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  1. Would love to have him here, but hes expensive
  2. I live in WI so I gotta watch that doorknob play every Sunday. He us so overrated it isn't funny. Just no
  3. Deservedly so after what we had to endure Sunday night, Feb 5, 2017
  4. It'll be nice trolling these guys for 2 back to back years. After that 28-3 crap they pull all the time, between the digs blunder and this one, they won't be able to live these down for a long time. Swamp Rats
  5. Lol I hated that guy. Was such a ****.
  6. Would you want to stay in that stink hole any longer than you had to?
  7. That was just awesome
  8. We played like trash today but I dont understand how this goes unnoticed in professional sports?
  9. 2 times I watched our guys go outta bounds. Clock kept running. We lost 1.5 minutes from the clock running. Hooper catches a td with the ref looking right at him and calls him short. What the **** is going on?
  10. I was referring to '16 when we had the Patriots beat, not when Minnesota did the same thing Minnesota always does in the playoffs and shanks it due to a missed FG. The pay to injure scheme was legit and you **** well know it. Lie to yourself all you want but you aren't fooling anyone around here. You also damm well know the only reason you beat the Ravens and Browns was because they shot themselves in the foot with bad kicks. that's another one you can try to convince yourself of late at night to help you sleep. I on the other hand, don't try to sugar coat my team scraping by on the skin of their teeth. If they get an ugly win I'm happy, but I can still see their faults. Y'all acting like your Oline is impenetrable. That is usually what happens and then karma kicks you in the ***. Only a matter of time before you lose 1 to injury or one of your guys has a bad game and gets beat like fcking drum.
  11. Debo doesnt rush the passer, he covers Kamara. Last I checked, he was the one who knocked his *** out and made the Saints offense stale as 2 month old bread in '17. Pretty funny Sean Payton had to whine and cry like a ***** to the media to get the refs to throw flags against us the next game. That was when our offense wasn't even rolling yet. This year so far it took Brees a perfect performance and 5 starters on IR to beat us, and even then it was only because Ryan didn't get the ball back that y'all won. That game was decided by a missed tackle knocking another defender off a tackle on Brees slow *** rush to the endzone and the flip of a coin. Let's also not forget 3 of your teams' games were won by sheer luck. Browns having a **** kicker is the only reason y'all beat them. Put Bryant in there and y'all are walking out of there embarrassed by the fckin browns.
  12. Calling me salty is pointless. I rarely post here, and I'm not salty at all. The Falcons have been a far more talented team than New Orleans, for longer since Ryan got here. The Falcons got to the Superbowl on sheer talent, where the Saints got there because of a bunch of thugs getting paid to hurt players. You can say what you want, doesn't make it any less true.
  13. I know, I'm just referring to our next game against them. Saintlover over there was referring to using the same blueprint for getting after Brees, which we should have no problem with having Debo in the line up. The guy will put Kamara in a box and send him back to Nawlins.
  14. Hey they won in our house with a bunch of our defensive starters out because Ryan never got the ball back. With Debo and Irvin in the line up Brees will throw a pick or two almost guaranteed. Debo always kicks *** against Brees.
  15. Doesnt matter. Hes still wrong