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  1. I realized that I haven't posted here in 5 years and yet when I saw the Gurley news, first thing I thought was Gurlie to Atlantie! UGA fans traumatized us back then.
  2. The disappointing thing is this was our healthy season with an easy schedule. Imagine if we also had significant injuries like the previous years. I am officially depressed.
  3. Didn't know that Attaochu already had 4 sacks in the season. Good for him, I hope he keeps it up.
  4. Good tactic to let them score easily and leave enough time for Matt Ryan
  5. nitte

    Korver Wtf?

    Believe it or not so far in the playoffs Josh Smith has a higher 3 pt percentage than Kyle Korver. We need him to get his shooting touch back in ECF.
  6. 1) Aaron Rodgers 2) Tom Brady 3) Big Ben 4) Andrew Luck 5) Russell Wilson 6) Drew Brees 7) Peyton Manning 8) Matt Ryan 9) Tony Romo 10) Philip Rivers
  7. That escalated quickly...
  8. I liked all the posts here except the one that complained about the thread :-) A proud moment in ATL sports history and they are not done yet.
  9. This is the time of the year when everything is going great. For negative posts please wait until the first loss of the season :-)
  10. Based on what I read, he sounds like a down to earth guy. I still don't want to a RB with the #8 but I hope he has a nice career in the NFL.
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