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  1. A top 10 offense with 2 starting Guard injured. A right tackle who got dominated. And a injured pro Bowl RB. Matt & Julio had one of their best season EVER. Sark was the scapegoat. I guess the GREATEST coach in college football know a good coordinator when he sees one. Great hire Saban. I hate Bama. I like Saban. GoDAWGS
  2. You right I don't know anything about you. Only your opinions that you post. And I do not consider anyone for being a fool or idiot for whatever posted by the way. We can agree to disagree. Just b/c management made the decision to fire EVERYONE does not makes it a good move. Anything less than a Top 10 offense next yr is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. We will have a much better oline & defense. No excuses. And im sure the new offensive coordinator will get a lot of credit for an offense with some lethal weapons. If anybody should be fired it should have been Dimitroff. How can you go this long without drafting a top OL. We drafted a **** WR in the 1st rd. Again. A WR in the 1st Rd. WTF. Are we serious. Can someone lookup the 1st 5 limeman drafted last yr & tell me how many times their QB was sack. I haven't even looked it up but I can bet you that it was more than Matt Ryan. By the way did the Colts draft a G in the 1sr Rd? I wonder what happened to the Colts offense?
  3. It just gives guys like you & others excuses next yr if the team doesn't perform wells. "We have all new coordinators. Its going to take time". Smdh
  4. The offense is ranked 10th in pts. 6th in YPG. 4th in Passing YPG. And ranked 27th in rushing YPG. Matt & Julio had a record breaking season. According to these stats Sark was not our biggest problem. Our biggest issue was the offensive line. Sark loses both starting G. The right T position hurt us & is a major need. Coleman was decent but he just falls down to ease. We miss Devonte vision & the nice cut back runs & our FB was nonexistence. I believe we need continuity & better guards & tackle. I think firing Sark will cause this offense a setback next year. With the problems being solved to our line in the off season & getting Devonte back this offense will be the BEST if not one of the BEST in the NFL. Sark has done a GREAT job (Top 10) inspite of the injury problems.
  5. According to AFMB after week 3 said Ridley is our NUMBER 1 WR & that we needed to trade Julio. Now ya'll fake GM's refused to give Julio credit for leading the league AGAIN in YPG. 5 years we with over 1400 yards. The man is a BEAST. Ridley has a lot of work to put in during the offseason.
  6. Whattttttttttttttttttttt? Some of ya'll wanted Julio gone because Ridley is the true #1 WR. Smh. But Julio is leading the league in yardage & should lead the league in TD'S but our QB cant throw a deep ball or fade. Incredible what I see on these boards.
  7. Ryan dont trust his arm. I don't either. Smh
  8. Yea. But how much is that contributed to Julio having over 1400 yds for 5 yrs. If Matt had a deep ball Julio would be leading the league in TD's. The fact that some of you say trade Julio. For what? To see the real Matt Ryan who crumble under pressure.
  9. If you take the best WR in the game off the Falcons team we will see how Matt Ryan is no better than Eli Manning. There is not one MVP QB that has weapons like Melting Ice?
  10. Matt Ryan is making a fool out of Arthur Blanks. If you mad buy my season tickets. I will gladly leave these boards. Until then, Im going talk about our sorry *** QB til somebody do buy these no good as ticket. Cant even sell them for face value b/c the QB. And tell him to stop cursing. He suppose to be a role model. Getting mad cause your dumb *** lift your leg for Mack to hike the ball that hit Sanu. What are you doing MELTING ICE. Watch how many ppl show up this Sunday. I hope to se all you Matt Ryan nut huggers at the game. Drinks on me HOMER!!!!! LOL
  11. Lol. You mad bro. You are acting like a team who gets mad at a player for celebrating in the endzone but not mad that they allowed him in the endzone. Don't get mad at me get mad at our sorry *** QB who does a **** thang to elevate his team. ARod was missing some key players also. Guess what? He put up 30 plus. Oh my bad. Our sorry *** QB threw a pick 6. Smh
  12. Since a lot of you want Julio gone. Take away Matt career stats without Julio. His numbers would look marginal. Put Julio on any team & he would still put up big numbers & probably definitely have more TD's. What is the use of having several WR who can take the top of defenses but have a QB that throws ducking moon balls. There are no more Trent Dilfers type QB winning anymore Super Bowl. Game manager QB are history. Your QB better be able to make plays when things breakdown. Some of you will come to your senses & realize that Melting Ice is not that guy. Most NFL teams who have great talent on both sides of the ball usually have a QB who is on their rookie contract. If we can not afford to pay for great talent then somebody need to tell the 150million dollar man to elevate your play or renegotiate your pay. The only stat that really matters are WIN & LOSES. According to the result the Falcons did not suck this year because of Thomas Dimitroff or Dan Quinn or Sarkisian. The results said 99.9% the Falcons sucks & their fanbase is quickly losing interest is the Atlanta football team is because of Matt Ryan.
  13. Lol. And some ppl truly believe that statement.
  14. Because he threw the **** ball backwards. Typical Matt Ryan taking us out of field goal range. But blame Sark. Somebody has to be the scapegoat. Smh