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  1. Even though I'm not the praying type, I do believe in the power of heartfelt support from other people. I come here for the insightful posts about our Falcons, but would never be offended or bothered by other posters in need of support. I don't believe, we need a separate forum for this. If Falcons fans in need of support can't reach out to other Falcons fans on a board like this, what is the idea of having a fan forum?.
  2. We can't .. George Aston signed with Denver Broncos (UDFA)
  3. Some folks won't or can't see that the draft is dynamic. They assume that players draft position is fixed and that other teams picks don't affect it. But trying to reason with someone who uses hindsight as their only perspective seems like a waste of effort
  4. Good old tippy toes ... I must admit that I was never a big fan of him. Seeing him dancing behind the line instead of running became frustrating at times.
  5. At the east west shrine game, he was compared to Michael Turner. That's enough reason for me. Bring him home TD and DQ
  6. How about Devine Ozigbo? During the Shrine game they compared him to Turner ..
  7. The whole "newspaper" was a collection of TATF typos .. or should I say TAFT ?
  8. And I truly doubt that anyone will ever understand the real meaning of Hive Sop Dap.
  9. That depends. If he forgot to collect a paycheck and you want to send it to me, then yes. Otherwise no.
  10. Yeah. No need to worry. If a Dane plays in the NFL, he automaticly goes into the HOF (statictics doesn't lie)
  11. I have absolutely no problem admitting, that I teared up and shouted out loud, when the victory was secured. It has been a long wait since 1998 and at times very hard to be a fan of this team. The last time I teared up, was back when Morten Andersen became the leagues all time leading in points ... A lot went through my mind when we won. Been a fan of this team since 1996 and a lot of **** has happened since then .. can't even begin to imagine what the long time fans have gone through :). Let the Falcons win the superbowl and get MA5 into to the HOF and this is a great year ... GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have been waiting for this moment since 1998 .. And must admit that I've had tears running from my eyes .. This is just great
  13. All that Rodgers crap leading up to the game, and the Falcons just shuts everyone up ... This is just great!
  14. SPOILER ALERT! Get that man into the Hall of Fame ... Now!
  15. Still representing the Falcons over here in Denmark .
  16. So does Caitlyn Jenner ... . I'm not sure what's up with his outfits, but he sure does manage to create a lot of attention
  17. Well .. It is a collaboration. When TD drafts a player, he can't be blamed solely if the player busts. He isn't the one coaching the player, or tries to fit the player into a certain sceme - It's up to the coaches. You can't make a good meal, if the cook messes up or the recipe is flawed, but the cook can't make a good meal if the groceries are bad. But this discussion can't be won by anyone .. If you dislike TD, you credit the coach for anything good and blames TD for all the bad. And if you like TD, you blame the coach and credit TD ...
  18. This team already plays like a team, and building on the great chemistry will make the bond even stronger. How many times have we heard : "This team is a brotherhood"? Well, this time I'm buying into it, because they show it on the field. Quinn strongly believes in team building and now we're seeing the result ... As a former Sergeant I loved this :
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