confused with that other ravens fan so I'm willing to give you a pass on that. Last I checked this is rival central where fans from other teams talk about football not just falcon fans so if you're gonna call me out make sure you call every one e
  10. Can't even lie I saw Ryan keep alot of plays alive with his legs, I never seen him do that before
  11. LOL why are you looking at Flaccos flacco?
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