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  1. I agree, Mathews had a perfect block on the outside and if Freeman read that better and kept up he was taking that to the house.
  2. Yeah and 28-3 with 18 minutes left to play has never lost a superbowl...until Atlanta did it. So don't buy into that nonsense.
  3. Lol preseason has zero to do with the teams overall abilities. Quinn and troff uses them as gauges for roster bubble players. All it does is gives us a good idea how efficient each of our young guys can contribute and if they are worth keep around or not. Losing preseason games is about much an omen for things to come in the regular season as the 2019 atlanta falcons record is a gauge on whether or not we draft Michael Vick Jr. in 20 years.
  4. Maybe Ryan found out about how much you guys flame him for every little thing he doesn't do as an elite QB and decided that the only way to shut you people up is by not only beating the Patriots, but curb stomping them. Then a few missed calls and one horrible turn of events later, Ryan was sitting there as dumbfounded as anyone could be after their offense put up a ton of points, the defense to basically shut out the 2nd best team in football for 3 quarters only for the def to play like 4 year olds and the referees to make an obvious shift in game momentum by calling absolutely nothing and watching the patriots march down the field 3x in a row like they were at a tuesday night practice. Sure....totally Ryan's fault.
  5. Mayfield has better potential than Ryan? Lol we've seen the guy hit astronomically high heights almost every year, and he keeps improving. We should talk about Mayfield when he actually gets on Matt's level. Until then, idgaf if he looks flashy for a bad team. **** Nick Foles has the best record in NFL history for TDs to INTs in 1 year over 20 TDs and has a super bowl ring. Is he better than Ryan? Lol, really?
  6. Love the community outreach. Beautiful display of compassion by the team and Julio. That's why we love these guys so much. Football is just a game, but it's their passion and treatment of the fanbase that make it great.
  7. Sidecar acted like this when he got butthurt over what I said about his fanboy love for Hopkins not being on Julio's level. Started throwing out crazy insults like I haven't been watching Hop play since his rookie season. Some people just can't appreciate Falcons because they feel like the only way to live is going against the grain.
  8. I dont care that hes been good for 6 season....has he been the best every season? Even top 3? No
  9. I dont really but into 1 season of stats making a reciever great. Julio has always been great.
  10. I think people just like riding the hype train. Every year it's always someone better than the guy who puts everyone else to shame. No one gives credit to Julio for the fact that hes constantly double or triple teamed and still putting up ridiculous numbers. As if TDs are what makes a WR great. Julio Carrie's so much weight that dudes like Ridley step in and take corners to lunch because the safeties are MIA chasing JJ. Let's also not forget Ryan's a smarter QB than the dudes throwing to AB and Hopkins. He doesn't force the ball anymore, he just finds the guy Julio opened up until they pull more weight to the other guy, then sets Julio off on a rampage.
  11. I stopped watching as soon as he mentioned DeAndre Hopkins as the best wide receiver ..lol these tools are a total waste of time.
  12. I'm Jelly. That's room full of greatness right there.
  13. How is it his fault the Patriots got 100+ offensive plays with no holding calls and Kyle Shanahan cost us a superbowl, Lombardi and rings? Then dude ran off to the niners where he'll get paid to suck there until they are tired of him. In fact I recall Julio is the one that put us in a position to win the superbowl in the first place with that absolutely absurd circus catch on the sideline on 3rd down. Yeah blame the reason we had the game in our clutches for the defense not stopping 4 straight drives after putting up top 10 numbers all year and shutting the Pat's out the 1st 3 quarters. Blame Jones for the refs calling a penalty on Jake for offensive holding while our receiver gets his face torn off with refs staring straight at him. All Julio's fault right?
  14. All this post on Teco means that Ryan is a natural born leader who has ground hard to get where he's at. He demands like a real leader should. The only knock here is that Jimmy has a long way to go to get to Ryan's level.
  15. Lol I love Ovie and Sarah....so funny.