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  1. I thought we were giving up the farm and Ryan for that Notre Dame QB. Tha future!
  2. Mario Williams? Meh just draft one...
  3. Seriously doubt he wants to play for a guy who threw away his ring just because of featuring and familiarity with the system. We will pay him, but the Brotherhood is real. He ain't going nowhere.
  4. Julio will be holding that explosion in for the next 7 months while we wallow in self depression and all take up alcoholism to cope.
  5. Dude has 20k posts on the board...where the **** did you come up with "just started watching football 2 weeks ago"? You saying hes been losting here for years and hasnt watched a game until 2 weeks ago? Lol...I know some pretty sad AF sons o bishes around here but thats just grasping at straws.
  6. Tell that to all the Aaron Rodgers commercials...
  7. I thought he was doing dirty bird...my bad /p
  8. Tell em to fix this....
  9. Pretty I read a stat somewhere stating a large number of their players at one point were browns
  10. Isnt half of New Englands roster ex-Browns players???
  11. We should trade Matt Ryan while hes worth a 5th rounder.. And that hood ornament guy too.
  12. I got her. Took a second when i realized i posted the wrong link lol
  13. Fixed
  14. You're next New England!