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  1. out with Davis... in with Ford
  2. Glad he found a home but the panties?. Dangit man the phuckin panties? For some reason i see him getting trucked by Steven out in open space.. maybe even quizz..(seahags divisional game style) maybe panties will be his TACKLING FUEL who knows..MEOW!!
  3. props to you falcon brother, good luck
  4. One championship, then multiple championships, then duck dynasty...jk... Hard to build a dynasty in modern day football with FA and Caps now, TB12 and patriots are the exception IMO
  5. If Tony did make list it would be def just out of respect for his carrer and not the season. I agree with you on the fact that the 100 players are supposed to be the ones leading into next season
  6. After our teams s**t storm of a season, we know that there will not be as many Falcons on this years list as 2013. With the Injuries to key offensive players, the incompentent O-line, soft defense and running game failures some players are not even mentioned. I know that many of these players could not even have a chance of making the list. Many were not even on the field for a good chunk of the season. Personally I think the list is not that important and somewhat rigged anyway. I am just curious to know who you guys think "might" have a shot of making it. I believe mostly our rookies like Trufant, Worrilow, and Bartu gave us some pleasant surprises and have the biggest shot at making the list. So who ya got, what range do you think they will end up in and why?? Will we have any??
  7. Even though the board will hardly get a dime out of her broke arse, glad to see she will never be able to prosper in life financially she messed up a potential star in the making because....
  8. Throwback E-cake helmet for you KOG!! coolest E-cake around for one of the best posters, the one who cares enough to make a post for YOU on Your b-day!! Happy belated my good man
  9. Devin Hester welcome to the ATL. Now him and Deion will have been FALCONS. Deion passed the torch to him last season on NFL gameday saying Hester is the best to ever do it, as far as return game goes. Devin Hester F**K YEA!! coming in to save the mother f****n day yea, America F**k yea, NFC your game is through and now your have to answer too ATL f**k yea!!
  10. People dont want to give the guy a chance, he is going to compete for a spot on the roster. If he ends up just being a camp body .. then so be it
  11. Yup and they face PUKE oh i mean DUKE 1st. Hoping for an upset there but not likely
  12. Sell, that woukd be one heck of a turn around, I know on paper they should be contenders, but keep in mind there are allot of new faces floating around Tampa... New Gm, New HC, New cords, New position coaches, New schemes, New players.. Its allot to build and execute properly. Give em a year or two then they probably will be. One thing about the Bucs I can promise ya is them and all there fanbase will become super prompt people with there new trust hand dandy alrm clock jerseys!! BWAAHHAHA
  13. He will get his shot once this season considering the NFCS plays the AFCN, so us plus panties get to see the Ravens
  14. Wonder how may teams run 3-4 base these days?? this is almost a 10 year old article
  15. LOL @ quote ...ss89 ladies and gentleman.. Mr. locker room cancer
  16. Phuck a SS89!! I dont care for him at all..He is old and not elite, but was Panties only viable option for so many years!! Time to retire Smith the only team and city that will ever love you wants to trade your @$$
  17. Isn't this the guy that is asante's buddy?? Better become budz with 21 tha tru... haha..j/k (but cool if he could) Happy B-day
  18. Bills fans are saying he was fantastic when healthy.. they are speaking of him being a tad injury prone .. Idk his career starts.. never really researched Byrd much. I never thought we would spend that kind of money on a FS with the holes on both lines we had.
  19. 1st day of FA was AWESOME-WA!!! get it Asamoah... jk... but props to the dimi-pioli connection
  20. just keep jackson away from michael sam.. haha. (watch vid)
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