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  1. As a young boy growing up in the 80's in Wyoming this was the guy that brought me to the Falcons. I still have my favorite players but I'm definitely a "Team First" guy.
  2. I've been thinking this exact thing for quite some time. When was the last time our ST made a decent play? It seems like they are ok with just not muffing the punt/kick. I can't remember the last time we blocked a kick/punt. I know a lot of people think our OL and DL are horrible and I agree. I can help but feel like we need some help at CB too. In the past season or two I cant count how many times the defense has the opposing team stuffed and at 3rd and long...only to have Alford help them out with a PI or Holding call. Can't help but feel like there are almost too many issues to address in one offseason.
  3. I was just happy not seeing Alford out there helping the other team with holding and pass interference penalties. I thought Oliver did ok, nothing jaw dropping, but not bad either.
  4. That is something that has been bugging me for the past couple years, We play awesome against teams we shouldn't beat and play down to the ability of teams we should just smoke. One other thing that has my undies in a bunch: Why arent they getting the ball to Julio more? Is it play calling or is he just covered all the time. If you would have said before the season that in week 6 he still wouldnt have a TD catch I would have laughed!
  5. It's pretty close between Scam Newton and Suh. Suh is such a dirty player I cant watch him without wanting to throw something at the TV. Scam showboats way too much for my liking (which is extremely hypocritical since i loved Deion as a kid. Maybe I've matured ...a little). Celebrating a TD or huge play is ok....but EVERY first down?? Oh, and the entire Patriots organization. I'm just tired of their stupid faces.
  6. I love this clip and i think this was my wife's favorite part of last season. A couple months ago my foot slipped off the stairs and i landed flat on my butt. She didn't miss a beat or ask if I was ok, all she said was " Robert Alford did it better!". I didnt know whether to be proud of her or insulted.
  7. I was just telling a guy I work with i'd love to see Hill get to play a series or two behind the starting O-line. Hard to tell if what we've seen (or not seen depending on how you look at it) is on him or running behind a 2nd and 3rd string O-line.
  8. I have seen high school games broadcast with more professionalism. It was really hard to watch. I was watching it through Kodi so I didn't pay anything for it. Still didn't get my moneys worth. Also, I thought I was prepared to deal with the "Superbowl Collapse" comments but apparently I was wrong. It seemed like every 2 minutes there was some mention of it last night.
  9. Yup! Here in WY, even with cable i get stuck watching Green Bay and Denver. I think i'd rather watch figure skating!
  10. Yeah, but its hard to get too mad when it's free. Until football season, then i cuss at it like a sailor!!
  11. I used it all of last season and it was pretty reliable. That being said, I have had issues during the current baseball season a few times.
  12. Living in Wyoming I dont have a lot of options if i want to be able to watch Falcons games. I've been doing the Kodi thing for about a year now. The worst part for me isnt the quality of the stream, but rather how unreliable the streams are. Seems like i spend the first 10 minutes of the game finding one that will actually play. Around here Direct TV doesnt offer local channels (which i thought meant i would be stuck watching Denver or Salt Lake news etc.). I found the hard way that means no Fox, CBS, ABC, or NBC at all. So I got to watch all the regular season games that year but got screwed when Season Ticket ended when the playoffs started.
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