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  1. Dont think I can recall Bosher EVER punting within the 20s with this level of consistency
  2. Concussed Clinton Portis and a Giants RB if I remember correctly
  3. He looks to be an upgrade over jj Wilcox(in run D only), who was the presumed backup to Keanu before he was placed on IR before pre season. This coupled with the presumed added PT that Grace will be getting with the Riley trade make this trade even sweeter to me.
  4. I'll take a shaky pre season Italian Ice over Blair "Watch for the hook" Walsh. My goodness was that a bad one.
  5. Sarcasm yall yeesh haha. For the record I've faith in Oliver as our 2nd CB. My response was merely meant to match OPs ridiculousness.
  6. Sounds great! Any proven talent out there on the trade block or free agency that Dimitroff should go pick up for us? I hear Revis might still have some tread.
  7. So that's twice now at the beginning of these top100s....first with the MTR2 sub shot from Cam Jordan, then an interception-saving tackle from Julio on his reel? On second thought I'm kind of liking the semi underdog narrative for us this season...Heres hoping the team can overachieve and shut the doubters up once and for all - on none grander a stage than the NFLs 100th season at that.
  8. Can someone please come get this goofy swamp lurkin humpty hump faced flunkie from our best TC in years? Looking at you Kaleb n Takk ...
  9. Definitely starting to feel those Tyson Clabo vibes with McGary....but he's more of a finisher and a bit nastier.
  10. In all fairness I was on the throne throwing down what first came to me this morning Haha. My lock would be Andre if we stay put although I'd rather us get Dex.
  11. Trade up to 3 - Quinnen Williams Trade up to 8 - Ed Oliver or Devin White Stay put at 14 - Cody Ford or Andre Dillard or Christian Wilkins Trade down in the 1st - Dexter Lawerence or Garrett Bradbury (maybe even a corner here)
  12. First time watching and all I'm seeing is a longer Vic. Maybe he has that dog in him to raise his level of play at the next level but it's not worth the gamble at 14.
  13. With the level of talent on both sides of the ball this past 5 or so seasons...I think as Falcons fans, we all are KoG, we all are. #Chippie2AtlantieB4IDie-E
  14. Would anyone be mad if we went as high as a 5th for him? Hadn't seen much from the punters of this class but he clearly appears to have one of the best legs in CFB.
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