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  1. Found this fun tidbit with Brown running his big mouth. The article writer sums it up nicely, but there's no comparison. Brown is an embarrassment. Give it up for our guy Julio, the best reciever in football and possibly, the best receiver to ever play the game. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/falcons-jobless-antonio-brown-takes-a-jab-at-julio-jones/ Falcons: Jobless Antonio Brown takes a jab at Julio Jones Leave a Comment / Falcons / By Chase Irle / March 29, 2020 These days, if Antonio Brown is in the headline, it’s a safe bet it’s because he is doing something insane. And while this is far less outlandish than some of the other things he’s done over the past year, it still shows the part of his brain that controls logic is missing. On Instagram live, Brown had this to say in regards to who the best receiver in the world is today and specifically took a shot at Julio Jones. 1,823 people are talking about this Of course, it’s challenging to be the best receiver in the game, when you’re technically not even in the game. Who knows if Brown will ever return to the NFL, but the stats (outside of touchdowns, which is the only thing Brown conveniently mentions) do not agree with his claim. He has played in five more games than Jones over their careers and has nearly 1,000 fewer yards. Jones averages over ten more yards per game played and nearly two more yards per reception. And Pro Football Focus agrees. Not only do they have Jones as a better receiver than Brown, but they have him as the best receiver in the game since 2006: Look, I have nothing against Antonio Brown, the player. He is a bonafide stud, and at his peak, he’s probably the only receiver in the league that could compare to Julio Jones (they were indisputably the two best receivers in football from 2014-2018). The difference is Jones is still doing it while nobody wants Brown anywhere near their franchise. Julio is a leader by example that every organization dreams of having, and at 31 years old, he’s just getting started. Brown may never touch an NFL football field again. If I were him, I’d worry about working my way back into the league rather than calling out a true professional — and the best wide receiver in football.
  2. Lol yikes, first time I've been around here in ages. Boards haven't been this toxic and cynical since Swift was here. What have I walked into? It was merely speculation, not a suggestion. Isn't his contract up here in a minute?
  3. Can't tell if Mack is dropping hints or he's reminiscing here. Love the big guy.
  4. Toilet bowl? I was under the impression it was where the sht went after it was flushed. I'd rather we play against a toilet bowl team 2x a year than be forced to have that stench around the Birds and MB Stadium.
  5. Are you referring to our superbowl loss? Lol that's not even the worst superbowl loss I've seen. That Diggs play though...I've never laughed harder in my life and can watch this on repeat every day.
  6. No, the worst one I've seen was the year before when Minnesota snatched the win off a last second touchdown and whiff by your star defensive back player.
  7. Not to mention one of the worst playoff losses I've ever seen. Lol
  8. Kinda looking that way already init? Lol
  9. Maybe he wants to come back to ATL on deal
  10. DB7K, You do realize they aren't YOUR patriots right? They literally have zero affiliation to anyone but their city and organization. **** even the ties to the cities are small, just look at the Raiders trying to get out of Oakland and Chargers and Rams high tailing it out of San Diego and St. Louis. You have about as much claim to that team as an ant has to the Toyota corporation. So why do I bring this up? Because if you ever were a Falcon fan, you're dropping the team as your team of choice to favor a winning team. Let's be real, no one likes or cares about someone who will drop something at the turn of a hat because they are winning. Theres 3 kinds of people in this world, there's the quitters who give up when the going gets tough and have a "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality and there is prevailers. These people never give up and fight for what they believe in. They bleed, sweat and push through every pain and bad day and get stronger and when it's their turn to Rise Up, they wear their colors proudly and give everything they have to their passion and when they win, it matters more than anything to those around them. This organization may always be a rollercoaster of emotion and quality, but when they win the superbowl you won't see true Falcon fans shrugging and saying "yeah we won again". The true fans will be the loudest, most annoying, proudest, happiest and grateful in the crowd. So you go on and run to the Patriots, you go enjoy a meaningless and empty season. Fairweather fans need a place to go cry about their failures in life. Sorry you picked the wrong team to enjoy, but we don't bandwagon in this neighborhood playa. Don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out.
  11. There is no designation to return anymore. If you have a player that goes on IR, they are eligible to return after 8 weeks. They can bring up to 2 players back this way.
  12. With as good as this offense is when they are under pressure, and with as bad as this defense is at stopping anything at all, we should always go for it on 4th downs.
  13. I agree, Mathews had a perfect block on the outside and if Freeman read that better and kept up he was taking that to the house.
  14. Lol preseason has zero to do with the teams overall abilities. Quinn and troff uses them as gauges for roster bubble players. All it does is gives us a good idea how efficient each of our young guys can contribute and if they are worth keep around or not. Losing preseason games is about much an omen for things to come in the regular season as the 2019 atlanta falcons record is a gauge on whether or not we draft Michael Vick Jr. in 20 years.
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