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  1. Chancellor is probably out. Thomas will likely play, Sherman is out (lets not forget he's being replaced by Byron Maxwell whom got his a*s destroyed by Julio the last time they saw each other). Wagner, Bennett and Wright all have injuries. Brown may be out (another chance for Clayborn to feed!) Their starting RB is out and their starting LG might be out too. They are beat up and down on both sides of the ball. Will make it interesting for us.
  2. Lets see how he holds up with no Left Tackle (The traded Houston Tackle Duane Brown has an injured ankle and may not play. If he does he'll be slower than normal) and Pocic still playing left guard. Lets see how their defense holds up with an injured Earl Thomas returning, Chancellor has a stinger and will likely be out, Sherman is being replaced by Byron Maxwell who got beat like a drum the last time he saw JJ, also injuries to Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner. That team is beat the **** up. Wilson needs to play like a monster to keep them afloat.
  3. Wrong, Russell Wilson is the best QB in the league next to Brady at the moment. MVP Wilson. Just read the articles on NFL.com. The internet never lies!
  4. Interesting. I knew we still used it, and i saw Vic doing a lot of it last year towards the end of the season when Quinn took over the play calling. That said, is it being used MORE now than it was before or about the same? You seem confident that it's the same as usual and it just happened to be flashier on Sunday because of all the sacks the falcons racked up. Id definitely agree with you either way because I havent really paid much attention to alignment up front this year, more so what the DBs and safeties are doing.
  5. Maybe we should if it works so well? It was one game against a team unprepared for it, and Dak hadn't had experience being under pressure like that before and Clayborn smacked down that backup Green like a 3rd grader, so that's part of why it was so effective. Question is, can it be used regularly against these mobile QBs and be successful? If so, why is it all of a sudden so effective for us?
  6. Pretty sure Debo was on him most of the night. I saw him blow up quite a few plays in the backfield and hit Dak quite a lot back there. Pretty sure Debo was the spy most of the game. That said, Campbell, Spoon and Debo all played their hearts out. They looked real good.
  7. Yep, he was out the remainder of the game. He might be out for awhile given his injury. Duane Brown is a good LT, but I don't think we will see him Monday. That doesn't mean much though, as Wilson is a **** jack rabbit in the backfield. Bout as hard to take down as anyone I've ever seen.
  8. Lol, should've seen him and his brother trash talking on NFL gameday morning a couple years back. They were talking about how big of bullies they were growing up and that they thrashed people in backyard football. They also went off about how the league was weak and that they could take on anybody at their respective positions and they deserve big contracts, etc. Buncha douchebags
  9. The cowboys are "America's Team" and they have a better record, so automatically they should beat the stuffing out of the cooked birds (pffft). Aikman is an ex "Boy" so there's your bias there. Joe Buck latches onto the flavors of the year, and the Cowboys get insane amounts of publicity, so that's why he was all about the Cowboys 'til the Birds demanded some respect. They were both backtracking like little b1shes at the end of the game. Went from saying how the Birds couldn't run the ball and our offense was sputtering and halfassed the entire first half. That all changed when we started dominating in the second half. Like I said in another thread, I would've rather seen Romo do our game. He's more honest and isn't a Complete cowboy nuthugger. He gives valid opinions and grants excellent insight to the game, stuff that us normal minds don't see. I remember we were in Cleveland one year and they were talking trash about the birds all the way up til the 3rd quarter when we smacked em down. Was hilarious how silent the booth got. It works that way no matter where you go on the road, generally at home the booth guys talk up the home team, but the Boys travel well and we got stuck with Aikman.
  10. Our defense got away with a lot of crap today. I hate to admit it, but normally that's the kind of crap we get penalized on, on all them 3rd and freaking 17s. Even our 1 pick was overturned again because of the same old crap. Guys gotta be careful. We got quite a few breaks today, and even Mike Pereira was wondering on a couple that were like "how'd they miss that, the refs were staring right at them?" I saw 2 facemasks from Clayborn that weren't called on his sacks, a lot of ticky tack hits that could've been flagged and 2 obvious pass interferences from our corners. That said, it isn't illegal if you don't get caught I guess. What bothers me is that Julio is constantly getting fouled and it's never called. lol
  11. Marshawn was like....WTF BRUH?! after the game on twitter ROFL. That said, 2013 was the year they got destroyed in the SB. 2015 was the year they came back and rocked the crap outta Carolina.
  12. They are both jackasses. Him and his brother are a big old box of used cat litter.
  13. I feel like I've seen someone post this same crap before. Like 2 years ago when Quinn got here. Minus a Guard and a Fullback, this is the exact same Falcons Offense from 2016. Frankly your comparing Eric Decker, Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas to Julio Jones, Mohammad Sanu, Justin Hardy, Taylor Gabriel, and Austin Hooper. First off, there was no one even close to as talented as Julio on that team, bar Von Miller (who hadn't blossomed into the monster he is now yet). Second, Matt Ryan is significantly younger, so he isn't sputtering like Manning was. Next up, ?You're forgetting we have 2 of the best running backs in the league on this team. Freeman and Coleman are by far and away the strongest back duo in the league. Guess who the Broncos had? Can you name any of them? Let me give you a hint...Knowshon-freaking-Moreno, Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball. None of them are currently employed by an NFL team. Point in case, the Falcons have a far better selection of talent and playmakers than the Broncos ever did. Will we have another historically amazing season on offense? Not likely...that doesn't change a thing though. This offense can explode at any moment, and as you can see, it's been steadily improving to it's capable form. Execution is key, and when receivers aren't constantly dropping the ball, this team is supercharged. Any year from now until Ryan starts to decline is our window. Last year we had it, literally kick a field goal and the games over. That Superbowl loss to the Patriots had nothing to do with how good or bad this offense is...it had everything to do with bad management. Just like this year...the team isn't worse, the play calling was needed to make up for the slow start until the O got clicking at the midway point of the season. Now that the O is getting a grip, we could just as easily powerhouse our way back to a playoff seed (Hand the saints 2 losses and win out and the division is ours). I'm not saying it will happen, but with the way the defense is coming on and reaching their peak, and the fact that the offense seems to be finally figuring itself out, we may be able to pull it off. I respect your opinion. You don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I get it. It's faded to a dim glow for me as well...but the last few weeks have shown improvement and barring the Pats game, we were in every single one of em. (think about it...if we hadn't given up so many leads, and kept rolling in the second half of every game, we'd be in the same exact place we were last season, and god dam that's exciting to think about)
  14. I have a love/hate kind of attitude with Alford. He really is an awesome player and I'm sure he's a great guy. It's hilarious to watch him do sh1t like this when it helps the team. That said, he has the occasional bone headed play that just makes you scratch your head and go "wtf mane?!" LOL